Eat In One Bite Challenge | People Vs Food 

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Reactors compete to see who can eat the most IN A SINGLE BITE! Remember, we did this safely - so no trying at home!
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Eat In One Bite Challenge | People Vs Food





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REACT 8 dager siden
We want to hear from you, and need a good laugh all while we're working from home! Join our Discord server and tell us your best dad jokes! discord.gg/6HRNTXK
Al Dzaki jagadita
Can you ask to the NOvidsrs to wack a video that says try not to say aww?pls pick my comment,!
Mr. Random
Mr. Random 2 dager siden
REACT they should eat a WHOLE pizza and no slices
Andres Varon
Andres Varon 2 dager siden
who tf eats white castle
gomenesia 2 dager siden
@meet me in the hallway Uhh, wot?
meet me in the hallway
Eat one bite
Leslie Amato
Leslie Amato 9 timer siden
Nice challenge
Maciekk Filip
Maciekk Filip 9 timer siden
Well if you do not see the screen it sound inapropriate
Manny 10 timer siden
Crix 11 timer siden
Why am I watching this at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> am🥺👉👈im just hungry
Max 9 timer siden
@Selena Playz 6:41 a.m for me... o stayed up the whole time
Selena Playz
Selena Playz 10 timer siden
3:03 pm for me :p
-_- Ghost_BaM Ghost clan
It’s 5:05 for me
DenDen 11 timer siden
Why're these comments all so recent- 12 minutes ago 18 minutes ago 22 minutes ago 3 minutes ago
So What
So What 9 timer siden
I think because this videos on NOvids reccomendation :v
Lorena Gomez
Lorena Gomez 10 timer siden
19 mins ago
CessMercedes 11 timer siden
Whoever yeshua is I wanna hug him
Basti Ramirez
Basti Ramirez 11 timer siden
Give them a watermelon
Alessio Dogaru
Alessio Dogaru 9 timer siden
magnolia egneel
magnolia egneel 11 timer siden
why some comments 3 hours ago
Jacob Heinecke
Jacob Heinecke 11 timer siden
Yeah the aaareea of space this is taking up me: aherm volume
frappé de la mochà .
frappé de la mochà . 11 timer siden
Why do I look at this and say piece a cake each time
CessMercedes 11 timer siden
My jaw hurts for you izzy
미아_listic 11 timer siden
"If hamsters can do it, so can we" 👌
Gabrielle Jackson
Gabrielle Jackson 11 timer siden
Lowkey ship mikaela and yeshua
Ploas Thicc
Ploas Thicc 12 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> that’s what she said
Dyani Gutierrez
Dyani Gutierrez 12 timer siden
this was so funny omg !
Ninja Gamer
Ninja Gamer 12 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> have you ever been in that moment with your friends were you try to high five them and they dont high five you back
Joan Wray
Joan Wray 12 timer siden
Can I be on this I love food so much and I am up for the challenge
Samirah Mcnish
Samirah Mcnish 12 timer siden
Chelsea kinda reminds me of sugar motta
tae plethora
tae plethora 13 timer siden
I .. don't get the “that’s what she said” joke ..
