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Find out everything you need to know about coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.
0:30 - What is coronavirus?
1:13 - Where did the virus come from?
1:50 - How long does it stay on surfaces?
2:08 - What happens inside your body?
2:50 - Incubation period
3:10 - The spread of the virus in China
4:30 - Symptoms
5:25 - What should you do if you develop symptoms?
8:07 - Who is at risk?
9:02 - How can we stop the spread?
11:58 - Should you wear a mask?
12:36 - Treatments and Vaccines
📚 GOOD RESOURCES about Coronavirus:
1) World Health Organization: www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
2) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
3) Johns Hopkins: Map Tracker
4) Vaccine Maker Project (all about viruses/vaccines)
For those of you who are new to my channel, my name is Siobhan and I'm an internal medicine resident in Canada. In the coming weeks, I'll be working in the emergency department, inpatient hospital units and outpatient clinics.
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Wash your hands, stay home
We will get through this together! 💜
~ Siobhan (Violin MD) ~
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Animations created by and for the Vaccine Makers Project. www.VaccineMakers.org Copyright © 2016, Medical History Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.
Maps used with permission from storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/4fdc0d03d3a34aa485de1fb0d2650ee0
ARDS photo: By Altaf Gauhar Haji et al. doi:10.1186/1752-1947-2-336, CC BY 2.0, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5898904

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21. mars. 2020





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The Krew and Friends
My sister has the virus :(
mrduckman225 Dag siden
How is her personality?
Clinical Lectures
Superb!! You encouraged me to start my channel
Shishir Sawhney
Shishir Sawhney Dag siden
Beautifully explained 👍 Take Care 🌟🌟🌟
Fabius Maximus
Fabius Maximus Dag siden
novids.info/video/hqprfJ-UhJGxkpg.html Check out the cdc death certification clearly states that not all death due to covid but labeled as such
W Thomas
W Thomas 2 dager siden
MMS Works! DR Jim Humble
Foxy Kimmy
Foxy Kimmy 2 dager siden
I love your videos! They're so informative. ❤ Thank you for all that you do! ❤
Henry Rodríguez Cáceres
and now what to do???😒
Walter Duranty
Walter Duranty 3 dager siden
"Johns Hopkins Death Toll Does NOT Include States’ Downward Adjustments, Ignores Fundamental Flaws in Data" www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/johns-hopkins-death-toll-not-include-states-downward-adjustments-ignores-fundamental-flaws-data/ Memorial Day stories in the Associated Press and the New York Times each claim that the U.S. death toll from the Wuhan COVID-19 virus is approaching 100,000. AP says it’s “nearly 100,000.” The Times, dramatically invoking language reminiscent of the Iraq War, says that “America is fast approaching a grim milestone … of 100,000 lives lost.” The AP directly cites Johns Hopkins’ COVID Dashboard as its data source. The Times also uses the Dashboard’s data, but rarely acknowledges it. Following these two outlets’ lead, hundreds, if not thousands, of establishment media outlets and leftist platforms act as if the JH Dashboard’s reported death tallies represent the undisputed gospel truth. THEY DO NOT. Here are three specific known reasons seen recently: 1. As Gateway Pundit noted on May 16, Colorado reduced its reported death count by 278. 2. As GWP noted on Tuesday May 19 2020, New Jersey reduced its death toll by 1,400 at nursing homes from its official tally. The new coronavirus death total for New Jersey’s long-term care (LTC) facilities, which was lowered from 5,700 to 4,295. This funny math was used to make the Democrat state leaders look better as the death toll in the Garden State continued to climb. 3. As The Freedom Foundation in Washington State reported on May 18 2020 www.freedomfoundation.com/washington/washington-state-over-reporting-covid-19-deaths/ the Evergreen State’s “COVID-19 death total is inflated by as much as 13% due to state’s practice of counting every person who tests positive for COVID-19 and subsequently dies, even if the death was not caused by COVID-19.” Specifically, “106 (13%) deaths involved persons who had previously tested positive for COVID-19 but did not have the virus listed anywhere on their death certificate as either causing or contributing to death.” It should be obvious that two of these three instances should have led to downward adjustments to state and nationwide death tolls. But the JH Dashboard’s reported death tolls in Colorado, New Jersey and Washington State have increased steadily during the past 10 days without interruption. Taking a deeper dive into the statistical mess, John Lott and Dr. Timothy Craig Allen published a column on May 16 which