Can Major U.S. Airlines Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak? 

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The golden age for airlines could be ending thanks to the spike in worldwide cases of COVID-19. A drop in crude prices would normally be a positive for airlines. However, border closings, event cancellations, and the potential for travelers to end up quarantined could cause a cascade of failures throughout the aviation industry. Now, major US airlines say they need a massive bailout from Congress to avoid laying off scores of workers.
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Can Major U.S. Airlines Survive The Coronavirus Outbreak?



25. mars. 2020





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Kenneth Rosario
Kenneth Rosario Dag siden
Lol baggage bags who
damla hanım
damla hanım Dag siden
how he avoided saying "ejjafjallajökül"..glacier in iceland XD
Kevin Perkins
Kevin Perkins 2 dager siden
Of course they will survive .... as long as Trump or Friends have investments in the Airlines
Ram Iyer
Ram Iyer 4 dager siden
Dont worry cn bc every business or sector will survive...the only thing is who will survive do not post rubbish headlines just for gathering spectators....
Ebony B
Ebony B 5 dager siden
Airlines always get bailed out . They aren’t going anywhere
John Piek
John Piek 5 dager siden
This did not have to happen. What are the communication between XI of China and Trump. Did they make a mutual plan to attack common people or was Xi just hiding it as China does often or was it both of these leaders selfish interests?. Mass Transit Genius Issue at hand: Simple protocols that were never considered from about January to April 2020 caused this via FAKE NEWS time occupation of major leaders around the world too busy to get off the twitter and FB bot of hypnotic fake news they and their enablers publish for selfish money interests/votes. Trump was/is interested in HCQ a fake drug cure and in his personal holding in WPM and GOLD stock (he still is) Xi of China was interested in hiding it from his people to keep things orderly and in power. The FAA of major NYC/state airport hubs listens to the CDC and Trump WH/Cuomo/states. It seems like from January to April 1 2020 Trump and Cuomo did not even communicate about airline hubs (where are the record of communications of Trump/Cuomo to each other ?). Airport hubs caused most of the (100,000 into May 2020) deaths from covid 19 virus by serving as a super spreader Jet conduit. Any handling it even a bit better would have could deaths down substantially including ventilators (which are in no way related to the spread). Vents are not even an issue here. Who is not doing their job at the WH, state and airport hubs? Who is not doing their job at the WH, state and airport hubs? Trump's solution was to buy GOLD, WPM and HCQ an anti viral in France and used in USA.
Bee Cool
Bee Cool 7 dager siden
As inhuman as this sounds, we should have killed all people infected in the beginning. They would be celebrated for taking one for the human race team.
Srineesh Salur
Srineesh Salur 8 dager siden
This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't get why the hate for corporations. They are some of the major job providers in the economy. They along with their employees contributed millions and billions of dollars in taxes to the US Economy and when their business is failing which is due to a world pandemic they get a handout to keep their business afloat.
Tomas Neshoba.holba
Tomas Neshoba.holba 8 dager siden
Nothing should survive we need to go back living in mud huts, sailing ships, horse and carriage so sissies can feel safe about everything that distresses them .
Washington Street
Washington Street 8 dager siden
Just go bankrupt already
Tristan Lee
Tristan Lee 10 dager siden
People forgot why a countries need their airlines here as a lots ppl are complaining against it. You must remember that airline also bring in cargo and goods on the plane to you. Where do you think those avacado cames from or that French chesse etc? It loaded on aircraft belly. Then there is tourist money and retail sales that can generate when ppl visit your city or town which indirectly paid for those shop, store, restaurant, hotels and tourism & retail related industry to survive. The same ppl that ensure you have a job go too. Ppl here are so short sighted that you forgot to look at big picture as everything is connected. If you look at town and city without air travel or logistic to get, you see less job availability and most youth leaving those town for better job elsewhere. It is very reason why countries in worlds have national carrier so that it can bring tourist, business to their countries
Banana Chips
Banana Chips 11 dager siden
They should not play a role in domestic terrorism and murder. I hope these airlines go out of business. Let the agency pay these nasty disgusting's people as they comment criminal acts on people
derek452 12 dager siden
Been short airlines for a month and counting. Mostly put options. I don't need a stimulus check 😜 They do! I hate that we have to bail them.
Julia Lerner
Julia Lerner 14 dager siden
They shouldn't be bailed out at all. Airlines and airports are negligent for being the primary vector of contagion spreading this virus around the world and not screening travelers coming and going as they should have. If they had taken full responsibility for containing the spread in the first place, they would not have had to be shut down. They should be sued into extinction for gross negligence.
Primo Gonzales
Primo Gonzales 20 dager siden
NO. AND DON'T CARE! Their CEOs can always get a bailout from the government and sell their stocks for over a billion dollars.
