Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Video) 

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Everyday Life is taken from the new album of the same name, out now. Listen / buy from everydaylife.coldplay.com
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#Coldplay #EverydayLife
Director :Karena Evans
Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
Production: Company Popp Rok
Executive Producer: R Taj Critchlow & Director X
Head of Production: Adam Palmer
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© 2019 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company.





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Paolo Perazza
Paolo Perazza 19 timer siden
i think with this song, the Coldplay are officially and finally BACK
Huruy Alazar
Huruy Alazar Dag siden
Thank you cold play! In love with the Hallelujah verse ! 😊💝🙏
hellem gonçalves
Oh Sofia
Oh Sofia Dag siden
Ո՞վ է Թորոսյանի էջից եկել 😊
лил Ид, а в океан
Im hereeee
Rudy Ciscato
Rudy Ciscato Dag siden
In a moment, I hear my phone ringing.
Varo Yan
Varo Yan Dag siden
The Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia brought me here...
abdul mutlib
abdul mutlib 22 timer siden
Varo Yan ??
Elena Azaryan
Elena Azaryan Dag siden
Իրավահավասար novids.info/video/lKmcgH-0pomafqg.html
Amr Viernes
Amr Viernes Dag siden
You're the Best Coldplay Loves from Egypt.
florens colors
florens colors 2 dager siden
Está música me hace recordar que existis y Dios te creo, maravillosa creación aunque no estas con migo, codplay me hace sentir más cerca tuyo. E🖤
fahmi ikhwan
fahmi ikhwan 2 dager siden
Haniel Nunes
Haniel Nunes 2 dager siden
Thank You, today be a hard day. Your song's given us strengh and energy, peace and hope, love and happiness. Please, don't stop make music with your souls. Thank You!
i am that
i am that 2 dager siden
Nice chem sky’s
Victor Fred mpemberera
Coldplay fans from warm heart of Africa ( MALAWI)
Maria Teresa Falletto
Maria Teresa Falletto 2 dager siden
Jeanine's World
Jeanine's World 2 dager siden
Beautiful. I miss being around people.
Abongile Gotyana
Abongile Gotyana 2 dager siden
I'm from South African... Represents
Geraldine MC
Geraldine MC 3 dager siden
Superbe clip. Jolie chanson.
Rosane Silva
Rosane Silva 3 dager siden
Cadê você Brasileiro
Rosane Silva
Rosane Silva 3 dager siden
Eu te amo ❤💛🌹💗💙💃🌻💝💛💗🌹
Rosane Silva
Rosane Silva 3 dager siden
Clodeplei eu te amo
Nthabs Masango
Nthabs Masango 3 dager siden
UBUNTU 💥South African way of life💥💥Proudly South African
Erik Heeres
Erik Heeres 3 dager siden
A true gem when the song was released. Now (april 5, 2020) more suitable than ever, bringing hope.
William Choque
William Choque 3 dager siden
Como solo puede tener 7 milones de vistas con razon el mundo esta como esta la basura de bad bonny llega a 7 millones en un horas
ZenBlu On Da Mic
ZenBlu On Da Mic 3 dager siden
To All .. May i hope that you can follow me I'd be hoping to Song has touching has Coldplay doh i will never take thier place 🎖❤ one love🌀
Manasses Inacio da silva
A melhor banda de todos os tempos...
David Dave
David Dave 4 dager siden
DISCOGRAPHY: How many videos do you want for your new album? Coldplay: YES
Patricia Araújo
Patricia Araújo 4 dager siden
It's 2 am and I'm currently crying and only coldplay can calm me. It's the solution for my depression and low self esteem. Thank you so much
Stephen 2 dager siden
Hope you're okay!
Jatoo Vicky
Jatoo Vicky 4 dager siden
This song gave me the reason to continue with this life
stef schippers
stef schippers 5 dager siden
Love the music of Coldplay ❤️❤️❤️
José ailton
José ailton 5 dager siden
7.000.000mil views
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 5 dager siden
this should be the anthem for what we are going through at the moment
Nathan Moorthy
Nathan Moorthy 5 dager siden
Realy impressed me!
Tatiana Lopez
Tatiana Lopez 5 dager siden
Muy profetico!!
Gabriele Di Prima
Gabriele Di Prima 6 dager siden
Music is a kind of Love ❤️
Gabriele Di Prima
Gabriele Di Prima 6 dager siden
20 years of wonderful music thank you Coldplay ❤️
Rednesswahn 6 dager siden
I actually prefer Kubuntu over Ubuntu.
Jessy y oscar burga
Jessy y oscar burga 6 dager siden
The Like song
Steven Pitt
Steven Pitt 6 dager siden
This is appropriate now !!!!
