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24. okt.. 2019





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Imane Rafi
Imane Rafi 7 timer siden
With Trio Joubran😍
Bhargav Gajjar
Bhargav Gajjar Dag siden
Have anyone noticed that this song started where the previous one ended with ✨
dalia adriana lopez silva
Esta padre la.letra yo amo esta banda britanica pero es para su novia noooo amo.todas but i dislike the relashionship with Dakota him describe buenas hermosas canciones 😨😨😨😨 pero creo que I dislike Dakota sorry
The DoodakS
The DoodakS 5 dager siden
First 30 seconds felt like an opening to a movie
Eman Alabadi1
Eman Alabadi1 6 dager siden
Isn’t Stromai part of this song ???
Granjacia 8 dager siden
lift music as opposed to lifting
Anything Goes MUSIC
Anything Goes MUSIC 10 dager siden
I thought the first two lines of the french part were "Come to the door, we'll say a song"
Femi Aboluwarin
Femi Aboluwarin 12 dager siden
Femi Kuti and his horns Section is EVERYTHING!!
Graham McDougall
Graham McDougall 13 dager siden
Not a massive Coldplay fan but WOW!!!
samuelgregorovic 14 dager siden
Revemupman 15 dager siden
Another nailed album. Coldplay has yet to fail me since Parachutes.
Barbara Ci
Barbara Ci 16 dager siden
Great album. Thanks Cold Play.
Sarah Ann Jones
Sarah Ann Jones 21 dag siden
Arab-esque❤ Beauty, Culture, Wonder, Diversity, Love
José ailton Ailton
José ailton Ailton 22 dager siden
Love you coldplay
تيتيتي يتتتث
Pilar Quintero
Pilar Quintero 24 dager siden
Me encanta hasta cuándo me baño hago oficio etc. escucho la canción.
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•Wesley PlaysRBLX•
•Wesley PlaysRBLX• 25 dager siden
I like this song so much and Daniel recreated it but with cat piano and otamatone.
Maria Alejandra Petro Vargas
This song makes me feel really high. I love it
Joe Zito
Joe Zito 29 dager siden
The song is about you having a clone. Your clone doesn't know if it's the real one, and you don't know if you're the original either.... It's the same Fuc...in blood
bones speak louder
bones speak louder 29 dager siden
Stromae's voice still sounds amazing and sooo unique , even after long time of salience ... Please COME BACK , THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU !!!
SantaRamona :v
SantaRamona :v Måned siden
TS Deng
TS Deng Måned siden
We people who listen to Coldplay are a different kind of breed.
pelupss Måned siden
I love the beat 🕺🏻. A bit of jazz here 👏
Nooreen Himmatkhan
Nooreen Himmatkhan Måned siden
Awesome, love it..music is the weapon of the future
Broken Kites official
The melody part is similar to "counting stars " melody...or it's just me?
Contenido Neto
Contenido Neto Måned siden
I love it since the first time 🤩
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson Måned siden
Daniel's version is better
Rigoberto Velazquez
Rigoberto Velazquez Måned siden
This song Is fantastic ❣
Naaji Ahmed
Naaji Ahmed Måned siden
This song is great, but I don’t like the idea of them singing explicit songs
I gave you a plate
I gave you a plate Måned siden
This gives me WW1 vibes
Ray Mohamed
Ray Mohamed Måned siden
BEAUTIFUL!!! and to use Arabic in it.. just inspirational
Anna Romanovych
Anna Romanovych Måned siden
Let the era of peace begin with this song
ana echegaray avendaño
Saludos cordiales
Robert Botello
Robert Botello Måned siden
I’m glad Coldplay made an album like this in today’s crappy music
Ocean lights
Ocean lights Måned siden
Peace and love always ❤️❤️❤️
Heidi Dickason
Heidi Dickason Måned siden
coldplay are my favourite band but i really really do not like this song - sounds bloody awful
Ina Bylyku
Ina Bylyku Måned siden
This is the most amazing music I have heard in a long time, I am obsessed!!
Saizen Saizen
Saizen Saizen Måned siden
I gave this song a dislike ;pp Sorry, but this is worse than "Orphans".
D E X DEAD Måned siden
Huge hugs to bass player 🔥👏
Ana Rosa da Silva Vieira
Simplesmente belíssima
FRADEL GAMER Måned siden
stromae comes back soon: '(
Erwin Alexis DS
Erwin Alexis DS Måned siden
4:52 omg, it sounds so fvckin amazing
C J Måned siden
Why does he low key sound like Marilyn Manson when he sings the French part?😂 not mad at it though!!😍
Pietro Gamermaster
Pietro Gamermaster Måned siden
This would be perfect in a Spy vs Spy movie
Joe Murnan
Joe Murnan Måned siden
Coldplay is the Pink Floyd of modern pop music.
Martin Reid
Martin Reid Måned siden
What a track, so much going on, beautiful chaos, great energy!
Fernanda Pesina
Fernanda Pesina Måned siden
Stromae = Maestro
Stupid Mario
Stupid Mario Måned siden
Still waiting for someone to do a saxophone cover of this song
Pete Robbins
Pete Robbins Måned siden
Love it when 'the power cords' kick in towards the end.
Links595 Måned siden
love this song, remember back when they played it LIVE here in NOvids really AMAZING SONG!
Edward Lewis Paxton
Edward Lewis Paxton Måned siden
How are my baby half clones of Coldplay? It's Papa resurrected!
LeslieKings GWRIETFan
This song really should be the soundtrack to the 'Little Women 2019' movie
A E Måned siden
It feels way longer than 5.42 minutes
Anticos Måned siden
2020 tryhard team here!
muisic lovers
muisic lovers Måned siden
Who did come here because of V from bts ??
muisic lovers
muisic lovers Måned siden
Anson Hartzler he recommend this song .. the piano version
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Måned siden
Like seriously. I’m confused.
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Måned siden
Just curious. How is this song connected to BTS?
AUNIL 001 Måned siden
Amazing music, lyrics and voices. Beautiful and fantastic cooperation between Coldplay and Stromae. I adore it.
Aind As
Aind As Måned siden
Came here cuz of taehyung 🙋🏻‍♀️
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Måned siden
Aind As. Funny how the makers of mediocre music have excellent taste. This is the best song of the year.
Aind As
Aind As Måned siden
@Anson Hartzler yeah sorry he recommended this song (talked about it)
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Måned siden
Wait how is this connected to BTS?
バイオレット Måned siden
Who came from taehyung ?😭
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Måned siden
Wait... how is this connected to BTS? I’m legitimately curious?
Franco Mc
Franco Mc Måned siden
Coldplay - Yellow