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I've fact-checked the media a couple weeks ago on the coronavirus headlines, now its time for me to keep the politicians honest. From Joe Biden to President Trump there has been misinformation being shared by our politicians. Here are a few examples as well as my take on ending social-distancing.
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25. mars. 2020





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I wish the NHS's budget was not getting cut all the time.
Nadesican 7 timer siden
Aaaand Hydroxychloroquin turned out to be hazardous, especially when self administered. And the Prez goes on to tell everyone he's still treating himself with it.
joe meyer
joe meyer 8 timer siden
Can you help us understand why it’s taking so long to get a clinical trial completed on the drug, Hydroxychloriquine when it only took a short 2 months to complete a clinical trial complete on the new drug, Remdesivir (by Gilead)? Have you used Hydroxychloriquine for your patients Dr. Mike? Have you seen success? The two links below show date from doctors describing a huge success in using Hydroxychloriquine for their patients. The Association Of American Physicians and Surgeons shows the high success rate of this drug (90%)!!! aapsonline.org/hcq-90-percent-chance/ ...Article describes a NY doctor treating nearly a 1000 PATIENTS with Hydroxychloriquie. Check out his patients success rate... www.newsbreak.com/new-york/new-york/news/0OfF3ldI/new-updates-from-dr-vladimir-zelenko-cocktail-of-hydroxychloroquine-zinc-sulfate-and-azithromycin-are-showing-phenomenon-results-with-900-coronavirus-patients-treated-must-watch-video With such a high success rate, in your recent interview with Dr. Fauci, why wasn’t this medicine specifically addressed?? It’s saving many lives. Thank you in advance for your response to my question.
Charless 2 dager siden
In our country you would be blasted for spreading the right information, bless you for your exceptional work during this crisis.
ssaami 2 dager siden
Preach sir, preach
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya 2 dager siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="546">9:06</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a> godamn, this hit hard
TAF 3 dager siden
April 12th it's May 25th
Yann Viphearun
Yann Viphearun 3 dager siden
Hi I saw u in my Instagram
Fatima Harton
Fatima Harton 3 dager siden
I have a question. A year ago i took a hormone test and the doctor told me that my milk hormone is a little high. What does that mean?
Grey Ninjah
Grey Ninjah 3 dager siden
the guy who suggested using blowdryers to the face is either trolling or he's just plain dumb
Luca 4 dager siden
Dr. Mike is the only one that actually comforts me during these crazy times
Kiralee Heinz
Kiralee Heinz 4 dager siden
We should convert our langue to physical distancing. It is better for mental health
Ahalya Bandaru
Ahalya Bandaru 5 dager siden
Thnq a lot for ur concern about everyone Mike... Not everyone chooses this path... But u did... Stay safe.. And we love u Mike...❤️❤️❤️
Michael Lambert
Michael Lambert 5 dager siden
Around the time this video was published there were scientists, doctors all around the world and even the NHS over in England stating the virus is not as deadly as was claimed. Here we are, 2 months later and now the UK government have said the virus is not as deadly as first thought.
Adam Bořivoj
Adam Bořivoj 6 dager siden
Thx for this video Dr. Mike. I honestly expected something like ''Orange Man Bad!'' but you provided useful information and critical thinking. Great Job!
Ana design
Ana design 6 dager siden
Natalie N
Natalie N 6 dager siden
Can you please do a video reaction to the nurses or doctors speaking out and explaining how some hospitals do not care about murdering patients? Some healthcare workers are treating patients with malpractice and management does not seem to care. Patients do not have to die especially minorities of color! Also been a big fan of you since I discovered you beginning of the year. I have been watching every Wednesday ever since! I enjoy your reaction of shows like Grey's and Cells at work or you explaining how non of the fad diets ever work or marketing techniques such as super foods. I tell all my family and friends how matcha and honey are so beneficial.
ExiaTreason 6 dager siden
It's insane how much of this stuff they're telling people to do are actually harmful. Jeeze man.
