Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime (Official Video) 

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The new album, Everyday Life, out Nov 22. Pre-order coldplay.com
The first single to be taken from Coldplay's new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from smarturl.it/AHFOD or stream at cldp.ly/cpspotify
Get A Head Full Of Dreams now:
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29. nov.. 2015





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Polar 7 timer siden
La busque como tururururururururururu xd
Akshad Gill
Akshad Gill 7 timer siden
Scene after national geographic wildlife photographer switches his camera off!!🤣😂
Francesco Barcelli
Francesco Barcelli 7 timer siden
🔥🔥🔥 Like if you listen to this in march This video fantastic 1:34 💛🔥 👇 👇💘
Johan 9 timer siden
sopa de macaco
DSGamerSG-Official 11 timer siden
Lol when I came there was only 200M viewers hahha
dudu makua
dudu makua 11 timer siden
only if the world would celebrate like the monkeys evryday then life would be so much better.
Tukesh Patel
Tukesh Patel 12 timer siden
1B "" "" "" "for 1 like😘👇
Vishnu Madhavan
Vishnu Madhavan 13 timer siden
Those who watch Like above its only 3.6 M
José ailton Ailton
José ailton Ailton 15 timer siden
José ailton Ailton
José ailton Ailton 15 timer siden
Bom dia mundo
José ailton Ailton
José ailton Ailton 15 timer siden
Seunghun Lee
Seunghun Lee 15 timer siden
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes 17 timer siden
This should have been the theme song for Paris Climate Agreement...
JAYANT J. 18 timer siden
I hope this was in rise of the planet of the apes
シmeme.hub.mp4 18 timer siden
This has 1 billion views and it has to be because of memes
sandwich OwO
sandwich OwO 18 timer siden
They vibing
Jeremy Schmella
Jeremy Schmella 19 timer siden
2:24 he is low-key mining for Diamonds Monkey: listens the song Also monkey: "I 've unlocked the secrets of the universe" When you finally realise that our ancestors found a music speaker and that's why they evolved
Elizabeth McLeod
Elizabeth McLeod 20 timer siden
This song makes me happy. 🐵🐵🐵🐵
J. 20 timer siden
National Geographic really out here wylin
Blip Blop
Blip Blop 21 time siden
The first of many random chimp events
Eazy_Lifeb TV
Eazy_Lifeb TV 22 timer siden
Who disliked this video?
Dark Zero
Dark Zero 22 timer siden
Oliver Pesina
Oliver Pesina Dag siden
Me and the bois after getting laid
Luis Delgado
Luis Delgado Dag siden
watching this while high was one of the happiest moments i've ever had
rodrigo conceição
deixa o lake
rodrigo conceição
que gostou deixa o lake
Luisito311 ッ
Luisito311 ッ Dag siden
Peruanos tocando Watefok
Leo Mills
Leo Mills Dag siden
1 billion viewes btw
María Jesus
María Jesus Dag siden
Mano essa música levanta alto estima
Mmkay C:
Mmkay C: Dag siden
I like the part with the monkeys
Mmkay C:
Mmkay C: Dag siden
Me n’ my best friends when we’re all hanging out and someone plays our song 2:48 3:37 the people around us thinking it looks cool so they join
Mmkay C:
Mmkay C: Dag siden
2:20 my parents when they found out I was playing guitar more than studying :I
Botini mations
Botini mations Dag siden
Kids, remember to always 1:52 when you cross the road.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Dag siden
Me and the boys after taking some shrooms
MedSou Dag siden
99% of *You* won't read this but... ⬇️⬇️ . . . . You are the 1%, *I hope you have a great life with a lot of happiness!❤*
Neo AR
Neo AR Dag siden
3:41 monky dance
Dapoks G
Dapoks G Dag siden
DinhMinhDuc Nguyen
People still listening to this perfected song ?
Helghan854 Dag siden
Ah yes, the original dance monkey
Blueberry gacha :3
Streamer Dz
Streamer Dz Dag siden
stoopid apes
Nezla Dag siden
A Random Chimp Event Has Begun.
Gryphon Dag siden
Legend has it that those monkeys are still jammin
Shyam Khambhala
Shyam Khambhala Dag siden
Ceaser of planet of the apes 😅
ASTRAofficial Dag siden
Yo everyone! Here's my remix of Adventure of a lifetime! Go check it out. :) soundcloud.com/axelastramusic/coldplay-aoal-axel-astra-bootleg
DaDa G00G1E
DaDa G00G1E Dag siden
Brawl stars community
Komang Cika
Komang Cika Dag siden
me and the boys 2 million years ago
Fun zone
Fun zone Dag siden
yt 샌즈tv
yt 샌즈tv Dag siden
내가 송전초등학교 37번째 졸업식영상에서 쓰인 노래이다
Ronaldo Ni112
Ronaldo Ni112 Dag siden
Amo esta canción.. gracias Coldplay por hacer este tipo de musica con buenos mensajes tanto como para los animales y naturaleza
Septi adi
Septi adi Dag siden
Haters will said the monkey's are fake
Vitor Gabriel
Vitor Gabriel Dag siden
Fifa music and da bois :
Kylie Moore
Kylie Moore Dag siden
Haters would say that the ape is fake
hunter connor
hunter connor Dag siden
Girls locker room: I hate gym so much! Boys locker room:
Era Music
Era Music Dag siden
2020 and still here?
Randolf Ducanes
Randolf Ducanes Dag siden
Ah, beautiful Nostalgia, here we meet again.
God Dag siden
Random chimp event
l ll
l ll Dag siden
The evolution of man
Э4 Dag siden
Coldplay - Midnight