Coldplay - Everyday Life (Official Video) 

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Everyday Life is taken from the new album of the same name, out now. Listen / buy from everydaylife.coldplay.com
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Director :Karena Evans
Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
Production: Company Popp Rok
Executive Producer: R Taj Critchlow & Director X
Head of Production: Adam Palmer
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© 2019 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company.




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Chloe Brearton
Chloe Brearton Time siden
Very similar to Heroes Peter Gabriel
World Music
World Music Time siden
novids.info/video/m2dkrmfKeoWpnWk.html #Coldplay
Eliza E.
Eliza E. 4 timer siden
Banda da minha vida! Mais de 17 anos em primeiro lugar no meu coração. 🍀
Carlos Lepe
Carlos Lepe 6 timer siden
The concept of Ubuntu fascinated me. I started the Solid Gold movement not too long ago and I’d like some support from like minded people. Follow me on Ig and send me a message to hear more about it. @solidgoldbylepe thank you. Coldplay is most definitely legendary 🙏
Sagal TitoLokut43
Sagal TitoLokut43 8 timer siden
Wow I can't stop loving this music band it's breathe taking
Romeo G
Romeo G 9 timer siden
My new favorite song of 2020
John Kruger
John Kruger 13 timer siden
Only a philosopher can write a perfect song ❤
Anh Tong
Anh Tong 16 timer siden
I thought it was talking about the operating system at the beginning.
Shaby 28
Shaby 28 16 timer siden
Perfection. 💓
Marianellla 19 timer siden
💖 Que hermosa letra!
levine maya
levine maya 19 timer siden
Amer Syah
Amer Syah 19 timer siden
Neshen Pillai
Neshen Pillai Dag siden
Never has a play that is supposed to be cold, been so warm..
Giordano TV
Giordano TV Dag siden
I liked it is awesome
jasnajazz Dag siden
Hello from fans from Macedonia 💖
Envenomation Z
Envenomation Z Dag siden
I always thought Ubuntu was an operation system
Jhon Nascimento Oficial
Alguém do Brasil assistindo essa banda épica?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Angel Cunha
Angel Cunha Dag siden
trop bien
Junior Martinez
Junior Martinez Dag siden
Me encanta
f x
f x Dag siden
I know obuntu. And i try to use obunto in my village. I love you for spreading the massage. yOU ARE INSPARETION TO MY MUSIC AND VIBE.
Nicola Mulholland
I love how despite all the crap they have to take from all the cynical people out there, they keep doing their thing and spreading their message of love and unity and joy to the world. As much as I respect their commitment to help with the climate change efforts I am gutted they will not be going on tour for the time being. Their concerts are the types of things we need more of in the world, it is the most spectacular and moving experience. My favourite band
Abdul Sacur
Abdul Sacur Dag siden
Listening from Ubuntu OS
Ben Mowatt
Ben Mowatt Dag siden
Ramjet Vw
Ramjet Vw Dag siden
angela maria garrido nilo
Coldplay, son lo mejor los amo!!!!! 😘😘😘
Lais Lambert
Lais Lambert Dag siden
É por essas e todas as outras... minha banda favorita!!!! Sempre tocando meu coração!
Richard Crespo
Richard Crespo 2 dager siden
Love this song ❤️💙🤩🎶
Templario Moderno
Templario Moderno 2 dager siden
A efemeridade das redes sociais chegou finalmente no Coldplay que não superou sequer a marca dos 4 milhões de visu com esse lindo clipe...o povo so quer putaria mesmo e música de corno.