Cat Coates
Cat Coates 6 dager siden
Dr. Mike, I've noticed a lot of comments in a few of your videos which show that so many people do not understand the scientific method, what peer-review is, etc. I know you focus on medical stuff usually, but would you consider doing a video that explains these ideas to people? I think a lot of our problems with misinformation and scientific devience could be resolved if more people understood these processes and their purposes. Thanks for what you do!
hh7788ify 7 dager siden
He is hot! A doctor version of Mathew Hussey
Dreaded Torch98
Dreaded Torch98 8 dager siden
What about heating your food so it kills coronavirus ?
Jon-Michael Lopez
Jon-Michael Lopez 8 dager siden
You drank the KOOLAID!
Cynthia K
Cynthia K 8 dager siden
I appreciate the logical, non-partisan opinions. Much needed!
Kevin Robb
Kevin Robb 9 dager siden
I don't totally disagree with you however you need to stick with what you know best. I don't pretend to be an expert on either topic. At some point however if the economy starts to collapse it will cause more problems than the virus. Hospitals in the United States have already closed down. Just a couple of weeks ago it was reported that more than 60,000 physicians now on the brink of closing their practices. With more to follow. Not to mention some states threatening to extend their shuttdown to the end of the year or longer. Not to mention hundreds of cases of human rights abuses against its own citizens. How about Governor Chris Como threatening to close down churches permanently if they violate his executive orders. How about unions having no power during a State of emergency. Where I work for example. A few days ago they called me to let me know that they replaced us with another service provider. Hundreds of jobs gone with no recourse. Before the lockdown this would be illegal. Prayers from Canada.
Tavish Cary Music
Tavish Cary Music 9 dager siden
Just FYI, the fish tank cleaner lady is now under investigation for murder of her husband. Also, she hated Trump, so it would be very strange for her to just listen to whatever he says and go drink fish tank cleaner. She's either a complete idiot, or a calculated murderer. I'm going with the latter.
Paul Blom
Paul Blom 9 dager siden
Dr Mike, you're a FRAUD! Proof is you not willing to do the interview with Patrick Bet-David on Valuetainment (NOvids channel, look it up folks) and have an open debate with Dr Judy Mikovits. You know that she will mop the floor with you with HER TRUTH against your LIES! You know that your handlers told you not to do the interview and that's why you backed down, isn't that right Mikey? You are a FRAUD!
Wowzeree 6 dager siden
Bruh did you like your own comment?
Joe Don
Joe Don 10 dager siden
You are a fence sitter sir. Are we going to run and hide from every cold? wow.
Joe Don
Joe Don 10 dager siden
Glad this guy is not in any kind of leadership role. We need to put this common cold in perspective. Hoax. We need to get back to work.
Chamelion Starfirefall
Chamelion Starfirefall 11 dager siden
Eyes, nose, and mouth with sneezing ill folks in public with bad hygienic habits...though sharing it in cross contamination is also a thing sadly. This is going to be a long term crazy with pandemics it seems.
MultiLaughs88 11 dager siden
there was a hearing the director of cdc has with the congress appropriations committee about their future funding
MultiLaughs88 11 dager siden
Dr. Mike who are you likely to vote for since covid-19?
Robert Lee, Countertenor
How about fact checking TONY FAUCI who says initially there's no need to worry, then says it's turning into a pandemic, then says 2.2 million people will die when there hasn't even been 90,000 yet then says we don't need to wear masks, then turns around and says masks should be required???? Look at his track record. It isn't pretty.
- Joshwa34 -
- Joshwa34 - 14 dager siden
God bless you and all the health care professionals on the front lines. We appreciate you!
the vanillista
the vanillista 14 dager siden
To be fair, Trump said maybe, potential, we'll see. And he's not responsible for idiots applying for Darwin Awards.
Kshitij Karn
Kshitij Karn 14 dager siden
One of the best and honest reviews !!
Anther site
Anther site 15 dager siden
I think Biden has gone senile.
Robin Smith
Robin Smith 15 dager siden
And at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a>, who is going to take care of the caretakers? You answer with a shrug? Be careful how you respond to who gets treated and who is more important. My Mom is important to me. She is 90 and healthy, she mows her own lawn on a rider mower on an acre of land. She works two days a week.
ronnie millsap
ronnie millsap 8 dager siden
agreed, be very careful!
