Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ 

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Professional bow hunter Cameron Hanes breaks down famous bow and arrow scenes from film and television, including 'Game of Thrones,' 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,' 'The Avengers,' 'Rambo: First Blood Part II,' 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,' 'Brave,' 'Killing Season,' 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' and 'The Walking Dead.'
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Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ




25. nov.. 2019





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BAGGIE 3 timer siden
Bow hunter? Not archer? K
Raymond Melendez
Raymond Melendez 4 timer siden
So how are you the best with a bow that has Al those tools
Nishimi Yuki
Nishimi Yuki 4 timer siden
After seeing legend of the sword in this video I expected Robin Hood (with Taran Egerton)
Sky Bot
Sky Bot 4 timer siden
What about the weight of the bows? Since a longbow would have a wider range of the arrow being fired, while a recurve bow I think would be lighter but won't have enough power to shoot as long as the longbow.
Bio Kimistry
Bio Kimistry 5 timer siden
I'm not 100% convinced this guy doesn't hunt people.
Marissa Urias
Marissa Urias 5 timer siden
Did they tell him that Ramsey was just toying with Jon and Rickon with the first few shots?
DavidDabScali 7 timer siden
There is literally a show called “Arrow”
fastsail fish
fastsail fish 8 timer siden
Do bow guys hangout with crossbow guys?
Anubex 8 timer siden
he looks like hugh jackman
Vader Skywalker
Vader Skywalker 8 timer siden
Actually kinetic energy is way higher in a faster but lighter missile. KE=(mass*speed*speed)/2. Speed is much more important if the missiles are comparable.
manu g
manu g 9 timer siden
me: *sees ramsay* me: *throws up*
Giant Atom
Giant Atom 9 timer siden
"This arrow even has my name on it, that's kinda funny." - Is later found dead, killed with that same arrow...-
Comicsluvr 9 timer siden
Everyone else already mentions that Legolas is an Elf so having time to do 'reps'? Yeah...he's had that.
Nickolas Rogers
Nickolas Rogers 9 timer siden
I wanna see this guy react to Lars Anderson
srh wllms50
srh wllms50 10 timer siden
Why is this almost better than watching the movies?
Brother Mouzone
Brother Mouzone 10 timer siden
Man I was hoping they'd include the Apocalypto run away scene.
Yanna Areesh
Yanna Areesh 11 timer siden
What? No Last Samurai or Blade Trinity? Lol. Enjoyable video
Anton Kuznetsov
Anton Kuznetsov 11 timer siden
Yep, I'd say Legolas had some time to practice in his 2931 years of life.
Giggitee O'Yeah
Giggitee O'Yeah 12 timer siden
I want to hear an expert on real English warbows- 150lb-200lb draw-weigh- an Englishman. No girl can pull more than 50lb bow- upper body strength of 14 year old boy- Top quartile of US military fitness women are worse performers than lowest 25% of male recruits.. This trope of girls with bows is a nuisance. And no sissy US compound bows. novids.info/video/f52La4fUiWvZpWU.html Joe Gibbs- English archer with an English warbow. No sissy yank bows. No cheat sights.
Soap God
Soap God 12 timer siden
I’m disappointed that they didn’t use an ‘Avatar the Last Airbender’ clip
Conor Brosnahan
Conor Brosnahan 13 timer siden
All of Legolas' arrows were CGI. I was laughing at this poor guy complimenting his skill at miming air arrows 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xemayo Barks
Xemayo Barks 13 timer siden
A bull
Alana Corbella
Alana Corbella 13 timer siden
GQ, can't even "splurge" on some original intro & outro music that I isn't one of the most popular, free, royalty/copyright-free songs, that ever *independent* NOvidsr uses.
Bitchell 14 timer siden
Seems like these people would be terrible to watch movies with. imo
Denk Sloom
Denk Sloom 14 timer siden
I like this guy He is being informational but also humorous, legend.
sweatyballsac 14 timer siden
this guy should go on the jre and talk about bigfoot and ultra marathon racing.
That Scribe
That Scribe 15 timer siden
Orcs dying before Legolas even shot them. That takes hella lot of skill
Ethan Spence
Ethan Spence 15 timer siden
Erm why isn’t Hanzo on here
James Merrell
James Merrell 15 timer siden
He is really trying not to bash crossbows. But you can tell he wants too. It's still a bow and they are called arrows now. Not everyone has the ability to draw back a bow. They have been around for centuries.
KOMOSKY 16 timer siden
Problem is Modern Archery is garbage, check out Lars Andersen: A new level of archery , a true master archer using ancient archery techniques that are far superior to todays modern methods
James Kerins
James Kerins 16 timer siden
WTF. Sorry but no Arrow Breakdown is complete without Deliverance.
Silent Watcher
Silent Watcher 17 timer siden
Haha what an awesome manly man! Although I wish arrow was shown
Сергей Бухаров
Мне не нравится это видео, как мне сделать чтобы вы мне это не показывали!!???
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 17 timer siden
This is fiction
Daniel Hristov
Daniel Hristov 18 timer siden
Now do a video about Lars Andersen
Derrick Flame
Derrick Flame 18 timer siden
War of the Arrows has some of the best Bow & Arrow scenes imo
Jeanne Gauthier
Jeanne Gauthier 19 timer siden
I want to do archery now😍
tobiman32 guy
tobiman32 guy 19 timer siden
doing a bow hunter breakdown but not doing it on a show literally named 'Arrow'
Krynald Aton
Krynald Aton 21 time siden
Where's arrow?
CR3ATUR3 22 timer siden
They really running out of ideas
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