COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) March Update- causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology 

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What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19)? The coronaviruses that circulate among humans are typically benign, and they cause about a quarter of all common cold illnesses. But occasionally, coronaviruses, like COVID-19, circulate in an animal reservoir and mutate just enough to where they’re able to start infecting and causing disease in humans.

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15. mars. 2020





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Heidi Winger
Heidi Winger 5 dager siden
why are you not telling the truth about where the Covid -19 virus actually came from. It was not from an animal to human.
01 Xray21
01 Xray21 10 dager siden
Kids are dying too. Get this updated quickly
Satyam Mishra
Satyam Mishra 21 dag siden
Like for corona warriors 👍👍👍
Animation Point
Animation Point 22 dager siden
Hopefully these hard and depressing times we live will teach us to appreciate more what we have, as many times we take everything for granted!
Adhiparasakthi Hospitals
nice video
Bastien Bongers
Bastien Bongers 23 dager siden
Huh so you believed China ? That's cute
Aaron Canlas
Aaron Canlas 24 dager siden
Isaiah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2581">43:1</a> “Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.” God actually commands us not to fear, or worry. The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible, most likely because He knows the enemy uses fear to decrease our hope and limit our victories.
James Hallahan
James Hallahan 29 dager siden
This video seems like Chinese propaganda
a. Måned siden
Thanks to the nurses who gave their lives to cure strangers in need. 🙏🏼
Catherine R
Catherine R Måned siden
Mutated. Covid 19 fatality rate > elderly. Quarantine, testing. 80% mild. ARDS: fluid build up. Cough/Sneeze spreads. Incubation period 5 days. Ro= how quickly it spreads. PR+PCR Test. Supportive care. Clinical trials with Meds. Mask & self quarantine. Human to dog transmission. High Risk: self quarantine. N95 mask for healthcare workers. Healthcare workers: PPE. N95 respirator. SARS CoV-2 causes COVID 19.
BaconHairRock Måned siden
Warning! The moment you are reading this. There is a deadly virus that is killing millions! So help yourself by washing your hands when you’re going to eat. Also, bring some hand sanitizer when you go out so your hands stay clean. Stay safe, friend.
a. Måned siden
BaconHairRock Thanks fellow roblox friend! :>
evil_the_ Throg
evil_the_ Throg Måned siden
I LOVE your citations at the end.
dr Ratan swami
dr Ratan swami Måned siden
Study based on china mortality so some fact are wrong because china miss guiding with data
Matt640 Måned siden
Honestly, you can’t even get a break off of the news carrying on about COVID-19, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t but nobody actually gets it anyways most of the time. I can’t even cough or sneeze once without some imbecile thinking I have the "Coronavirus”. In my opinion everyone is kind of taking it a bit too serious.
julie-Anne Lanahan
julie-Anne Lanahan Måned siden
Where's your proof that it went into a pangulen? Or are you being a parrot.
JTXproductions Måned siden
It's sad that it took COVID-19 to bring us together.
David Lamb
David Lamb Måned siden
So somebody shagged a Pangolin after stuffing a dead Bat up it's arse and that's where this codswallop comes from,Thank fuck our government loves us.
Venkatesh Pai
Venkatesh Pai Måned siden
Best Covid19 SarsCov2 awareness video.. Although people MUST wear face masks while going out.. Symptomatic or not.. Hats off for the tribute to Dr. Li in the end. :'-( ~vbv
Heasty Oktaricha
Heasty Oktaricha Måned siden
Stay safe.. Stay healthy good people.. May Allah always protects us..
Not Yoite
Not Yoite Måned siden
it spread through bats and another armadillo/anteater. Dog gets covid 19 but animals can't spread it? i have a bad case of brainfog right now. I want to learn how it goes.
Razvan Albu
Razvan Albu Måned siden
Wearing mask is not recommended? So stopping the transmission is not recommended 😂🤣😅
USMLE Mnemonics by Raza
Prevention from CORONAVIRUS. Mnemonic '' FATAL" F-Face masks covering nose & Mouth A-Alcohol based hand wash T-Thoroughly cook meat and eggs A-Avoid contact with anyone with symptoms of Coronavirus L-Limit contact with wild and domestic animals
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen Måned siden
China has committed crimes against humanity
Muhammed Karim
Muhammed Karim Måned siden
Junior house officer from ERs in Iraq, thank you alot guys
Lucie Bourdouxhe
Lucie Bourdouxhe Måned siden
Isn't the incubation period between 6 and 12 days ? (As opposed to 5 days) 🤔
Jean Ward
Jean Ward Måned siden
People need to stay away from each other for a long time because the mutations of the coronavirus and the disease are only going to keep producing.
Sukhvir Singh
Sukhvir Singh Måned siden
Great Information..