Gabriella Soares
Gabriella Soares 6 dager siden
Que música! traduz tão bem o momento atual... #ficaemcasa
Sarah Hannaford
Sarah Hannaford 6 dager siden
Different people speak
Echylons 6 dager siden
If you like Coldplay you might like our new track too novids.info/video/Zmqeq6yrmGzFsH4.html
Rodrigo Ortega Alcázar
Me encantas coldplay !!!
Thijs Monden
Thijs Monden 7 dager siden
This video has less views than their are abbonees of coldplay. Does anybody understand that
Toure Castillo Gosker
Toure Castillo Gosker 7 dager siden
coldplay has something special in there music what other artist can't do
marvel lobang marvel
marvel lobang marvel 7 dager siden
when new song 2020 coulplay. I'm stay
Baro Nss
Baro Nss 7 dager siden
can someone give a normal shirt to chris
EUROPA Music - Official Channel
Coldplay is the best band in the world.
Godwin Ogbe
Godwin Ogbe 7 dager siden
I have never posted on any artiste's thread...except Coldplay. That shows how amazing they are.
Oliva Lopez
Oliva Lopez 7 dager siden
So calming...I love it
Kareena Rasyidin
Kareena Rasyidin 8 dager siden
I'm glad because they took a video when people of muslim prayer
samypm08 8 dager siden
esta canción describe lo que está pasando ahora a nivel mundial todos somos uno espero que todo salga bien
Blair Crace
Blair Crace 8 dager siden
Coldplay is my everyday life and has been for over a decade. 🤍
Izabel Cristina Ribeiro
Coisa mais linda essa música do Coldplay!! Aleluia aleluia aleluia... ❤️🙌🙌
Izabel Cristina Ribeiro
@José ailton com certeza!!
José ailton
José ailton 8 dager siden
Todas são
Petrichor 8 dager siden
Sadece tek istediğim bir kez konserinize gelmek. Çok seviyorum coldplay 🌹
M L 8 dager siden
Coronavirus has made this Ubuntu speech about washing hands and thus helping you brothers and sisters look from a completely new perspective. Bravo to Coldplay, ahead of it's time as always! ♡
Susan Saly
Susan Saly 8 dager siden
Beautiful song and even more meaningful with COVID-19 raging all over the world. Be well, All. Ubuntu.
sondos alnahari
sondos alnahari 8 dager siden
This song keeps getting better every time I listen to it "AM I THE FUTURE OF THE HISTORY"
Vesna Zujovic
Vesna Zujovic 8 dager siden
finalmente sono tornati i Coldplay di una volta!!!
Walking Dream
Walking Dream 8 dager siden
stay home . for life
ibra milano
ibra milano 8 dager siden
Ure life begining in Marocco some moroccan here like up grande saluto a Coldplay che amo tanto forza mondo contro corona virus all word yes we can
Ju Ferreira
Ju Ferreira 9 dager siden
♫Got to keep dancing when the lights go out ...
abdelaali khardazi
abdelaali khardazi 9 dager siden
coldplay is my band ...U guys are amazing .. i hope u come to morocco someday ... thanks for existing coldplay
KAY VILLAROSA 9 dager siden
What in the world am I gonna do without Coldplay ♥️
José ailton
José ailton 9 dager siden
5 mil comentários
Luca Garau
Luca Garau 10 dager siden
Alejandro Cano Cordova
Alejandro Cano Cordova 10 dager siden
Pesimo álbum perdieron su estilo del 2001 ese Coldplay tan bueno y genial
Lucio Elcio
Lucio Elcio 10 dager siden
Mircea Paul
Mircea Paul 10 dager siden
Imagine if Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic will make a song together how would look like?
Dibyany 11 dager siden
Type of music makes you feel safe and peace
Grozeva Yana Novomir
Grozeva Yana Novomir 11 dager siden
Thank you, Coldplay
Queen Double Boy
Queen Double Boy 11 dager siden
To wash your Hands Clean. And remains healthy.
Aaditya Ranjan
Aaditya Ranjan 11 dager siden
I thought they were gonna break into a kendrick lamar song on the end
Marco Calami
Marco Calami 11 dager siden
yukikoyukiko824 12 dager siden
Inertia 12 dager siden
My friend asked me, do you only listen to rap music. I said no my brother let me show you something that will change your life forever. 🎶👍❤🙏
James Avino
James Avino 12 dager siden
One Love, stay in place Camas Washington
Sahar Ahmed
Sahar Ahmed 12 dager siden
My favorite singer in all times ❤️❤️❤️
Lee Terang91
Lee Terang91 12 dager siden
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero 12 dager siden
Gonna tell my kids that this band Coldplay was their daddy's all-time favorite band then, now and ever.
mohamed baggad
mohamed baggad 12 dager siden
coldplay i looooove you guys
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