Mtin 19 dager siden
Primo Gonzales I doubt ceo of airlines have billions of worth in their stocks
J M 21 dag siden
Should they ?
Pasadena, Ca 91105
Pasadena, Ca 91105 21 dag siden
United should go out of business once for all.
dj Curiosity
dj Curiosity 24 dager siden
Flying shame climate change not to fly!
Halfmoon Bear
Halfmoon Bear 26 dager siden
No more summer vacance....
Malik Williams
Malik Williams 28 dager siden
They have Billions. They'll be fine!
Pamela Hannibal
Pamela Hannibal Måned siden
Ask your foreign wife's can they stay home... The US Closed temporarily ❓you have electricity and frequencies🌐
Jeffry Chai
Jeffry Chai Måned siden
They'll survive, bail out yooo
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Måned siden
Stupid story. Of course they can, planes may be painted different lol but somebody will be flying planes.
dina ova
dina ova Måned siden
I dont care.havent been on vacation for 2 years already.for people like me we truly dont care
Info Hub
Info Hub Måned siden
Life is short. Death is real. NeedGod.com
정민 Måned siden
I'm glad that my father (who had worked for the airline industry for 25 years) was layed off two months before the pandemic started. He's safe now ^^
Chris Rees
Chris Rees Måned siden
They created this problem. Now they are going to have to live with it. My advice, quit shooting yourself in the foot
Darkside 91
Darkside 91 Måned siden
Shut the airports down in the U.S.A. until after Memorial Day weekend.
Big Usa
Big Usa Måned siden
Their flight tickets are to expensive anyway let them oay for some of the expenses of their cost
Jesse Araiza
Jesse Araiza Måned siden
Idk but Southwest Airlines better survive!! I have $1,000 in non refundable credits
Oscar E
Oscar E Måned siden
Ok...who has the whistle?
David Briguglio
David Briguglio Måned siden
They don't just Make money, they make more money than other airlines worldwide, but they still want a bailout so they can keep their ridiculous profits. They can take out a loan and tough it out for a year, they will be fine.
Mr. squirrel
Mr. squirrel Måned siden
Yes ofc they can, because Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr go the printing machines!
Fumi Yama
Fumi Yama Måned siden
the problem is that airlines are not transparent
Robert Kusuma
Robert Kusuma Måned siden
Goverment Can't Bail out all Airlines, so US goverment must choose where airlines worth for bail out.And let the others go to bankrupcty.If there is a Federal Owned Airlines. It must be Proritize.Private Airlines Company can be Replace easily with new Airlines company after consolidation in economic.
German Camacho
German Camacho Måned siden
Pay back for the airline industry for packing people like sardines , let’s see how many will survives when millions stop flying ,this virus is an eyes opening for the disgusting greed , maybe is good so now we can breathe clean air , less pollution and give Mother Nature a brake
Ivan A
Ivan A Måned siden
They will be fine. Top Airlines have been making record gains for years post 9/11 and already knew how bad things can get without warning, so I am sure they are prepared and have their emergency funds and procedures in place.
MAD Scientist
MAD Scientist Måned siden
What kind of question is that go look at the airport you told me
Haydar Al-assadi
Haydar Al-assadi Måned siden
Coronavirus made israelian and China and United State to help the economy
Felina Erse
Felina Erse Måned siden
So, no more stuffing people in seats to small with little leg room. The days of "sardines in a can" airplanes are over. Count me as a yes on traveling with more space for each passenger.
Pauly Lasania
Pauly Lasania Måned siden
Well if they don't survive....you'll be driving coast to coast....in about five days you'll get there.....if you drive fast.....
jkjkj iok
jkjkj iok Måned siden
Some must not be bailed out
Lady Zerima
Lady Zerima Måned siden
Payback for cramp seating.
naper806 Måned siden
Anyone did stock buyback last time are not allowed to receive bailout this time ! 😡😡😡😡
G G Måned siden
So after 10/1 than airlines will start layoffs in mass?
Looi Sun
Looi Sun Måned siden
Corporate bailout problem solve. By the way isn't US a free market, you failed you fold up.
Srinivasan Pillai
Srinivasan Pillai Måned siden
Airlines have no chance of survival. They are doomed by this covid-19. We are going to see fewer flights,expensive tickets and lesser air cargo.
Christopher Last Name
The airline brought the virus to America!
Ruben Enrique
Ruben Enrique Måned siden
Well beside China they are the ones to blame
Sam Clements
Sam Clements Måned siden
The ignorance in these comments is appalling. People really have no understanding of how the airline industry works. Stop demonizing them.
Kurt Perleberf
Kurt Perleberf Måned siden
Before Coronavirus happened.Airlines were making record profits.