demonstrated that “The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths.” Among the specifics: - The article quoted Illinois’ Director of Public Health, who admitted that “technically even if you died of clear alternative cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death.” - In two of the hardest-hit counties in Michigan, “medical examiners classify any deaths as Coronavirus deaths when the postmortem test is positive. Even people who died in suicides and automobile accidents meet that definition.” - “The (CDC’s) rules direct them to do this.” Deborah Birx has acknowledged that “if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.” This practice is not consistent with what other countries are doing, nor is it consistent with how CDC told localities to document causes of death before the Chinese virus appeared. - Beyond that, Lott and Allen note that New York State “is classifying cases as Coronavirus deaths even when postmortem tests have been negative. Despite negative tests, classifications are based on symptoms, even though the symptoms are often very similar to those of the seasonal flu.” Further the CDC has “advise(d) doctors that “it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate” even if the virus’s involvement is only “suspected”! In April, apparently encouraged by this guidance, New York State added “3,700 additional people who were presumed to have died of the coronavirus but had never tested positive.” Even without evidence of positive tests, Johns Hopkins added these deaths to its Dashboard. Lott’s and Allen’s bottom line: “Relying on these flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.” Johns Hopkins, despite hard evidence to the contrary, is dishonestly promoting that damaging reliance. The establishment press, by treating Johns Hopkins’s garbage figures as the undisputed truth with any hint of the many serious problems in the underlying data, is a willing accomplice in this dishonesty.
Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson 3 dager siden
Thank you for sharing facts and NOT spreading fear!
Landon Vu
Landon Vu 4 dager siden
Sooooooooooo how old are you?
Ivan L
Ivan L 4 dager siden
So why did over a thousand major companies CEOs resign in 2019?
Austin Jenkins
Austin Jenkins 5 dager siden
Thanks. You’ve inspired me to flatten the curve.
Vivian Abalo
Vivian Abalo 5 dager siden
Its cough not caugh🤣
3xtra Terrestrial
3xtra Terrestrial 5 dager siden
Virus came from a Wuhan lab sorry but you can't change my mind.
true guy
true guy 5 dager siden
The very first picture is very disturbing the girl smiling while carrying Coronavirus
Fernanda Becerra
Fernanda Becerra 6 dager siden
Me parece que explica como funciona el virus de manera muy fácil y completa.
Eric Mendoza
Eric Mendoza 7 dager siden
J G 7 dager siden
Is it true that you can get it from drinking corona beer?
Gina Wewe
Gina Wewe 7 dager siden
Can people get the virus but don't die
DJ Lawlz
DJ Lawlz 8 dager siden
Thank you for explaining it so well! As a Home Health Aid I constantly run into questions and this will help me answer them so much better.
Kelly Martinez
Kelly Martinez 8 dager siden
Who else does not like coronavirus and online school
Kelly Martinez
Kelly Martinez 8 dager siden
Who else is watching this in may 20
J Walter
J Walter 9 dager siden
False narrative.... It didn't come from a " Wet Market " like the MSM originally depicted. It came directly and was leaked from the Wuhan laboratory itself.... Strains of SARS , ( cluster of coronaviruses ) were studied and manipulated back in 2015 .... As time goes by more of the entire truth will prevail... Hopefully. After all this is the CPP we're talking about.....
꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂
꧁ Orlando Cruz ꧂ 9 dager siden
Love your energy and beautiful smile.
Emmy Willy
Emmy Willy 9 dager siden
Such a bright way to cover this message. Good Job
Winter Zhao
Winter Zhao 9 dager siden
Wow…nice video. I got some N95 from polloo.com, if anyone needs to buy, you can check this website.
HD MUSIC 99 9 dager siden
Aye my throat is getting watery often I cough very often my my chest don’t heart and I don’t have headaches and my stomach hurts does that mean I have covid
BEST MPAMBANAJI 9 dager siden
Borna Jakelic
Borna Jakelic 9 dager siden
David Icke www.bitchute.com/channel/weBLW8e6mgIB/
Yaseen khan
Yaseen khan 10 dager siden
Lve virus i just see dimple wahooo😜😜
oneofthemgirls sr
oneofthemgirls sr 10 dager siden
Your so cool! Totally love your videos! Thank you😘
Sweetie Cakes
Sweetie Cakes 11 dager siden
I am a new subscriber to your channel. I work as a CNA and have been for ten years. I have always enjoyed working with patients. I really love watching and listening to your feedback in correspondence with Covid-19. Stay healthy and safe. 😇
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer 11 dager siden
This was good information. And easier to listen to to a person who is very upbeat!