PowerOf One
PowerOf One Måned siden
check out NOvids clip titled: 'Viruses: Molecular Hijackers' on the youtube channel called 'Professor Dave Explains'. then to save time skip to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> into the clip and listen to what he is saying about some 'Environmental signal could throw the switch': 5G is 60 gighertz and stuff up oxygen and iodine molecules etc. This might be trigger we are seeing now with Covid-19 suddenly and en mass appearing in people. Am I onto something... imagine all the toxic people suddenly being zapped by 5G 60 gig htz wave length. Can’t be good. re the 5G being a problem: Check out the book by Arthur Firstenberg called 'THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW'. (a pdf download for $5)
Sprinkles Måned siden
Can I put this video on my channel???
NEXT Måned siden
For more content visit here
Devina Johanna
Devina Johanna Måned siden
thanks for the dedication
Gary Hawkins
Gary Hawkins Måned siden
They knew a dog had it but there were no symptoms and no evidence the dog could transmit it. Doesn't make sense.
jini80 Måned siden
You are God's Angel. We are all grateful to you.
highachie my tale
highachie my tale Måned siden
China hidden true figures
Zahraa Abdulaziz
Zahraa Abdulaziz Måned siden
Great explanation 🧡
Chesty Måned siden
The Chinese gov needs to be held accountable.
krisvincent Måned siden
What will be yiur stance mow with wearing masks?
Nikolaos Peterson
Nikolaos Peterson Måned siden
Only recently has other symptoms emerged, HI. There is a subgroup (actually now 3 classifications, respiratory only, GI only, and both). I seem to be a member of the GI group. generally these are those of us who have only limited mild symptoms usually NVD. (Nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea). Some just diarrhoea like me producing stools four times in a 24 hour day. I average 4 zo 5 trips to the loo. The diarrhoea is not bloody, and tends to be watery. I can speak for myself that indeed having been tested positive I am not asymptomatic,but still have NO respiratory problems (hope it stays that way and not later fulminate into the respiratory area)! This needs to be updated as this must have been made before the beginning of April as to what I understand, 'Patient Zero' coming from China into the States had GI symptoms so must have belonged to the GI only group or the both group). Apparently the method of transmission is the faecal oral route. Later, thanks!
Brenda_ Kawai
Brenda_ Kawai Måned siden
CHAMP Champ Måned siden
There is a solution. Avoid cold foods (eg cheese, fresh milk). Using spicy food. Morning is important. The evening was awful. Drink in the morning, take pepper, ginger, juice with salt and lime juice and drink two throat drinks every three to three hours in the morning. Drinking pineapple juice in between. Runs in 10 minutes. Tell Results. More can be added later.
Lora Stevens
Lora Stevens Måned siden
Why do so many infectious diseases come from China?
muchammad endar triatmodjo
My school assignments brings me here lol
muchammad endar triatmodjo
And for all of the medical support around the world,we thank you to you guys
Inappropriate, Unprofessional, and Problematic
BULL. SHIT. CHINA. LIES. They lied about SARS. They lied about this. China has a contempt for the west that we, as westerners, don’t care to understand. AND THEY DO THINK DIFFERENTLY. This just a fact. Anyone who has traveled or is familiar with someone who’s lived there knows and will tell you this. We’re so busy worrying about how racist we come off, Asians don’t give that shit a second thought. It’s hilarious how delicate and PC this video, practically apologizing for China’s monumental fuck up.
emailnodata Måned siden
why not try dogs to "sniff" for covid-19?? especially bloodhounds, but maybe ANY dog, as their sense of smell is many multiples that of humans.
stephany castellanos
If CPR is able to produce aerosols, wouldn't a cough produce aerosols as well? Therefore droplet and contact precautions would be inappropriate. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Fathan Setyabekti
Fathan Setyabekti Måned siden
Yang bahasa Indonesia ada gak? Aku ga ngerti
Dr Debashis Nanda
Dr Debashis Nanda Måned siden
Mechanism of dry cough in covid-19? Any proper medical explanation will be helpful...
Sciety Måned siden
Good account. Btw what is this app used to make video?
Uttamprakash Soni
Uttamprakash Soni Måned siden
hindi me bnae
shaheen begum
shaheen begum 2 måneder siden
Which masks are recommended for common people without symptoms ?
Armen Abrahamyan
Armen Abrahamyan 2 måneder siden
Who knows, how much is the sensitivity and specificity of RT-PCR?
joseph mengele04
joseph mengele04 2 måneder siden
Why the hell do orientals eat bats?
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908 2 måneder siden
Ok. Thank god he mentioned something about pets. Because i’m a healthcare worker, but it’s just me and my dog, no one else. I would be devasted if my dog got sick because of me.
SaSpursfan 2 måneder siden
thank you for stating how only people with reps. symptoms should wear mask, NOT EVERBODY! Pisses me off when I see people at the store with mask and gloves on up to there forearms
Liviu Fl
Liviu Fl 2 måneder siden
Bai zombiilor, reveniti-va ,ce aduce bun măsurile astea ,manipulați poporul si furați toate drepturile omului, privați un stat întreg de libertate si tot nimic nu rezolvati, nu asta e soluția, italienii sunt arestați la domiciliu de o lună și tot mor oamenii, chiar si cate 1000 pe zi,la noi de cand ati băgat panica in oameni nu mai are voie nimeni sa moara decat de covid chiar daca acestia suferă de alte boli,nu izolarea totală si dezinfecția ori scenarile emise reprezintă soluția, virusul e in aer trebuie decontaminat, aveti drone ,elicoptere aruncați cu prafuri, aerul este poluat
gou man
gou man 2 måneder siden
Sir ,thanks for this wonderful information about covid 19
Victor Unbea
Victor Unbea 2 måneder siden
In China only 'reported' cases went down.
