COVID-19: How Aviation is Fighting for Survival 

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Music by epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
[1] www.eurocontrol.int/news/celebrating-100-years-transatlantic-flights
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[6] www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2020/03/09/saudi-russian-price-war-sends-oil-and-stockmarkets-crashing





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Ruby H.
Ruby H. 5 timer siden
In 2019 I was an unemployed, stay at home couch potato. Every called me a lazy bastard. Now in 2020, suddenly I'm called a responsible, model citizen!
Kagan Roy
Kagan Roy 6 timer siden
I trained to be a pilot on 2015-16. While I learned to be a competent pilot, the culture of the industry I found terribly toxic, and not very welcoming to anyone different from what they view as pilot material. Well its starting to look like it was actually a good thing that I didnt make it in this business.
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 7 timer siden
Perhaps 40 billion in stock buybacks to pad executive compensation was not such a good idea after all.......
funyguy 8 timer siden
Sorry to those who have lost their jobs but lets be brutally honest here , aviation is the reason this virus has spread the world over ,. how else could it have spread so fast in a matter of weeks ? ,. some things just need to be said
JBA512 8 timer siden
Still shitloads of planes in the air daily
Tjo Wen
Tjo Wen 9 timer siden
thanks, China.
klarigi4219 12 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> Sam we all know what you look like smh
kunal lakhera
kunal lakhera 13 timer siden
Great content....Keep working....Also create Case studies on India.....Love from 🇮🇳
PaladinGuy 13 timer siden
"Trains good. Cars bad. Planes even worse." -Well There's Your Problem Podcast.
1 15 timer siden
This is the aviation industries Karma for overcharging, over cramping and treating customers like crap. Ofcouse they are being bailed out tho cause the government likes socialism when its for the wealthy companies but not the poor
2012 people: Wait I thought the world was going to end now! 2020 people: GET THE TOILET PAPER!!!
cheese chisel
cheese chisel 17 timer siden
aircraft don't become unusable from sitting around in storage mode ... the planes will still be here, it will certainly survive
Micah Tataje
Micah Tataje 17 timer siden
*works in the airline industry, sweating profusely* Also, I would like to personally thank all US taxpayers for the bail out.
Nekros 17 timer siden
I'm sorry to all the workers, but I eagerly await all 6 of them to kick the bucket so new guys can take over.
Venus ,
Venus , 18 timer siden
*it all goes downhill from here*
anrojoo 18 timer siden
this might be the best thing that has ever happened to the airline industry as a whole, as it will allow bad structures to collapse and be reborn anew with a new better optimized more efficient and productive industry. Its like quitting, resetting a restarting a videogame once you know what not to do
Joz Pinto Gonzalez
Joz Pinto Gonzalez 19 timer siden
your videos are simply great and entertaining!! but...c'mon...you hardly ever speak about us, southamericans u_u apart from brazil of course...i'm peruvian and it would be cool to see some content focused on this part of the world.
Jason Aus
Jason Aus 19 timer siden
Considering they were the main carriers to the world, it makes sense that it would collapse
Darth Senate
Darth Senate 19 timer siden
Am I the only one who admits that most of the stock footage for the American airports are from SeaTac? Lol. Washington is hell when compared to the other states when it comes to the Corona Virus.
CheesyBread 19 timer siden
Delta puts Money printer goes brrrrrr
John von Shepard
John von Shepard 19 timer siden
sogma Lukem
sogma Lukem 22 timer siden
I'm loving this whole coronavirus thing! no traffic, super cheap flights, i get to work and back in record time. we need to have coronavirus all the time!
Lucas Simons
Lucas Simons 22 timer siden
I'm not an expert but the cruise ship industry has taken a big hit too.
Mario Kempes
Mario Kempes 22 timer siden
Sam. Have you heard about this? Perhaps you can do one of your videos? earther.gizmodo.com/why-the-coronavirus-related-drop-in-air-travel-could-ma-1842474432
rollthetape88 22 timer siden
we don't want excessive air travel its causeing global warming. carbon tax passenger flights, to put up operating costs to make it prohibitively expensivem therefore only essential travel will be made. buisnees meetings need to move to zoom conferencing. average joe doesn't need immediate access to anywhere on the planet its bonkers.