John Ignacio
John Ignacio 12 timer siden
lmao ya'll are way too innocent
Инесса Левченко
tae plethora me too... what does this even mean
Dillon Kimble
Dillon Kimble 13 timer siden
That’s what she said😭😭😭😭
Chris Goble
Chris Goble 13 timer siden
So many that’s what she said jokes
91xjn 13 timer siden
Would be a pain if step bro saw you in this episode
Viol3t Rose
Viol3t Rose 13 timer siden
Try this at school
Alex 14 timer siden
I know this was posted before all the bad things happening around us, but just think of it like it was posted recently. FBE: *high fives* Me: 🤦
iKram 14 timer siden
Kind of vids that keeps me awake
radical konrad
radical konrad 11 timer siden
@Oreo Kitten 33 now 5
radical konrad
radical konrad 12 timer siden
@Oreo Kitten 33 it's 4 now
iKram 13 timer siden
Jael J it’s 8am here:))
Jael J
Jael J 13 timer siden
iKram almost 3am
Oreo Kitten 33
Oreo Kitten 33 14 timer siden
Lord grim
Lord grim 14 timer siden
Sister chelsea first again
Umesh Villa
Umesh Villa 14 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> yes
91xjn 13 timer siden
Ownniebejejeneenjeenenjenenenejjenejejneejejneenejennddnndndjdkrnrnrnjrjrrnnrjjrnrjigwbwwwebeb bicyclist’s
SleepingDragons 14 timer siden
Why is every comment from minutes ago but this vid is a week old
jasmine wright
jasmine wright 14 timer siden
I love all the foods in this video and would love to be in one of these *ice cream sandwich bit comes on* Everyone with sensitive teeth watching it: 😫😫😫😨😨😨😱😱😱 Edit: its a joke plz no hate
jasmine wright
jasmine wright 14 timer siden
@Mogu Mogu 9:24
Mogu Mogu
Mogu Mogu 14 timer siden
jasmine wright when is it
Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez 15 timer siden
This episode is just a big “that’s what she said” joke
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson 15 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="478">7:58</a> that's what she said
Rafael Muli
Rafael Muli 15 timer siden
"that's what she said"
god mode activated
god mode activated 15 timer siden
William Ho
William Ho 15 timer siden
god mode activated bruh its 1am
Achilles 15 timer siden
I'm so dirty minded and I'm--
Britney Dai
Britney Dai 15 timer siden
Me this whole video: I'm allergic ;-;
Britney Dai
Britney Dai 15 timer siden
@Gabriella I almost died going to white castle without realizing what's in their food
Gabriella 15 timer siden
Britney Dai tuff 😭😔☹️
MysteryGal uwu
MysteryGal uwu 16 timer siden
Mikaela: My mouth is not big- My guy friend behind me: Bet she actually can shove a whole d-
페퍼의일상생활 15 timer siden
MysteryGal uwu you are disgusting
Ohioiy Boi
Ohioiy Boi 16 timer siden
How did these mans not get those foods down?
josh eis
josh eis 16 timer siden
You should do only one bite where there is desserts and they have to only eat one bite
not your pocket bitch
not your pocket bitch 16 timer siden
All the comments : *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled* *misspelled*
ICY VLOGS 16 timer siden
"The goal is to put the whole thing in your mouth" best quote of 2020
Hannah Stewart
Hannah Stewart 16 timer siden
ja yden
ja yden 16 timer siden
If it's shredded how is it all to together
Franses Ampadu
Franses Ampadu 16 timer siden
Me the whole video that’s is so easy
Britney Dai
Britney Dai 15 timer siden
Me this whole video: I'm allergic to almost all of it
Seth Trimble-Sunderland
Me This hole video That’s what she said
Shearper2 17 timer siden
who is going to be the One Bite Man One Biiiiite
martiu.u 17 timer siden
i just don’t know why, but i love yeshua’s energy so much, holy crap
JT 18 timer siden
It’s been a minute that these videos have popped up.
Эми Mpeurchite
Эми Mpeurchite 18 timer siden
I eat sh* ;-;
Michelle Whorley-Short
Michelle Whorley-Short 18 timer siden
I legit thought of so many that’s what she said jokes in this vid
Lisa Wells
Lisa Wells 18 timer siden
Instant life regrets with the shredded wheat.
Grace Jiang
Grace Jiang 16 timer siden
Lisa Wells and the ice cream sandwich 😅
菲丝 18 timer siden
Kendelle and Izzy are so cute together 💕they just radiate good vibes
Sofia Regalado
Sofia Regalado 18 timer siden
When your friend has shaving cream in his/ her hand: Me: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>
Lucas Mironchuk
Lucas Mironchuk 18 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="347">5:47</a> friendship? U should be in quarantine rn lol
菲丝 18 timer siden
Lmao it was filmed before they had to do the whole self isolation thing
Spencer The Dispenser
Spencer The Dispenser 19 timer siden
you can take this to completely different context
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith 19 timer siden
When he said watermelon I immediately thought of that episode of Spongebob when Patrick put a whole watermelon in Squidward’s mouth 😂😂😂
Fry Gum
Fry Gum 19 timer siden
Everyone saying that this video Is a that's what she said joke, But no one is saying that's what HE said
HZRD_Chips 19 timer siden
who else wats mikaela on the hub
peadar mccabe
peadar mccabe 15 timer siden
@SuckMyVape her last is pascal
Calvin Buell
Calvin Buell 17 timer siden
We are simps but the guys not wring
harry potterstan
harry potterstan 18 timer siden
HZRD_Chips wtf is wrong with y’all simps
Mathias 63
Mathias 63 19 timer siden
I was fucking thinking the same lmao
Tyler Legault
Tyler Legault 19 timer siden
@SuckMyVape what kinda research you doing huh
Fry Gum
Fry Gum 19 timer siden
What else could they fit on their mouths 😉
yellow_ demon•
yellow_ demon• 18 timer siden
Duh.. Your mom
Alanwott 19 timer siden
I said this like 6 times in this video Cmon ik you have gone deeper
Daisho 20 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="648">10:48</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="649">10:49</a> what is chelsea doing XDDDD
вυввlє тєα
вυввlє тєα 18 timer siden
What was she even doing?