Chris P Bred
Chris P Bred 16 dager siden
I really hope nobody actually drank bleach
GMarie Behind The Mask
GMarie Behind The Mask 16 dager siden
Gorgeous! Sorry,I just needed to say that 🤷🏻‍♀️
trinityproj3ct 16 dager siden
Jared’s making too much money stealing and flipping PPE for hospitals to be able to prepare and stock up.
Orange County 714
Orange County 714 18 dager siden
Thanks to health care workers for signing up to fight illnesses. Fire fighters run into burning buildings cause that's what they signed up for, and I'm thankful. Now, look around your home and imagine your internet and cable service going down along with your cellphone and data service. What would you do? People don't realize how essential the folks who stayed behind to keep these services going are. No way to stream Netflix, no way to see another of Dr. Mike's videos on NOvids. These services are really critical. There would be a hell of a lot more people out on the streets cause self quarantine just wouldn't be the same. Thank you, cellphone , 4G data , internet and Larry the cable guy.
Nirvaan Laishram
Nirvaan Laishram 18 dager siden
Me in May rewatching this video Trump : We should get to work on Easter Me : Yeah about that
ndlk dan
ndlk dan 18 dager siden
If there is a situation they will take care of. just there is no situation. you should spend some time to educate yourself in case you have to change your youtube job commentator")
ernesto rosete
ernesto rosete 19 dager siden
Oh my
Screaming Eagle
Screaming Eagle 19 dager siden
take home message. Don't go to the doctor and ask for a prescription for hydroxychloroquine/z pack, and zinc which is being prescribed by thousands of doctors and curing tens of thousands because some guy ate fish tank cleaner and died. So fucking stupid your logic is.
Orange County 714
Orange County 714 18 dager siden
Didn't you just heard that it's harder for folks that really depend on this medicine to get it. Supply is limited. I know it don't do anything to fight covid-19 and dought it cured tens of thousands but believe it helps ease their pain. How many of those tens of thousands of people cured that you're talking about, were from covid-19? I'll wait.... Jeopardy music playing..
Elizabeth Blane
Elizabeth Blane 19 dager siden
Andrew Cuomo was screaming that he needed 30,000 ventilators, ended up needing only 5,000, and yet refused to close the subways and then he sent back covid-infected seniors to their nursing homes where they infected a huge number of other residents.
Ellie Tamburrini
Ellie Tamburrini 20 dager siden
Can you do a fact check on the frontline staff coming out to say that the science is wrong, the numbers don’t add up, and the plandemic documentary?
Christopher Van Ochten
Christopher Van Ochten 20 dager siden
You need to do a follow up to this video with the new trump problems
Mo mmslooney
Mo mmslooney 20 dager siden
Yo I know I ain't got 2020 vision. If I seen this coming, i woulda told y'all to hibernate til 2021
I have The lyric
I have The lyric 21 dag siden
Dale Blake
Dale Blake 21 dag siden
As it turns out dead people aren't good employees.
Howard Xing
Howard Xing 21 dag siden
i came from future.doctor mike is correct. coronavirus even worse! we must follow instructions from this man -a random person that docter mike will never know
R T 21 dag siden
I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do. You truly are a hero😀!
Lizzie Riley
Lizzie Riley 22 dager siden
Can I just take you home and educate my parents please. I’m a healthcare worker ( MA ) and they won’t listen to me since I’m not a doctor, nurse, or I guess I’m not trump. If it gets much worse then they will be sending us to the front lines with everyone else.
Shlomo A
Shlomo A 22 dager siden
I love how he is so non political and is able to take shots at both politicians on the right on left
Neru Vadsi
Neru Vadsi 22 dager siden
I'm from TX and many of us think Dan Patrick is an idiot. We've already reopened things even though the curve hasn't flattened and cases are still increasing. They just don't want to pay out unemployment benefits to all these people who are out of work, so they're reopening. The economy wouldn't tank if these dumb politicians would use all this money to pay people unemployment benefits instead of giving their rich buddies 'business grants and loans.'
