Coldplay - Daddy (Official Video) 

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Directed by Åsa Lucander
Produced by Aardman Animations
Puppetry by Brunskill & Grimes
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20. nov.. 2019





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Stian Carlsen
Stian Carlsen 15 timer siden
Going thru a divorce. I have my son every second week. So.. im not gone, or far away. But still.. This hit me hard..
Juan Pablo Caro
Juan Pablo Caro 17 timer siden
the saddest song ever but I love it
Itzel Santelices
Itzel Santelices 19 timer siden
Me recordo a mi papá 😞
Itzel Santelices
Itzel Santelices 19 timer siden
Me recordo a mi papá 😞
José Roberto Souza
jeremy Fabián garica
sarah mul
sarah mul Dag siden
RIP dad u will be sadly missed u were the world to me and my sister and your grandkids . Sleep tight papa miss you , xxx until we meet again always in our hearts will never be forgotten u thought me so much and always walked beside me u were my best friend ❤
Carmen Moreno
Carmen Moreno Dag siden
Pedro Saavedra Martinez
Wow, this song reminds us that we should tell our parents how much we love them
JH Wyborn
JH Wyborn Dag siden
Idk why that hit me so hard... I havn't lost my dad, and he's a great dad. But damn did I start crying in that song
xxyoonz _
xxyoonz _ Dag siden
I miss my dad. Miss his attention to me:)
Tunç Öztürk
Tunç Öztürk Dag siden
40 yılın başı powertürk izledim ve bunu keşfettim ne güzelsin sen...
Wahyu Ferdiant
Wahyu Ferdiant Dag siden
Denger lagu ini bikin gua ngerasa kangen banget sama ayah.
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman Dag siden
10 years gone... & I still miss you with tears...
Lan Ha
Lan Ha Dag siden
Dad..i miss you😔
Aarti Dhiman
Aarti Dhiman Dag siden
This one of those songs so close to my heart bt I pretend not exist in my playlist cz make me painfully remember my dad 😣
Isaac Peebles
Isaac Peebles Dag siden
This song is sad but nice
Putra Begorsuryo
Very Nice song, and listening this song make me sad, and i really miss my dad...
abcSHELBY Dag siden
this comment section is a frickin ride😭, ily all ❤
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 2 dager siden
Coldplay always keeps positive emotions, sensible plot, makes us feel human, shows us the real valuable things, defines happiness, it gives you everything that needs for a human soul.
Brandon Fortino
Brandon Fortino 2 dager siden
Coldplay music videos are the only videos on NOvids where the comment section is actually genuine with no hate or toxicity involved in it.
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen 2 dager siden
I am having a four-month-old daughter. She is being taken care by my wife in her hometwown in order for my wife's parents to help take care of my daughter as well. This is kind of Vietnamese tradition. Listening to this song makes me want to come to my daughter so bad. Coldplay is legend !
Flavio Neto
Flavio Neto 2 dager siden
this song is for Kobe childs 😢
Biswajit Das
Biswajit Das 2 dager siden
Francesca Pantaleone
Francesca Pantaleone 2 dager siden
Thank you Coldplay for putting into music all the feelings we are not able to express.
JUST HERE For HATE 2 dager siden
Lost my Dad 10 years ago 😭😭 R.I.P DADDY...
Luis Hernández
Luis Hernández 2 dager siden
I hate how youtube ruins a beautiful video at the end with those suggestions windows
Iago Agoago
Iago Agoago 3 dager siden
Dora García
Dora García 3 dager siden
My father passed away three months ago. 25-10- 2019. I miss him...
染谷章弘 3 dager siden
Two years after my father passed away, I came to business together and became the teacher of my life. My wife took my daughter three years ago and hasn't been with her since. Although I hope to be able to meet my daughter again, this predicament is not only myself. Always have confidence. But I miss you my father. miss you my daughter.