Nay Writes
Nay Writes 2 måneder siden
I wonder if all the non vaccines children who parents are against vaccination will vaccinate if there becomes one for covid19
Mann 2 måneder siden
Really well-organised and infotmative. It's a shame most peoplr focus on yellow pages of social media rather than watching such educational videos. As a medical researcher in infectious diseases field, I hope that the governments invest more on prevention, diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases after this challenging time is over. Unfortunately the majority of funding goes to fancy newspaper subjectd such as cancer. There should be enough research on cancer for sure, but I swear that there are many unnecessary projects in which they have no outcomes and just waste huge amount of money for no applicable result. And yes as an enthusiastic respiratory infections rsearcher I have no job opportunity as there is no money for us and the big names get the huge money and dont give a damn to we younger researchers who love to conduct resrach to help our community. This lack of opportunity is so suffocating when we have studied for years to get a PhD for helping the wellbeing of humans and we have to sit behind the line and suffer. This is something beyond earning money and personal benefits, but a desire to improve the quality of life and not letting humans suffer and die with preventable infections.
thuanpin 2 måneder siden
"The number of cases per day has dropped off largely due to" ... aggressive testing? Not LOGIC at all!!!
Mann 2 måneder siden
It means that with more testing there are more confirmed cases identified, then they test the close contacts of those confirmed cases and force them to self isolate as many of them are asymptomatic such as young people in age group of 20-29 who can act as carriers and spread the disease.
paco2ski 2 måneder siden
STOP people from watching media.. K from Men I Black -- Humans, for the most part, don't have a clue. They don't want one or need one, either. They're happy. They think they have a good bead on things. AFTER MEDIA -- A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.
paco2ski 2 måneder siden
SO a month ago you SAY early and asymptomatic people are not a risk.. AND YOU KILLED PEOPLE WITH THE SHIT INFO that CLEARLY was FAR TOO CONSERVATIVE at the time.. Not creating panic is one thing .. BUT YOU CLAIM TO HELP TRAIN MEDICAL STAFF
HKnep 2 måneder siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> Mask is not important ? Very good, for hiv you can say condoms are not important
Evil man
Evil man 2 måneder siden
si no uso mascarilla el policia me detiene
Ixissiidzi Isiskxkckd
Ixissiidzi Isiskxkckd 2 måneder siden
Guys is burning of the chest area a symptom
Meghna Kulkarni
Meghna Kulkarni 2 måneder siden
How covid-19 mutates?
MAVERICK A. 2 måneder siden
Rest In Peace Dr. Li Wenliang. You are true hero.
HOLLOW HILL 2 måneder siden
2021 that long for vaccine?
Super Girls
Super Girls 2 måneder siden
RIP Dr. Li Wenliang
Tushar Khan
Tushar Khan 2 måneder siden
Has anyone had fever, nausea and diarrhoea symptoms? How are you feeling now? I'm on day 9, have had flu like symptoms initially but now for the past 2 or 3 days have a fever, nausea, diarrhoea and loss of appetite.
ROOPA GOUDAR 2 måneder siden
I have shortness of breath and headache. Is that Corona virus
Hayley Wu
Hayley Wu 2 måneder siden
funny what can prove the virus' origin from China
Hateem Aljani
Hateem Aljani 2 måneder siden
What bats and ant-eaters are you talking about? It came from the US and spread by the US participants at the military exercises in Wuhan. Chinese have been eating these bats even before virus and bacteria is discovered.
abdelrhman khaled
abdelrhman khaled 2 måneder siden
+500 thousand cases Last week people pointed out that it had taken the virus months to reach the first 100 thousand cases and days for the second
JORDAN 2 måneder siden
MinigirlXOXO 2 måneder siden
Will likley be ready by 2021... Me- ILL DIE BY THAN
*ʟ̤ɾgɹɹɹɺІ͛ ʟ̤ɾɹgᓄ*
Allah ist der größte Islam, weil der Islam für unsere Krone richtig ist. Ich habe dies vor 1400 Jahren von unserem Propheten und unserem geliebten Muhammad erwähnt
Bill Clinton Moses Manullang
Who’s here because of bubonic plague?
ReeNo TheMrs
ReeNo TheMrs 2 måneder siden
This is an awesome video. Please update the symptoms, stating that there are signs of gastrointestinal issues.
Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers 2 måneder siden
In New Zealand! Currently in nation wide lock down. Only essential services operating. Suppose to be only for 30 days but being prepared for longer :(
BAEKHYUN 백현 'Candy' MV
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