Abanti Roy
Abanti Roy 23 dager siden
If you're treating corona infected patients then do take special care of yourself...stay safe Mikey😺... we're proud of you and all the health workers out there 🌸💐
HealthTopic 23 dager siden
Great points Doctor Mike! Please check out additional info on this video! @
HealthTopic 23 dager siden
cosmic spooky
cosmic spooky 23 dager siden
the story at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a> has been updated, the wife is being seen as a suspect for allegedly poisoning her husband
NoDoubtFan87 24 dager siden
Around this time is when my dad (a former doctor current republican who believes nonsense) actually messaged me on fb a video about the blow dryer to the face. I humored him and told him it was an interesting idea-I wanted to say theory but I didn’t want to debate him. He’s an old man who still thinks he’s a doctor. Some stuff he’s still right about, but for the most part it’s illogical and in this case dangerous.
Dan Elmore
Dan Elmore 24 dager siden
Thanks, Doc. Keep it up, please.
Emma P
Emma P 24 dager siden
Hello I am from April, the future of March and lemme tell u something... were not goin back anytime soon
Mariam Alzouabi
Mariam Alzouabi 24 dager siden
How do politicians become ones, bcuz what they say will effect MANY, I don’t understand I’m kind of mind blown watching the ignorance the promote oh my
Erica Hayes
Erica Hayes 25 dager siden
NOvids shouldn't have demonitized this video. They should demonitize politician videos. Doctors know what they are talking about. Pay them.
Darcy Adelle
Darcy Adelle 25 dager siden
Cut to last week when Trump thought he was being a genius suggesting that doctors should clean human lungs with disinfectant. 👏👌.. Never been so proud to be Canadian. 🇨🇦
Smarty Loli
Smarty Loli 25 dager siden
I'm wacthing this on May 3 and we are still here at home!
Zarais German
Zarais German 25 dager siden
Dance teachers should be handling this so everyone can be on their spaces, not touching their faces and with a smile on their face lol along with doctors of course.
SecretsofShade 26 dager siden
I am really frustrated. Where I am, we never did a shelter in place, and although our cases are climbing daily, they are beginning to open up. The day our governor announced this, my mother was called by her employer. A bit of background - in November and December, my mother was on aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, for stage 3 lung cancer, and in mid-April, her WBC was still extremely low. Because of her weakened immune system, her employer had sent her to work from home, but after the declaration about reopening everything, she was called back to the office. And she couldn't refuse, because the unemployment office is considering that sort of thing a 'voluntary termination'. I am beside myself with worry and anger, especially since I have chosen to distance myself from her, because I work in a hospital and don't want to get her sick! If I lose my mother to COVID-19 after she beat stage 3 lung cancer, I don't know what I will do. I just am so scared for her.
tlozfreak888 26 dager siden
"How do you make that decision?" It sounds like something out of a warzone. The fact that there's a very strong parallel there is terrifying. I considered being a doctor, but I didn't think I'd be able to actually pull off the doctoring part for very long before it got to me mentally. On a lighter note, you said "A)" and "2)" in your list near the end.
H. L. Van Gogh
H. L. Van Gogh 26 dager siden
My mom has lupus and wasn't able to get her medication because they've been using it for covid 19 and it sucks.
Neo Chatterbox
Neo Chatterbox 27 dager siden
Contrary to the press briefings, Mike, your videos age very well. You admitted to how little we knew while also doing your best to tell us what we did know. Thanks to you and the countless other medical and essential workers.
Garrett Schultz
Garrett Schultz 27 dager siden
If people want this lockdown to end sooner, they need to stay home longer. Then the virus will disappear faster and the sooner we can get back to normal life! Stay home people.
the dude
the dude 28 dager siden
Natural selection at work
Ayesha Qamar
Ayesha Qamar 28 dager siden
Wow you posted this on my birthdayyyy PS - this was my most boring bday ever cause I was at home 😣
Emma 28 dager siden
He so smart, and hot, and passionate about not spreading misinformation 😭😍
Raiyan Rahman
Raiyan Rahman 28 dager siden
Every time I watch your videos, I keep a dictionary beside me.
Joanna solid
Joanna solid 28 dager siden
Stay safe everyone 🙏🙏🙏 Love from Greece. Dr.Mike your the best ...you are my company through quarantine. Thank you 😊
Jenelle Edwards
Jenelle Edwards 28 dager siden
Just letting you know I really really love you....
lani - lo
lani - lo 28 dager siden
I’m not gonna lie I wanted to be either a marine biologist or an astronomy when I grow up but honesty after binge watching ur channel... low key thinking about going into the medical field 😭
Dave 28 dager siden
none of this happened