Lia Novianti
Lia Novianti 3 dager siden
I just wanna say, I really miss you, dad:')
Priyank Kumar N
Priyank Kumar N 3 dager siden
These comments hold a lot of emotions ♥️
Md Symon
Md Symon 3 dager siden
Rip to those dada who are no more in the world
Kendrick Howell R. Macalinao
Our dad in Basketball history 🖤 Kobe Bryant 💜💛
Hatice Cevik
Hatice Cevik 3 dager siden
I so love this coldplay song😍😍😍
Ivone Pires
Ivone Pires 3 dager siden
Win Best video on Grammy 2021 and everyday life album of The years
redda2 3 dager siden
Why is this only 12M views? Should be way more
CazGamingUltra 3 dager siden
Makes me think about my father; sometimes, I wish I could see him. My parents divorced a few years ago, and I miss my dad. We moved July last year, so it went from one mile to my dad's house to about 204 miles. It still stings a little, I've not seen him since November last year. Yes, only a few months ago, but it feels like a lifetime sometimes.
Tungul Lumaq
Tungul Lumaq 3 dager siden
Menangislah, mungkin itu sedikit melegakan hati mu dari kerinduan.
Samik Sengupta
Samik Sengupta 3 dager siden
Just came to comment section and tried not to cry.. but I'm failed 😊. RIP to all daddy
Kênuy Santana
Kênuy Santana 3 dager siden
The Chris's voice sounds like an angel
drew duquette
drew duquette 3 dager siden
Thank you!
Marian Simons
Marian Simons 3 dager siden
listening to this for the first time, because I can listen to it now. I lost my Dad, my hero, my mentor, in June 2018. Miracles SS is another that reminds me of him, and all he taught me.
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 3 dager siden
Won't you come and won't you stay One day, just one day.
Gorditus TV
Gorditus TV 3 dager siden
F in the chat
weakling_12 4 dager siden
my dad is still alive but i don't feel like i have one but i love him
Aneman Astou
Aneman Astou 4 dager siden
شهوت لذت ببخشه ، نمیشه گفت به گرگ بگی منو نخور یا زنه منو نکن تا من هم نکنم باید قوی باشی ورحم نکنی ، باشد که زن و دختر عالم سوراخ کون و کوسشون را روی سینه شوهران و پدرانشان بگام بعد از اینکه کفتارها را شکست معنوی و پژوهشی و علمی و انسانی دادم ، حکمشو نک گرفتم
Aneman Astou
Aneman Astou 4 dager siden
این ایموجی یعنی اینکه ترامپ گفت گوه خوردم سیا داره میخوره ملکه و نخست وزیر بریتانیا تو صف ایستادن ، منتهی کسی به شادی و پدر و مادرم زنگ نزد پس یعنی احتمالا از مزه گوه خوششون نیومده 🕊🕊🕊☝️☝️☝️
Rida dwi Putri
Rida dwi Putri 4 dager siden
Love u dad ❤️
Le Voyant 17
Le Voyant 17 4 dager siden
Emanresu1973 4 dager siden
Доча, я всегда с тобой!
Andy Dowling
Andy Dowling 5 dager siden
Miss you Dad ❤
inanda shalat
inanda shalat 5 dager siden
So far away.. daddy miss u lil princess
Just a random guy you don't know
This was released during the New year Christmas time so whenever I listen to this I get the Christmas vibe, like the winter vibe. Anybody else feel meh? 😌😌
Leticia Muñoz
Leticia Muñoz 5 dager siden
I’m here Baby 😭😭 Papa se fue 😭 We have our ABBA FATHER 😥🥺
Leticia Muñoz
Leticia Muñoz 5 dager siden
😰First time I hear this song my daughter looks like the little girl, she always wants a Father, what happened is, when a was pregnant he and his sister took me to the doctor I thought they really care for me and my baby but when the doctor said, are you sure you’re going to do this cause it’s dangerous for you, I asked do what? get rid of the product he said. OMG No I don’t want to do that. Now she’s 32 years old. but in my heart I feel the pain cause she don’t have a Father 😢😭 😓
오징어TV 5 dager siden
한국말달기 컨텐츠
phil69chevelle 5 dager siden
Jolene & Philip I MissYOU!!!!!!!!
Karama 6 dager siden
I lost my father last year in Jordan.. Coldplay has been my fav band. They release their albums around my birthday. The fact that they released this album in Jordan on my birthday and have this song on it I can’t help but to think it’s a gift from my dad. 💕🥺
Matias Henriques
Matias Henriques 6 dager siden
It's a beautiful music
Coldplay - Yellow