Tabitha Curtis
Tabitha Curtis 11 dager siden
Hoping your ok!I haven't seen your channel in ages and now I can subscribe to you
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You can call in to share your thoughts as well. Thank you, Doctor!
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann 11 dager siden
Why is cough spelled wrong at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a>?
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Paul Frank
Paul Frank 12 dager siden
Good video. Research is beginning to demonstrate more severe cases of COVID-19 are related to low vitamin D levels. For more information on how vitamin D modifies the immune system and protects against COVID-19 I suggest the following video. novids.info/video/lXegqKHUqI6whqA.html
dime_ life
dime_ life 12 dager siden
No offense but maybe u should take a good look at the work Dr andrew kaufman your welcome... CORONA VIRUS is actually EXESOMES
Vegeta is My dad
Vegeta is My dad 12 dager siden
Why do people, medical experts included, keep using the terms SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 interchangeably? It's already been established that they're two different illnesses. SARS-CoV-2 is the *virus* and COVID-19 is the *disease* that can be the result of a SARS-CoV-2 infection. This doesn't necessarily mean that COVID-19 is always the end result. It's similar to how HIV can lead to AIDS. Being HIV positive doesn't mean someone has AIDS. So, the information that people keep putting out in the stratosphere for the average person regarding this situation is misleading. Also, how exactly are you diagnosing COVID-19? What is the criteria for COVID-19 *specifically* that A) Establishes it as a *new* disease, and B) Sets it apart from any other illnesses that respiratory viral infections can lead to? Usually, *diseases* are diagnosed by running labs on a patient's blood and measuring levels of specific components of that blood or, in the case of diseases like cancer, doing biopsies to examine tissue for specific cell mutations; namely with the proto-oncogene mutating to am oncogene. For example, in order to make a diagnosis for AIDS as a result of HIV, lab work must show the following: CD4+ T-cell count that is less than 200 cells per microliter. CD4+ T-cell lymphocyte percentage of less than 14%. These are *very* specific levels that are needed before making a diagnosis for AIDS. So, what is being used to diagnose COVID-19? Because thus far, I've only seen the following: Test positive for the *virus* SARS-CoV-2 Has symptoms of the *virus* SARS-CoV-2 These symptoms, and the resulting opportunistic infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, meningitis, are not uncommon for the SARS class of viruses. And modern medicine has been able to effectively treat patients with these infections through steroids, antibiotics, etc. So, what exactly *is* COVID-19? And why are patients being diagnosed with it when they've only been tested positive for the *virus* SARS-COV-2 and present with symptoms typical of a SARS coronavirus infection? The symptoms of SARS-COV-2 are *exactly* the same as its predecessors (MERS and SARS-CoV). The WHO stated they wanted to avoid the SARS label because they basically didn't want to freak people out in Asia. Ok, fine. So, is it that COVID-19 is actually SARS-3 (like MERS was technically SARS-2) or...what's going on? Because this is confusing and the WHO's reasons for choosing the name don't make sense to me. www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/technical-guidance/naming-the-coronavirus-disease-(covid-2019)-and-the-virus-that-causes-it
The chaos system
The chaos system 12 dager siden
Just to let you know a couple months ago I started having problems with my chest coughing sneezing nearly part of the flu symptoms I went in the hospital under full quarantine conditions and I was tested for flu pneumonia and COVID-19 the COVID-19 took over 14 days to come back luckily that was negative I even had a test for pneumonia they didn’t notice a slight infection in my long but pneumonia no and flu came out negative as well now within the last two weeks I started having a cough sneezing flu or flu like symptoms and I couldn’t get out of bed that well so I got better a little bit but now it’s back again but before that now my wife was in the hospital she had viral pneumonia and COVID-19 and a few days after that she was released and sent to a rehab with oxygen for the next two weeks me I’m starting to have more problems with a very persistent cough chest pain and I know I need to get tested but I have no way to get out because the provider that we have has been told by the state of Indiana not to transport any clients out of their homes and we’ve only had contact with one person that has had a cough and that’s because she had lung surgery to remove cancer in the top portion of her left lung and now we saw her and then we started getting more sick but before that we are not left our house since November of just this past year we are assuming the holes this whole thing is knock on aerosol aerosol lysed in spreading so much easier now to people all over it seems like it’s getting worse than it is getting better anywhere in the US right now and staff that we have had in our home for the last three months or so and now going to be getting tested by the company requested to the staff to get tested the company to protect the current staff we have now has only just now put a culvert 19 kit in this house with a sick folder of all the information needed gloves mask smocks and all but no face mask for covering the eyes so let’s talk about the lack of prevention that providers for those with disabilities are not doing and endangering the lives of those who have disabilities that are in like group homes and care facilities for those with disabilities like my wife and myself if anybody is curious or if anyone is concerned as much is I am please hit like on this comment or please give a comment let’s get this question out there hopefully the doctor can actually answer a lot of this for us and if not maybe she could actually find someone that could explain more maybe even go from a medical view to congressman and Senators Governors mayors and I can address this matter thank you for reading my rent I appreciate it very much PS because obviously the President of the United States is so oblivious and ignoring the help that the rest of the country needs and not providing it even though he has multiple people in the White House that have been tested positive for cover 19
Mpg Foo
Mpg Foo 12 dager siden
brilliant synopsis of the virus, its spread, and its impact on the body.
