Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Lyric Video) 

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3. nov.. 2019





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Norair Terterian
Norair Terterian 6 dager siden
Coldplay's music always gives me chills and making me to hope,to dream
Jan Nosmal
Jan Nosmal 6 dager siden
am I the only one tearing up when listening to this song?
JacobB477 6 dager siden
This song is AMAZING!
Nasser Eddine El Harchi
سلام و حب coldplay
Tucker Cline
Tucker Cline 7 dager siden
The greatest band EVER
Axel Martellini
Axel Martellini 7 dager siden
Amazing !!!!!!!!!!
Nicolas Parent
Nicolas Parent 9 dager siden
My Coldplay is BACK
Maria Bocchia
Maria Bocchia 9 dager siden
Onirica Its wonderfuuuuuul
Bilal Ameen
Bilal Ameen 9 dager siden
Lemme ask the army generals of pakistan and india to listen to cold play.... And peace will prevail :D
James Valenti
James Valenti 10 dager siden
Passo in avanti... translate...! IT - ENG.
שלמה אוחיון
שלמה אוחיון 10 dager siden
cypriana1 12 dager siden
This is so moving, just close your eyes and listen, not necessary to watch video, just brings me to tears.
zehra 12 dager siden
So beautiful 😭
Guilherme Rodrigues
Guilherme Rodrigues 12 dager siden
I also wish that the world could celebrate the end of every war and we could look into the inocents eyes once again.
Neil Cartwright
Neil Cartwright 13 dager siden
52 years old regards DJ smidnightcaller
Anarat Fatima
Anarat Fatima 14 dager siden
Did no one notice the urdu writing "غروب" at the beginning??
Andiarif Lukmansyah
Andiarif Lukmansyah 16 dager siden
At first light throw my arms out open wide. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alham Alham Alhamdulillah.
azzurro4sr 17 dager siden
Per te, a te che ti piacevano tanto...R.I.P. Mons. Ti voglio bene
selly 18 dager siden
Una carezza per l’anima, miele sulle labbra, sangue puro per il cuore.....
Luisiana Guidelli
Luisiana Guidelli 18 dager siden
Ciao Fernanda 💝
Md Mansoor
Md Mansoor 20 dager siden
Sam Holden
Sam Holden 20 dager siden
Sounds abit bland but still a lovely song.
Sapphire donut
Sapphire donut 20 dager siden
I do this in school
IsleOfFeldspar 21 dag siden
ASSELIN Jean-Philippe
Chris Martin: I implore you for a long version of this wonderful song.
ואדים אברמוב
Hallelujah...thx from israel 🇮🇱
Kenneth Arcinas
Kenneth Arcinas 23 dager siden
Thank you, Coldplay ❤️🙏
78tapia 23 dager siden
Amazing song....goosebumps
Courageous Tom
Courageous Tom 23 dager siden
Song starts 0:55
Monika Rockenbauer
Monika Rockenbauer 24 dager siden
forever a Coldplay fan
Massimo Papitto
Massimo Papitto 24 dager siden
Magica, come tutte le loro. Ti fa sognare posti e situazioni felici
Jewie Snew
Jewie Snew 24 dager siden
This is my escape from the brutal, stressful world.
h trademark
h trademark 24 dager siden
This goes out to all of the Coldplay fans that are no longer with us... 👊😔
Voeris 25 dager siden
Jesteście cudowni ♥️
FILIPPO DARDI 25 dager siden
Mi ricorderà per sempre la morte di Kobe.
Teesha Official
Teesha Official 25 dager siden
This song should be atleast 1hour long
karl allen
karl allen 25 dager siden
i agree :-))
Jess ica
Jess ica 26 dager siden
I love this song so much, it reminds me of “Speed of Sound” and “Clocks”. To be honest, I just love Chris Martins voice, it’s quite nostalgic to me as I’ve been listening to his music since I was very young
deepti gusain
deepti gusain 26 dager siden
Coldplay is love
Rafli 69
Rafli 69 27 dager siden
Unfortunately, I can't sing the "hallelujah" part.. because I'm a moslem.. My religion is my number one priority
Rafli 69
Rafli 69 26 dager siden
@raghav binzani I listened to this accidently, and now I love it for no reason..
raghav binzani
raghav binzani 26 dager siden
Music is haram in your religion, I guess? You shouldn't even listen to music in the first place.
karl allen
karl allen 28 dager siden
An amazing tune...ty Coldplay
Asdrubale Porretto
Asdrubale Porretto 29 dager siden
The perfection exsist? Yes !this music Thank you Coldlplay for emotions!!!
Noël Niederhauser
Noël Niederhauser Måned siden
Cooles lied
Gaming WithNielsi
Gaming WithNielsi Måned siden
420 nice
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva Måned siden
i love ereryday life is my favorety music
George Craker
George Craker Måned siden
Going through a breakup damn I miss her but just gotta keep my head up
Sensational Måned siden
R.I.P. Kobe Bean.
Kate Stenton
Kate Stenton Måned siden
Ricardo Lopes
Ricardo Lopes Måned siden
Kobe 🖤🥇
Alexandra pedro
Alexandra pedro Måned siden
RIP Kobe “bean” Bryant ... we are gonna try to keep strong with the love you’ve set in all of us
Karen Carosone
Karen Carosone Måned siden
It has been 4 years since my son has gone to another dimension, Coldplay was a favorite of his and still helps me continue to carry on. Thank you Coldplay.
My Miracle
My Miracle Måned siden
Enlightens the heart to the universal pain we all share; and, at the same time, pours warm, sweet honey all over the soul. It's much like life. #bittersweet
Avirok Official
Avirok Official Måned siden
RIP Kobe Bryant 💔
Chris De Hoyos
Chris De Hoyos Måned siden
Avirok Official 😭😭😭😊
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal Måned siden
OS10 Måned siden
I just can't stop listening and loving Coldplay,, (THANK YOU EVERY DAY LIFE)
marta scattarella
marta scattarella Måned siden
Roberto Spagnoli
Roberto Spagnoli Måned siden
Musica e brano stupendi!
Marcello Fusillo
Marcello Fusillo Måned siden
Beatiful Song
Faye Lawrence
Faye Lawrence Måned siden
Don't stop making music!
Dhev Rao
Dhev Rao Måned siden
Thank you chris
Ramjet Vw
Ramjet Vw Måned siden
Beautiful song Coldplay thank you
Coldplay - Yellow