Coldplay - Viva La Vida 

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The new album, Everyday Life, out Nov 22. Pre-order coldplay.com
Taken from the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
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4. aug.. 2008





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Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson Dag siden
In ict/digital tech they were talking about how your device will hear you like if you were watching a tv programme and ad for that will most likely pop up on your phone and I thought “ah what a load of horseshit” and then in music this song came on in a class kahoot and I was singing it on the way home guess what was first in my recommendations?
R&D Gaming
R&D Gaming Dag siden
12 years on..
bila bong
bila bong Dag siden
Julia Andrews
Julia Andrews Dag siden
It took me 11 years to figure out what this song was called minecraft netherite: exists diamonds:
Khang Lê
Khang Lê Dag siden
When you accidently deteled your minecraft world and now you have start over again
The meme gif gamer
They should of pinned the comment with the lyrics.
Nonstop G R I N D
This song is over a decade old, let that sink in for a minute.
Why do I Exist
Why do I Exist Dag siden
Came out a couple months after I was born
Almonthe Jewell
Almonthe Jewell Dag siden
._. ._. /\ / \ *CLAP*
Dong Fern
Dong Fern Dag siden
One time he's talking about satan. Another time he's talking about John the Baptist. What kind of texture pack is Coldplay using?
Jake Denison
Jake Denison Dag siden
"I'll be online again tomorrow bro" *last online: 2 years ago*
S K Dag siden
Is nobody going to talk about how all of them literally got Thanos-ed at the end
Drive Bye
Drive Bye Dag siden
So which Joe Satriani is this supposed to be?
Chad Lad 141
Chad Lad 141 2 dager siden
Diamonds when they get replaced by netherite
Javier García Martínez
Life is the best surprise that we have
Emily Mamani Quenta.
Emily Mamani Quenta. 2 dager siden
I love music
Tun Nay Thway
Tun Nay Thway 2 dager siden
My fri:ha minecraft sucks not even better then pubg Me:it used to rule the world...
Tun Nay Thway
Tun Nay Thway 2 dager siden
My friend:ha fortnite is the best Minecraft:i used to rule the world....
Andres Monroy
Andres Monroy 2 dager siden
Desde que la oí hace 11 años aproximadamente me encantó gran cancion
Evan Estrada
Evan Estrada 2 dager siden
And in the end, thanos won
Harshdeep Kapoor
Harshdeep Kapoor 2 dager siden
Sme here
Dhanush Krishna
Dhanush Krishna 2 dager siden
When you make a great song but someone makes a parody which gets more attention:
오섭 고ᅧᄂ
오섭 고ᅧᄂ 2 dager siden
Nobody hate this music
Huns CT
Huns CT 2 dager siden
Villain Kid Of Malefiecent
this guy looks like hugh laurie
Cleiton Santos Costa
Cleiton Santos Costa 2 dager siden
Coldplay 2020
Patti Willis-Leake
Patti Willis-Leake 2 dager siden
that was when I ruled the world.............................
hkgahtani 2 dager siden
Who here comes and hears this song again and again after the Suits finale
Cheska Castillo
Cheska Castillo 2 dager siden
Man, I heard this song actually in “Fallen Kingdom” parody Minecraft, And that’s how I first knew this song and I was glad I watched that video. Man this song gives me the feels... this song feels like when you had, or when your capable of something before but then you lost it, and all went away.. and that part of the song when it says.. “Never an oldest word but that was when I ruled the world”
Harry’s Angels
Harry’s Angels 2 dager siden
Burned Potatoes
Burned Potatoes 2 dager siden
606 444 640th viewer boi
Tanis Leonhardi
Tanis Leonhardi 2 dager siden
There was a while that whenever I put my music on shuffle this would almost always end up in the first five songs played.
Darryl Zelaya
Darryl Zelaya 2 dager siden
MINECRAFT alguien español?
thanhnhan phan
thanhnhan phan 2 dager siden
qua tuyet voi
MontageMAN!! 2 dager siden
Tbot2 2 dager siden
I know it makes sense that it’s about Louie but I feel like it’s more about Napoleon since I don’t think people really feared Louie ever
TJ tjlovesthewiiu
TJ tjlovesthewiiu 2 dager siden
this should be called viva la vida a parody of "fallen kingdom"
senpaikun 2 dager siden
Nba 2k12 vibes?
heartlessedits Or
heartlessedits Or 2 dager siden
Nostalgia moment 2020
SomeOtherYoshi 3 dager siden
Im here for all the wrong reasons
Armin Nowrouzi
Armin Nowrouzi 3 dager siden
It’s a crime that this doesn’t have at least a billion views.
Blitz TGFE
Blitz TGFE 3 dager siden
At the end Thanos snapped
Maria Claudia Morales
Maria Claudia Morales 3 dager siden
Lo amo ❤❤❤
RC LabBotics
RC LabBotics 3 dager siden
if you have got any ideas for fun why not write it on your hand, chop it off and send it in .
Guy With Bread
Guy With Bread 3 dager siden
When you realize it’s 11 years old yet you remember when it was released
Smoove Homie
Smoove Homie 3 dager siden
This song is gonna be played forever. And every time it’s played, it’s gonna sound like it just came out!
meeester krabs
meeester krabs 3 dager siden
this song is extreamlly nostalgic
fernando ramos
fernando ramos 3 dager siden
Termy 3 dager siden
Stop flexing with calendar knowledge and enjoy this
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic 3 dager siden
Gods, I haven't heard this song in years. Takes me back to my childhood.
Oliver Kulil
Oliver Kulil 3 dager siden
OMG I am old.
Solo101 YT
Solo101 YT 3 dager siden
Anyone in 2020 when you came to Fortnite after a year when you were a renegade raider and a cat rules over you in Season 2 Chapter 2
Captain Decade
Captain Decade 3 dager siden
R.I.P LOUIS XVI 10 May 1774 - 21 September 1792
andrea macias
andrea macias 3 dager siden
How is this Song Motivating And Depressing at the same time BTS Performs "ON" at Grand Central Terminal for The Tonight Show novids.info/video/f42aZq2UorDZrXo.html
DREAMER 3 dager siden
Just a trip for remembering this song
jingjing gracia
jingjing gracia 3 dager siden
David Warchol
David Warchol 3 dager siden
Nobody: Harvey Weinstein after guilty verdict
You Big Gae
You Big Gae 3 dager siden
i honestly miss my childhood. i’d do anything to go back to it.
PJH KHC jigglypuff heenim
I heard this legendary song last night and totally forgot the title and i typed "rule the world" and here i am. 😍😍😁😁
Coldplay - Yellow