PZ 12 dager siden
Excellent job. Thanks
Tamara Gerber
Tamara Gerber 12 dager siden
You have an amazing gift of explaining these scientific things really well. Did you notice the pun, btw? St. Louis ordered social distancing right OFF THE BAT?
(VE/CCS/Alu) Santana Misle. Helena
Hi could you pls say some stories of patients
ryan chandler
ryan chandler 13 dager siden
the peanut butter lara at box! my favorite kind!
WWE KID 1 13 dager siden
Coronavirus ain't got crap on us!
Lachi97 13 dager siden
Why don’t you tell you have a 3% chance of dying from this weak virus compared to the flu which still exist and it is 10% chance of death?
abdelrahman Refky
abdelrahman Refky 13 dager siden
amazing video Thanks for being very inspiring
Jeannette Stewart
Jeannette Stewart 13 dager siden
I shared this because this is what people need to hear ... we still have to stay home because people don’t listen
ANANDAKRISHNAN R 14 dager siden
Yeah it's True..!!!! novids.info/video/mplfh5yjmrCni5Q.html
ANANDAKRISHNAN R 14 dager siden
Yeah its True..!!! novids.info/video/mplfh5yjmrCni5Q.html
Hillary Goldberg
Hillary Goldberg 14 dager siden
Very informative video! Question: I thought of placing a CLEAR trash bag over my head for a mask, perhaps with a surgical paper-cloth mask over it, and breathe from the bottom of the bag. Would that be at all helpful in preventing people from getting this illness? Also, I found that I often needed to tell home health aides that they need to change gloves between tasks. Was this type of behavior involved in spreading this illness? Thanks again!
Josh 14 dager siden
No wear mask? Other countries encourage their people to wear mask including USA and China. In Hamilton, you see Tim Horton,Mc Donald, factories employees etc wear mask.
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy 14 dager siden
I WONDER WHERE THIS POOR MISLEAD CHILD INTERN IS NOW? I WONDER IF SHE HAS THOUGHT ABOUT THIS VIDEO SEVERAL TIMES AND THOUGHT...EEEEEKKK JEEEEZ I REALLY SHOULD TAKE THAT VIDEO DOWN...IM AFRAID TO EVEN READ THE COMMENTS...JEEEEEEEZ...with a regretful grimace...but...if shes working in new york...she probably doesnt have time to come and take it down. Hope she has a fork and spoon...this content is...hard to swallow!!
itscassiebih 14 dager siden
So I’m not a doctor or anything like that but if the virus goes through a protein and then replicates it’s rna then why don’t we find a allosteric inhibitor or a competitive inhibitor to stop the virus from replicating it’s rna. I mean it sounds easier said then done. Also I wonder if anyone is immune to it. I know having some disease/mutations can protect from a virus.
Essential Twentiess Blogs
Thanks!! Your amazing. ❤️
Courtney Doll
Courtney Doll 14 dager siden
This is the best explanation I've seen, thank you so much for sharing.
Lukáš Loukota
Lukáš Loukota 14 dager siden
I was in our city 2 days ago to fix something (not COVID) and it was beautiful experience. Shining trams - look like new - friendly peope, face cloths everywhere, especially vast majority with "point pattern" and especially red background color. I'm at home until March and I was at the city for the first time during coronavirus times. I'm just afraid about not wearing anything to cover my mouth and nose when going outside, as student explains in the video.