Hendra Cahaya
Hendra Cahaya 2 dager siden
Hai orang indonesia
سامان مهر علی پور
بنی آدم اعضای یک دیگرند
darwishsy fazie
darwishsy fazie 2 dager siden
Who here 2020
MUHAMAD SAUFI walyatalatthop
I love coldplay
Cleonice Alexandre
Cleonice Alexandre 2 dager siden
Sou Brasileira
Cleonice Alexandre
Cleonice Alexandre 2 dager siden
Amo amo muito
Cleonice Alexandre
Cleonice Alexandre 2 dager siden
Amo amo muito
Jonathan De Lange
Jonathan De Lange 2 dager siden
Lisandro Grosso
Lisandro Grosso 2 dager siden
Man this song is beautiful. I love the sense of hope it gives. Specially coming as the closing track of the album. Yeah it may use simple words but in this case it doesn't need to be complicated. The message is already too powefull so it doesn't matter in which way they expressed it. Also it's better for them to get their point across. Spectacular song! One of the best of the ambum!
Golima Muza
Golima Muza 2 dager siden
You are hot even your name coldplay uuuhhh
C.A.N Terapias
C.A.N Terapias 2 dager siden
Ozan Fero
Ozan Fero 2 dager siden
Why there is one like button only?i wanna give million like
wwwvisitor 2 dager siden
It's still worth living.
Reverse music
Reverse music 2 dager siden
Reverse 👌🔝🤪novids.info/video/i5SZcW_LqGfOaWU.html
Yasmine da Costa
Yasmine da Costa 2 dager siden
Coldplay is just one beautiful band
「GlitterKitten Playz」
_no Ubuntu is a Desktop operating system for Linux s m h m y h e a d_
chris kath
chris kath 3 dager siden
I'm so disappointed that their new album isn't gaining so much attention, Everyday Life is a masterpiece and deserved recognition
Constansa Marín
Constansa Marín 3 dager siden
Wooow... this is very inspirational 🤩😭 alleluia!!!!!
GIE GUN 3 dager siden
Coldplayer indo kmn ya !! ??
ayush antre
ayush antre 3 dager siden
Watching in 2020
NATHALIA IBARRA 3 dager siden
Aww es hermoso, coldplay 😍
Sandra Duarte
Sandra Duarte 3 dager siden
Coldeplay emociona com everyday life .🎆
Karina Baker
Karina Baker 3 dager siden
Hi, I’m Deaf and rely on captions to watch videos. I would really love to watch and understand this video as well as your many other videos. If you could add the lyrics, that would mean so much and open up access to Deaf music lovers. Thank you!
JM2106. EM
JM2106. EM 2 dager siden
Karina Baker 🤚🏻✌🏼🙏🏻🎶🎵 What in the world are we going to do? Look at what everybody's going through What kind of world do you want it to be? Am I the future or the history? 'Cause everyone hurts Everyone cries Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies Everyone falls Everybody dreams and doubts Got to keep dancing when the lights go out How in the world I am going to see? You as my brother Not my enemy? 'Cause everyone hurts Everyone cries Everyone sees the color in each other's eyes Everyone loves Everybody gets their hearts ripped out Got to keep dancing when the lights go out Gonna keep dancing when the lights go out Hold tight for everyday life Hold tight for everyday life At first light Throw my arms out open wide Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelu-halle-hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelu-halle-hallelujah Yes
Woyda Benmrad
Woyda Benmrad 3 dager siden
Farooq Ahmed
Farooq Ahmed 3 dager siden
Coldplay..a touch of Sufism in western world
Eleonora Chiara Ferrante
Siete favolosi
Danixsa Andrea Tureuna Calbucoy
Gracias por tanto, me vibra el corazón con este tema🙏❤️
Patrick Ferreira
Patrick Ferreira 3 dager siden
Eu amo uma musica ♥️😢
Leana Gonzaga
Leana Gonzaga 3 dager siden
KennnnnnyTucky 4 dager siden
They've SO got to tour this new album. Brilliant.
راي الجزائر 100
لي قلبوا عامر بالله يدخول يدير ابوني من فضلكم
Preeti Mehra
Preeti Mehra 4 dager siden
Nailed it
Coldplay - Yellow
Coldplay - Fix You