Alex Surber
Alex Surber 23 timer siden
So basically if you want to have no chance of catching coronavirus just move into an airport
oh yeah mr crabs
oh yeah mr crabs 23 timer siden
that get untied you broke drums
Vincent Killen
Vincent Killen 23 timer siden
what i hate is that they bought their own stocks when everything was good but now they want huge government bailouts while the individual doesnt know if he or she will get the government check to afford food for the week.
GG_gamer YT
GG_gamer YT Dag siden
The virus in italy came from Germany...
senni bgon
senni bgon Dag siden
Aviation: Struggling to survive American Trains: First time?
Aleph Collins
Aleph Collins Dag siden
Disconnect the World - Wide - Web 🕸️ series between recruiting (traffickers) agents & agencies as the Child Soldiers, Human (sex slaves) & the Traders, PIMPs(Agents), Prostitutes, Brothels (global), drug traffickers & smugglers.. Under the banner of; Traveling, Tourism, Aviation & Hotel management industries ?
Simo Vaikre
Simo Vaikre Dag siden
no indusrty that has been more impacted. Well probably no other industry that is more responsible for the spread of the virus.
senni bgon
senni bgon Dag siden
Now instead of police all over the world especially USA having this post 911 mentality ( TYRANTS ) now they will be scared of We the people. 🇺🇲
Zenbeach Traveler
Decades of Over pricing and BS promo fares! These companies need to be less Corrupt and greedy. Their ads alone are on your face corruption. Stop these abusive system when the virus is gone!
P Dag siden
Airlines had it coming. None of them kept their aircraft hygienic ever. Dirty toilets, dirty floors, dirty surfaces. Profit over hygiene was always a major turn off.
e e
e e Dag siden
thats what they get for postponing my flight from 6 to 12 and then canceling it for the next day
R C Dag siden
Thank you China
ash G.
ash G. Dag siden
Let them die and the market will make better airlines.
Mihai Ionuț
Mihai Ionuț Dag siden
2009 pandemic was the first of the century
Jose Ortega
Jose Ortega Dag siden
It was actually February for me. I work, or worked, in China.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Dag siden
If you need to blame the virus you need to blame the Chinese communists for the spread
Car Toffeln
Car Toffeln Dag siden
Good thing they were able to grow their profits, now they have a load of money saved up and we don't need to bail them out with tax dollars.... Right?
MaskedMageYT Dag siden
Airlines 2019: buying back their own stocks to look good on paper, giving executives multi million dollar bonuses. Airlines 2020: Bail us out with taxpayer money! DONT BAIL OUT BIG COMPANY. IF YOU DO BAIL THEM OUT LET THE GOVERNMENT TAKE EQUITY OF THE COMPANY THAT GETS BAILED OUT. ENOUGH BAILING OUT THE BILLIONAIRES.
Ryan Mettler
Ryan Mettler Dag siden
This will force aviation to take steps toward health regulations specifically through the passing of diseases, and sickness
Shawn Li
Shawn Li Dag siden
Jerry Gu
Jerry Gu Dag siden
CNBC tried to enter your territory!
keiming227 Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> Not "Most", is "All" Airlines are own or controlled by the Chinese central government
Emajossch Dag siden
Not excited about the prospect of my dollars being used to bailout the aviation industry which has spent so much of their money on stock buybacks in the past few years instead of saving or preparing for a crisis like this. Too big to fail? They've already failed, they're just so deep into the pockets of the government already it doesn't matter.
DE EU Dag siden
Now instead of police all over the world especially USA having this post 911 mentality ( TYRANTS ) now they will be scared of We the people. 🇺🇲
Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> addresses such as what? im intrigued.. im guessing; 9/11, sandy hook, huricane *insert name*
Andrei Maltsev
Andrei Maltsev Dag siden
Sorry, I literally learned nothing new from this video... You turned into Game Theory
R C Dag siden
The virus first spread to Japan , then to South Korea tho
Occult Demon Cassette
Too Big To Fail = Government should take over that business.