Around The World
Around The World 14 dager siden
COVID-19 pandemic by top 20 countries novids.info/video/rJuBo47blWenjJw.html
Bella Price
Bella Price 14 dager siden
Can kids get it
Von Allegra
Von Allegra 15 dager siden
You’re way too happy about this. I’m old fashioned, please be serious even in your joy to be so informed and informative. Your practice is appreciated, but please stop being overly excited about the science of it. Blessings to you.
JonCeL Hernandez
JonCeL Hernandez 15 dager siden
Hi nice content. Visit mine too
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 15 dager siden
If I had teachers that spoke like her, I'd be a lot smarter lol 😂💀
Natural healthy tips
Natural healthy tips 8 timer siden
ways to protect yourself from covid m.novids.info/video/mZV1rXvNeqe7mnY.html
sofwan Dag siden
Not with that skull
Abd Manaf
Abd Manaf 15 dager siden
Is Corona Virus COVID 19 a smart warrior? novids.info/video/pauAb6GxZ5-1fmU.html
Cali Redstring
Cali Redstring 15 dager siden
What medication regimen are you using in Canada to treat corona virus? In the U.S. I’ve seen plaquenil, remdesivir and azithromycin and rocephin.
jyri lappalainen
jyri lappalainen 15 dager siden
trump love you!patiens ??
E Wade
E Wade 16 dager siden
Show us Philadelphia and and St.Louis again Kenneth!!!
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan 16 dager siden
You are an adorable presenter 🤩 Very helpful dear!
Hope LaFleur
Hope LaFleur 16 dager siden
Ok, this is so controversial, about Covid-19, how do you explain all these conspiracy theories... like this virus was made up in a lab in Wuhan?? and why are the chinese irresponsible and eating animals that are just not normally eaten in North America... So we have asthma in our family.. and like you said the 1918.. well that was a flu also.. was it an animal type flu. But you would think in 2020 that this flu would not of surfaced...this is causing global repercussions.. businesses..health of course. What exactly will a vaccine do?? it can have serious repercussions on health too? who can take this vaccine?? really I as a person with asthma would be very guarded! In 1918...people we just not as informed like today..there is no excuse for these Chinese to have three times unleashed this virus into the world!
Charmaine 17 dager siden
Do you as doctors have to get a mandatory flu vaccine? What strands does it have and can we know what the other ingredients are for? thank you.
B R 17 dager siden
Are you afraid of death? Not sure what I should do? Jesus is the solver. Jesus is the savior. Jesus is the only light in the chaotic world. Satan deceives you. What has Satan given you? It's all about cheating, lying, killing, stealing, and perishing. Come to Jesus. Rest and receive eternal life. In front of Jesus' name, all powers and demons kneel down. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Only comes to the Father except through me. John 14: 6 You who want to believe in Jesus.If you who have COVID19, come to Jesus. Be healed in the name of Jesus, If you plagued by ghosts. If you wanna believe Jesus, Please say this words. "Jesus, I believe in Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and my savior. you poured water and blood on the cross for my sins.And Jesus were resurrection in three days and I believe Jesus come back when in last world time."
Jon's Labyrinth
Jon's Labyrinth 17 dager siden
Why do you not need to wear a mask if you are "healthy" How do you know if you are ever healthy? Wouldn't that just make it easier for someone else to sneeze/breathe on you and give you the virus? How does this work? I'm so confused and frightened for my life. I'm afraid to leave my home
THANH NGUYEN 17 dager siden
Chouaib Mharrach
Chouaib Mharrach 17 dager siden
Corona 2020 non !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Southern Alaskan
Southern Alaskan 17 dager siden
No they eat bats there so eventually something will happen. The Chinese eat bats it's a fact. She just said it came from bats. But we need to be politically correct.... Not America it came from people eating bats in China period.
Raiyyan Shaikh
Raiyyan Shaikh 17 dager siden
How do authorities believe it spread to humans? I’m thinking of this answer but I just don’t know can u help me please reply
Nutalla Pie
Nutalla Pie 17 dager siden
Thx for telling me now I know much about the virus
Ross Razandry
Ross Razandry 18 dager siden
Tristan Phillips
Tristan Phillips 18 dager siden
I'm actually imuneal suppressed due to kidney transplant so I'm staying home and far away from huge crowds.