Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance 

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Watch the band's first performance of the Sunset part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at coldplay.lnk.to/EverydayLife) at sunset in Jordan. You can watch the first part of the album performed during sunrise in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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Film og animasjon



22. nov.. 2019





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Ghalia Gg
Ghalia Gg Dag siden
Omg, you touched my soul ♥️♥️♥️♥️
atila lorenza
atila lorenza 2 dager siden
cryy crryyy sweet song ever touch in all insane heart ..... yyuuuhhuuuuuuuu bebbeehhh
Mauricio Rivero
Mauricio Rivero 2 dager siden
Who can tell me the name of the strings group playing in Champion of The World and Everyday's Life?
Criss Fa
Criss Fa 3 dager siden
Ter assistido a esta apresentação ao vivo foi indescritível. E no mesmo momento o céu no Brasil tinha uma "chuva de estrelas cadentes".👏🧡...
石原基晴 3 dager siden
alan anderson
alan anderson 3 dager siden
The Beatles Did Rooftop Capital Of England....U2 Did Rooftop Entertainment Capital Of The World.........Coldplay Does Rooftop Capital Of Jordan.
Daniel Ricardo
Daniel Ricardo 5 dager siden
Quero dizer aqui que meu dia tava uma merda,e foi só apertar o play que melhorou a minha vibe. Vocês são fodas. Obrigado!!!! Daniel-RJ BRAZIL
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 7 dager siden
Your love in music is what keeps it spinning
Marion Witteborg
Marion Witteborg 8 dager siden
I was in the live chat and it was a great day. Great feelings, because I rote with all people all over the World. Coldplay ist a great group and plays fantastic music.
Rafael Almeida
Rafael Almeida 9 dager siden
EstanisnetGames TV
EstanisnetGames TV 9 dager siden
Coldplay Forever, Greetings from Guatemala.
Jesus Guerra
Jesus Guerra 9 dager siden
Me encanta la música de este gran grupo
Caroline Hunnisett
Caroline Hunnisett 10 dager siden
I am blessed to be alive and listen in awe and wonderment, to this symphony. May God's hand, always be on our shoulders. Let us feel the sheer joy, of living this bittersweet life. With a song and a prayer, enfold us in your ever loving arms. Forgive us for our sinful nature. We are Human beings, we struggle, every day of our lives, to improve. Love, peace, healing, truth and light. As long as the Sun shines, we are chosen, we are alive. Let us make ours and the lives of others, worth living. Amen. Caroline 🙏🏻 🤗 🕊️ xxx
Arjun Bali
Arjun Bali 10 dager siden
Sunset: Track Listing & Timestamps 0:20 Guns 2:16 Orphans 6:05 Èkó 8:46 Cry Cry Cry 11:43 Old Friends 14:02 بنی آدم (Bani Adam: Human Beings) 16:57 Champion Of The World 21:25 Everyday Life EDIT: What happened to Flags?????
Emily Legaspi
Emily Legaspi 11 dager siden
Thank you coldplay for such amazing music I realized I still alive and life is beautiful
María Sáez
María Sáez 11 dager siden
This is so beautiful, loved the last part, amazing. Thank you!
Neto Mendes
Neto Mendes 11 dager siden
17/02/2020. Um fã Brasileiro passando por aqui salvem Brasil!!!🇧🇷🔊🎧😍😎😙👏👊
Alex Resistência Cristã Ale
@alexfatfit3$ mi sigam la no instra pessoal
Mariactistina Nascimento
Grande 💩💩💩💩💩
Fabianus walilo Walilo
Fabianus walilo Walilo 13 dager siden
i from wets papua..i love you
Anna reigada
Anna reigada 13 dager siden
TAKE A NAP 14 dager siden
Taouba Jouini
Taouba Jouini 15 dager siden
Thank you Coldplay for existing in this world
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail 15 dager siden
Jesus Camejo
Jesus Camejo 15 dager siden
Verónica Buono
