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24. okt.. 2019





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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig every day This voice is Wonderful 1:59 💛💚 👇 👇 👇 👇💚
Yyyyzyyy 22 timer siden
Sounds like Sting.
ludmilla roman
ludmilla roman Dag siden
actually chris martin admitted that this song, like most coldplay songs, has no meaning, but instead is just a blatant ripoff of another song: Bruce Hornsby's The Valley Road.
Annija Rasnača
Annija Rasnača 2 dager siden
When i dont want somthink and this song goes i want EVRYTHINK and it also mades me feel style
Manyeta Music Entertainment
I also came across some images this morning which cause me tears. novids.info/video/rI2haY-lbI7Jf2U.html
Manyeta Music Entertainment
we need just to show them love
dani cali
dani cali 4 dager siden
lyrical masterpiece, love it, and im not even a coldplay fan x
jiggartala2008 8 dager siden
wanted to write below lines in Persian, so I could express myself much precisely: با این موسقی نمیشه شاد بود و هرلحظه ش اشک میریزم. داستانی که شاید هر روز داره تو سوریه و جاهای دیگه دنیا اتفاق میفته خون های بیگناهی که هرروز و هرشب داره ریخته میشه واقعا دردناکه خدا یا ما رو ببخش
Robert Lobo
Robert Lobo 8 dager siden
Wth 😵 another favorite single of mine 💕
Dhurba Sarma
Dhurba Sarma 8 dager siden
I love coldplay song mix
Felicia Zardi
Felicia Zardi 9 dager siden
poik452 animaux
poik452 animaux 9 dager siden
I love a music❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shivam Mitter
Shivam Mitter 10 dager siden
To all those saying that CP's earlier albums were radio pop then well ; Coldplay has evolved so much. I call them the most cleverest band ,as they're music subsequently changed according to time , and its one of the biggest reason that they are still at the top and making hits. Well , music has evolved with time and so does one artist should. Well, who would entertain a 60s music in this decade, that's totally rubbish , isn't it?!
Kanishk Tiwari
Kanishk Tiwari 3 dager siden
Not gonna read this comment.
Just-_- Aimbotツ
Just-_- Aimbotツ 10 dager siden
I like the dinosaur
Ragbags 12 dager siden
I love the way this song flows and the ways they put the lyrics together. The vocals truly have life and express very real emotions, this is why Coldplay in my opinion is just so great and really breaks the mold of modern music while staying relevant
Ben Joker
Ben Joker 12 dager siden
Pour moi COldplay, est le meilleur groupe de cette époque. Un des rares à faire encore de la vraie bonne musique.
NovaGG 13 dager siden
I searched this song for 3 months and I finally founded it (sorry for bad English)
Isidora Ocampos
Isidora Ocampos 15 dager siden
The ending has the same rhythm and almost the same words as Miley Cyrus Hoedown Throwdown
Amo Beka
Amo Beka 15 dager siden
I love this music 🤩
Xeroz 17 dager siden
Sounds like a Coke TV Spot
Pierra Bella
Pierra Bella 17 dager siden
It was sadder that I mishearded the lyric as 'I want love, where I can go'
Airpods 1
Airpods 1 17 dager siden
Sophie Dainty
Sophie Dainty 18 dager siden
Dm1TXD Smetana
Dm1TXD Smetana 19 dager siden
Best song 2019!
Juan X. Zhao
Juan X. Zhao 19 dager siden
DOn't know how many times I have cried this week
IsleOfFeldspar 21 dag siden
this one's a miss. I feel like they're trying to sing too high
Raul Jose Rodriguez, D'Angelo
muy bueno
CNRailsAlberta 24 dager siden
New favorite song!