Pablo Rivera
Pablo Rivera 19 timer siden
That was pretty gross lmao
SuhJuhL 20 timer siden
White Castle sucks tho tbh
вυввlє тєα
вυввlє тєα 18 timer siden
Dedipya Unadkat
Dedipya Unadkat 19 timer siden
SuhJuhL they look absolutely disgusting 🤢🤮😷
basically becca
basically becca 20 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> how do you manage.... to translate that
Mathias 63
Mathias 63 19 timer siden
Maybe he told em after?
Wittle_PotatoUvUz Gomez
Next time you should do the same thing but with KIDS!!! :3
Ra-Zyiah Brown-Smith
Ra-Zyiah Brown-Smith 20 timer siden
you should do a challenge where you given many delicious foods but they can only take one bite of that food if they take more than one bite they loose that round
Declan Moran
Declan Moran 18 timer siden
@Evan Murphy I feel like that would actually be harder because they get to taste the deliciousness but cant taste it any more than they did
Evan Murphy
Evan Murphy 19 timer siden
So like the try not to eat challenge but easier?
GamingMadso! 20 timer siden
Yes i agree that would be so cool
SAMIR SANYASI 20 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> that’s literally what she said
Pardee PlayZ
Pardee PlayZ 20 timer siden
At least I know I am not the only one with sensitive teeth
IMRTL Wolf 20 timer siden
This whole time I was thinking that's what she said
ZERO HP 20 timer siden
Same her when she said this is not going to fit in my mouth
29eadae 21 time siden
Michael Scott is livid with all of the missed opportunities for that's what she said jokes
Vivek Vunnum
Vivek Vunnum 21 time siden
these ppl just did it for the free food.
Khal¡l 21 time siden
Those girls got used to it. If u know u know
Declan Moran
Declan Moran 18 timer siden
oMg YoUrE a CoMeDiC GenIUs. YoUrE So OrIgInAL
Chase Morley
Chase Morley 21 time siden
That’s what she said...
vidania Cruz
vidania Cruz 21 time siden
Okay but this girl Chelsea doesn't even try
Lucas robison
Lucas robison 20 timer siden
vidania Cruz she couldn’t he mouth was too small🤪
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor 21 time siden
I didn’t realize I was early I was just looking through vids
Cole Marks
Cole Marks 21 time siden
it’s a week old lol
SlatyEU 21 time siden
Yeshua ABD mikaela Arefe’sinde çute coupels
A logical Tree
A logical Tree 21 time siden
*when is gordan Ramsay gonna be on this channel*
Jack Belleville
Jack Belleville 21 time siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="478">7:58</a> that’s what she said
Rayna bryant
Rayna bryant 21 time siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="766">12:46</a> best sound ever
Cri Zou
Cri Zou 21 time siden
Har0bi 22 timer siden
well in japan, you're actually supposed to fit a whole nigiri in your mouth so if anyone failed then ur trash
Khyleigh Middleton
Khyleigh Middleton 19 timer siden
@Har0bi Oh I thought you might be Japanese O.K.
Har0bi 19 timer siden
@Khyleigh Middleton no, but i know a bit about the japanese culture, so if you're from japan then educate me :)
Khyleigh Middleton
Khyleigh Middleton 21 time siden
Are you Japanese?
C a b e
C a b e 22 timer siden
This whole video is a “that’s what she said” joke