Verónica Buono 16 dager siden
Dojo Games
Dojo Games 16 dager siden
Wonderful place. I love its like those 80s movies...its so nostálgic and something from my dreams..i mean slept dreams
Kamil W
Kamil W 17 dager siden
My dream is Play The team :))
Lena Wu
Lena Wu 18 dager siden
Play it everyday before bed❤️
TheBlueTubby 18 dager siden
Guy Berryman is so fine...
Haha Hehe
Haha Hehe 19 dager siden
Greetings from Indonesia, great music, amazing place, love all brother and sister from jordan 😊
Nidhi Upadhyay
Nidhi Upadhyay 19 dager siden
Love from India 🇮🇳👌
Mark Vine-Chatterton
This is one of the one's
ika wulan
ika wulan 21 dag siden
Cerita nabi
Fernanda Ferreira
Fernanda Ferreira 22 dager siden
Canta muito👏👏
VIDHAN CHANDRA SAHU 22 dager siden
We want more songs from India 🇮🇳
Patrick M. Guimarães
Patrick M. Guimarães 22 dager siden
Amazing, Coldplay!
B c Natesha Chandraiah Banikuppe
Tarek KHIREDDINE 23 dager siden
Coldplay, i love you all my friends, you are the best band music ever, every song you made, you're teaching us how to live, just it... What a melody what a perfermance, Really you are amazing... this makes me cry. i can't resiste, so touching. thank you so much.
Tejas Nakhate
Tejas Nakhate 23 dager siden
Songs - 0:16 - Guns 2:18 - Orphans 6:04 - EKO 8:45 - Cry cry cry 11:45 - Old Friends 14:01 - Unknown 17:26 - Champion of the world 22:00 - Everyday Life
P Susandi
P Susandi 24 dager siden
pavement422 25 dager siden
Wasn’t this filmed in Jordan? If so am I the only one struggling to get my head around a group of young Muslims/Arabs singing about getting drunk in the song Orphans?
A Friend
A Friend 22 dager siden
IS 24 dager siden
can mean like being drunk in love or something like that
allramos all
allramos all 26 dager siden
... à vas vyfi a mēi vas mefe...!!!
Pedro Cação
Pedro Cação 28 dager siden
Coldplay,the best band of the world!👍🏼👏
Nuria 28 dager siden
polyhead 28 dager siden
Coldplay is a Miracle
Joe Black
Joe Black 28 dager siden
WOW your sound engineers should be paid extra for this!! amazing videos, feel, songs, performance. damn!
fqc 29 dager siden
Thank you Coldplay for this extraordinary performance. You make a difference with respect to others!!!
Mané Mário
Mané Mário 29 dager siden
Coldplay music should be therapy to people that are in depression.♥️♥️♥️
irma putri makmur
irma putri makmur 29 dager siden
Thank you coldplay ❤❤❤❤
Phil Jeremy
Phil Jeremy Måned siden
Never been a big Coldplay fan but this whole performance is quite simply breathtaking....talent and emotion mixed together in one heady cocktail.
Santana de Herodoto
Santana de Herodoto Måned siden
Excellent show. Thank you NOvids for broadcast for the fans!
kiki NEIROT Måned siden
La mejor banda
Kabir Chohan
Kabir Chohan Måned siden
Dear Coldplay . Come to Lahore, Pakistan
maja Sofijana
maja Sofijana Måned siden
Lee Branham
Lee Branham Måned siden
cold play
Rahim Gashi
Rahim Gashi Måned siden
Bravo Coldplay
Esther Cifuentes lopez
Love, love, love, estoy emocionada y agradecida por este regalo de los mejores y más generosos músicos, gracias coldplay
ShaLuo Wu
ShaLuo Wu Måned siden
new fav video on youtube
maranatha pruett
maranatha pruett Måned siden
This is the first time I've listened to this album all the way through and honestly....I'm at a loss for words. This is such a powerful album. With what's been going on in the world, the chaos and cruelty...the disagreements...the wrongdoing...everything....this album makes me believe that peace is possible. I pray that we one day have peace across the nation. I'm in tears after listening to the last song...how incredible...this is by far the best album I've heard.
Coldplay - Yellow