Claudio Cisternas
Claudio Cisternas 24 dager siden
Sigo a coldplay desde el álbum parachutes encuentro su música genial y seguirá siendo genial pero el último disco realmente no entiendo el contexto ni el lugar
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez 15 dager siden
Tiene letras muy significativas y está tiene un tema de la guerra y su paso
Felicia Zardi
Felicia Zardi 27 dager siden
In fissa🤩
Pamii Lapar
Pamii Lapar 27 dager siden
I think the moon and the star resembles islam or something like that
Trevor Cotter
Trevor Cotter 27 dager siden
Coldplay for life ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Contenido Neto
Contenido Neto 28 dager siden
I was a mother orphan when this song came out.
Paul Shotter
Paul Shotter 29 dager siden
Orphans by coldplay great music from them i like this song very much relaxing song and very catchy tune sounds like they are injoyong it
Afonso Serafim
Afonso Serafim Måned siden
L L Måned siden
the chorus fills me with this sense of sadness because she can never go back. she's dead.
Pako xD
Pako xD 25 dager siden
So sad 😔
I don't think that is true. However,
2:21 eargasm
Vito Coronelli
Vito Coronelli Måned siden
0:17 #canzonitravisate "Rosaliiiii ma d' dove sii...?"
JudgementalPudding LondonCat
The nicest thing I can write is that it is a mildly catchy tune.
Boop 16 dager siden
JudgementalPudding LondonCat
Boop always
Boop 16 dager siden
is that sarcasm too?
JudgementalPudding LondonCat
Boop it is called sarcasm. Only the darkest souls perceive its deepest meaning.
Boop 27 dager siden
@JudgementalPudding LondonCat that's not... negative at all
peter kinsella
peter kinsella Måned siden
Mika Ludwig
Mika Ludwig Måned siden
Super Lied👍 Konzerte sind auch geil😅😁😆
MrIpswichtown Måned siden
Coldplay will never lose it. Absolutely amazing band. So glad they can still produce classic music. Love it.. Keep it up 🎶🎵🎧🎶🎵🎶🎧🎼
Ivan Tombolato
Ivan Tombolato Måned siden
at first glance without listening to the lyrics, it can seem like just a party song. it is only when you look into the meaning when you realize how it is about orphans getting their youth ripped from them, and not getting the chance to live freely. i think this song is so beautiful
Antonio86 Måned siden
Top 🤗
Petr Vitásek
Petr Vitásek Måned siden
Super music :-)
Adriano Mangoni
Adriano Mangoni Måned siden
Ottime intenzioni, brano così così
Arshia Kamyab
Arshia Kamyab Måned siden
حاجی فارسی ( غروب )))))
Lizamarie Carrillo
Lizamarie Carrillo Måned siden
Btw, y’all are amazing live. Best show I’ve ever been too. I would love to see you guys again. 🥰
Lizamarie Carrillo
Lizamarie Carrillo Måned siden
Loving this song!!! Keep being your true self’s. My two year old loves jamming to this song! She feels it. Lol.
jefdachef Måned siden
Coldplay sounds like... Cold..
Annette Schunck
Annette Schunck Måned siden
Identity V
Identity V Måned siden
Joanna Turcinovic
Joanna Turcinovic Måned siden
This is an amazing song. I listen to it every single day!
Nightmarish Måned siden
This is one of their best songs ever.
Patricia Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong Måned siden
I feel like this most of the time
Marcos Lopez Ronda
Marcos Lopez Ronda Måned siden
Es muy bonita me encanta
Ziggy25x Måned siden
What a wonderful song.... !!!! Heard it yesterday for the first time, can't stop listening....
Jean Enorc Osne
Jean Enorc Osne Måned siden
I want to know when I can go Back to get drunk with friends. 😥
Giorgos Ziantaris
Giorgos Ziantaris Måned siden
Here we have a direct reference to the bombings that happened in the Syrian capital, Damascus, in April 2018; it's when Britain, the US, and France attacked the city, leaving many dead children and adults; one of those is the character mentioned here; her name was Rosaleen. Credits : POP song professor
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