WarlordRising Måned siden
I'd gander that more than 80 percent of the businesses that can afford to send employees on flights across the globe can CERTAINLY afford to keep them home, and provide them the means to work at home. Modify logistics to ensure the health and safety of not only their employees, but everyone around them.
David Caro
David Caro Måned siden
OH No! Let me press F on my tiny little keyboard :'((
Mon6344 Måned siden
These media and airline conglomerates are all in bed together! I don’t feel sorry the greedy A-hole CEOs!! Since when did they actually care about customer service?? They only care about $$$$ that’s why everyone is packed in like sardines and have to sit in dirty ass seats!!! F-OFF, there are more important things to worry about!!!!
Tony T
Tony T Måned siden
Airlines deserve it. They treat their customers like crap and after making billions in profits each year they still nickel and dime their customers. When they posted record high profits the next year they started charging for carry on bags. GREED!!! They deserve it. But don’t worry the gvt will bail them out like they did in 9/11 and they will make record profits again.
Joe Stevens
Joe Stevens Måned siden
Even if the airlines survive this, Business travel is not going to be like it was. This crisis is teaching people how to meet and work remotely so there is going to be less need
Eduardo R.
Eduardo R. Måned siden
What about the car rental industry?
It's Academic
It's Academic Måned siden
US needs the bullet train.
Forza223 Bowe
Forza223 Bowe Måned siden
Think the aviation industry is pretty much dead and buried. Can’t see anyone risking flying (unless absolutely essential) for at least the next couple of years. Why take the risk?
Richard Torcato
Richard Torcato Måned siden
It’s the worst thing to happen to the USA and hopefully he’s voted out in November. The virus is bad too.
goo turner
goo turner Måned siden
Mustafa Ramadan
Mustafa Ramadan Måned siden
What's more sad is the average Joe can't even qualify for a loan, but this sector which was at all time highs in Feburary will get billions taxpayer dollars without any paperwork. Hmm, they saved billions with tax cuts, smaller seats, baggage fees, and I'm supposed to care? I just hope southwest airlines make it, the rest can eat crap
Bk6346 Måned siden
If they go bankrupt someone else will take their place so long as the demand is there.
CyMeister Måned siden
Idk but the reporter looks like albino silas
Betty White
Betty White Måned siden
Hopefully not! Shut em down!
Todd Lavigne
Todd Lavigne Måned siden
If the government gets the same amount in shares, it could work out very well when the industry bounces back. The government can liquidate at a much higher price and actually make a nice profit.
King Beowulf
King Beowulf Måned siden
The airline industry will be just fine. The US govt will be there to bail their sorry asses out like always 😏😓
Rose Phoenix
Rose Phoenix Måned siden
This is only matter in time that I went are lines of a well well go back to survey that well only time will tell because that is the true for everyone
Better survive...I must fly from DEN to west and east coast...and any other place I go to. *NOT THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE THAT I WOULD DRIVE EVEN IF I GOT FREE GAS and RENTAL CAR*
Alexa Lulu
Alexa Lulu Måned siden
My dad began his flight career just a couple years before 9/11 and his career path and plans were drastically altered. I am a private pilot training to become a commercial airline pilot. I will soon see the struggles he went through. This is my dream and my passion and I will keep fighting for it. I hope the industry will recover.
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper Måned siden
The smart ones who don't rely on government bailouts would survive. Let the airlines fail. They have plenty of competition to take over and fill the demand.
FORCE On Two Wheels
FORCE On Two Wheels Måned siden
Yes they can and will, goverment is bailing them out. Wake Up!
suckitgoog zero
suckitgoog zero Måned siden
I will fly when a test exists ro see who carrys the virus.... And never before that!
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Måned siden
Now cleaning up and getting safe
Catherine Filbeck
Catherine Filbeck Måned siden
I hope the airlines go bankrupt
Chris Herrera
Chris Herrera Måned siden
These corporations deserve a sad melody played by a tiny violinist... not a bailout.
L Murrell
L Murrell Måned siden
Yall are stupid if you want to travel. All this will do is start all over again.
Texan Knight
Texan Knight Måned siden
Can the public survive without the airlines?
JON HAYES Måned siden
Judge TK
Judge TK Måned siden
It seems quite simple to me and I don't know why no one has said it yet. The big worry is the airlines can't pay the banks what they are supposed to. So all this confusion is created so the banking system gets there payments? Now the Fed gets 10% of every dollar they print on PAPER. So a billion dollars for printing off 10 billion dollars. Boy, you talk about a flawless scam. Now the USA is how many trillions in debt? So to relieve a lot of stress our banking system told us in the beginning, that they would take care of there customers. I know they said that just after they murdered President Jackson and convinced people to go with the city bank which of course belongs to the that's right the Rothschild cult. If I'm wrong would someone explain to me where?
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