AYL Yi-Huh
AYL Yi-Huh Dag siden
coronavirus: about to end the aviation industry and put Wendover out of a job Wendover: hold my airplane
Allen Nelson
Allen Nelson Dag siden
When you don't have your health, nothing else matters. - Elon Musk.
bob2000and10 Dag siden
Tom Scott is a scumbag
Mit Seraffej
Mit Seraffej Dag siden
Somewhat ironic that the industry suffering the most is the industry responsible for the spread of the virus to all corners of the globe.
drsiiiiin Dag siden
Great content !!!! Thanks Soundtrack and the video editing is beautifully done
Ross h23
Ross h23 Dag siden
Sounds like the airlines got the payback for stuffing people in like animals heading to slaughter
phxntkms Dag siden
are you hai or do all of you semi-educational youtubers sound the same like all news anchors
mrseaweed1000 Dag siden
Not a word about airline’s spending tens of billions over the past year on stock buybacks? I have no sympathy for these airlines.
Ibn Walid Al Qurashi
Sealed of all prophets,,, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, said : 14 hundred years ago, whenever is plagued do (Not) run from that area and wherever it’s happening plague, do not enter that area.
eedobee Dag siden
Good riddance to a filthy industry
Scorned Dag siden
World has shut down and will stay shut down for months, crashing most people's wallets and well being due to isolation. All of this will be worse than the actual impact of the virus, be it 100.000 deaths or 500.000 deaths. I am lost for words at how fragile and incompetent the modern world is. I hope the next virus is actually dangerous to the survival of the species.
Lol, no one is thinking about the environment? Look how clean the sky is becoming! All you guys think is money&planes....
Mobile Oppression Palace
Covid-19 was created to reduce the global carbon footprint because no one was listening to Greta’s flight shaming.
Vex T
Vex T Dag siden
2020 Humans: COVID-19 worst pandemic ever! 2120 Humans: COVID-19 was the weakest pandemic ever as it killed less than 50,000 people... now we over populated cause we played it too safe back then.
Default Boi
Default Boi Dag siden
Hello people from the future🙃
Blank Blank
Blank Blank Dag siden
"The industry will emerge, in the end, something completely new and novel." Nope, they'll come back since we dont have any alternative to airplanes. Unless we invented teleporters
Bảo Thạch Trương
Oh shut up! They won't die obviously.
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm Dag siden
Let defeat this disease. Then we can start rebuilding our economy.
Never Back down
Never Back down Dag siden
“That date will forever remain in people’s minds as when the century’s first pandemic occurred” 2009 flu pandemic: am I a joke to you?
Michele Turri
Michele Turri Dag siden
It was March for the US, but it was February in Italy, and January in China. So the date to remember it's not March, but February, when not only Italy but many other countries were infected!
Admirals Club
Admirals Club Dag siden
Shoutout for all the footage of SeaTac airport
Kris I guess
Kris I guess Dag siden
It would be amazing if they brought back comfortable seats and leg room
TheCivildecay Dag siden
I think the entertainment and hospitality industry might be hit a lot harder
p̲r̲y̲l͢ Dag siden
is coronavirus some kind of Great Filter
Gerry Munoz
Gerry Munoz Dag siden
Let me charge you 200 dollars for going overweight on your bags. Now we are sinking and we need help.
ty lca
ty lca Dag siden
Even if people are over reacting to the virus itself, what’s scary is how fragile society is, we’re so exposed..
TeddtheTiger Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> Offtopic, but what the hell was Delta thinking with that ad copy? Since when do oceans have any relevance to air travel? Crashes??
Mao A
Mao A Dag siden
Not just airlines. The hospitality industry has been devastated. Hotels are literally closed. Not just small ones, large big name hotels. All meeting and events have been canceled until at least June.
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