Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18 

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Billie talks about living with her parents, being nominated for several Grammys, performing at the American Music Awards, being competitive with herself, why she’s looking forward to turning 18, dealing with fame, trying to be present, going on tour, her friendship with singer Jessie Reyez, and Jimmy proves how old he is with some questions for Billie from way back in 1984 - when he was 17.
Billie Eilish Asks Kids “When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?” novids.info/video/fmyVsWy2oqqxm6Q.html
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Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18




22. nov.. 2019





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Kommentarer 8 106   
Crash BanditLoot
Crash BanditLoot 5 timer siden
The ugliest thing to ever make millions
Green Brand
Green Brand 5 timer siden
The generation is different, van halen are the top of music when 1980s. But now, we are live in 2019 & she born when 2001.
ELIO 6 timer siden
her mindset woowww how is she only 17 and teaching us
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 6 timer siden
Boomers are the idiots who have been living their teen years since the 50s & the 60s. Just won't move on.
Abz M
Abz M 8 timer siden
I want to get inside her
Kendl Was Here
Kendl Was Here 8 timer siden
Bro I’m her same age and I knew all the answers
Joao Oliveira
Joao Oliveira 9 timer siden
Old music is good. New music is good. Listen to both.
Francis Bright
Francis Bright 9 timer siden
She has to be trolling him
Ju Gold
Ju Gold 9 timer siden
I instantly hated her when I read a news headline that she didn't know Run DMC or Van Halen but after watching this she actually seems pretty cool for her age. Still though, if you're a real musician you gotta be aware of what other great musicians have brought to the table. It's like being a basketball player and not being familiar with Michael Jordan's legendary playing style.. Inexcusable.
John Wick
John Wick 10 timer siden
I can’t decide if she’s into guys or girls?
Walker Percy
Walker Percy 12 timer siden
It's almost like Jimmy got flustered when she got that clap asking who was born before '84 and had to try and "put her in her place"
MadDog 1980
MadDog 1980 12 timer siden
If she didn't know Madonna I'd officially have no faith in the young.
Xx_CheetohFingers_xX 12 timer siden
Arn does
Arn does 13 timer siden
This girl is not a great singer nor rapper ...its kids like this girl that keep the youth sick and depressed and lazy and thinking it's cool to be depressed .
WhatSheSaid ,
WhatSheSaid , 14 timer siden
She's giving me Rihanna vibes and responses.
Anonymous Mystery
Anonymous Mystery 15 timer siden
Word is she's dating her brother
James Monds
James Monds 15 timer siden
She’s an Old Soul. She’s not phased by the fame she’s so normal and humble. I love her.
4444444е 15 timer siden
Jimmy Kimmel is so SEXY. My gosh.
Eshal farooq
Eshal farooq 16 timer siden
love billies outfite
💿 17 timer siden
4:13 RUN DM...X. :))
leanne roost
leanne roost 17 timer siden
So your still living at home with your parents ... yes yes because she is 17 year old you nob!
Nate R
Nate R 17 timer siden
Kinda sad that any "professional" musician never studied the greats that came before her. Probably why her brother writes everything.
Tim 18 timer siden
Haven't really listened to much of her music, but she seems well planted and switched on!
chucky cromers
chucky cromers 18 timer siden
Wolf Van Halen:- If you haven't heard of billie eilish,go check her out..she's cool..if you haven't heard of van Halen,go check them out..they're cool too.. Music is supposed to bring us together,not divided us..listen to what you want.and don't shame others for not knowing what you like..
RoyalOpps 22 timer siden
I respect what she does and the work that she puts in, but there's something about her that gets me the wrong way... I can't seem to bring myself to like her.
Kenneth Ugarte
Kenneth Ugarte 23 timer siden
Thanks Billie Eillish. Honestly, you just made me cry. You get me. You truly get me dude. Love you.
s staners
s staners Dag siden
Jimmy Kimmel: what’s your favorite Billie Eilish song? David Lee Roth: Who?
s staners
s staners Dag siden
This feels like a future South Park episode
Nope Stuff
Nope Stuff Dag siden
It’s really cool that she is aware that is all going to pass at some point. So she’s savoring... damn at 17.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 21 time siden
Why do people think kids should be obligated to know retro pop culture? It’s literally so stupid.
Angelique Lopez
Angelique Lopez Dag siden
Am I the only person that doesn’t understand her music at all lol
AgentOfOblivion 13 timer siden
It’s just emo Lorde
Nope Stuff
Nope Stuff Dag siden
Angelique Lopez I don’t get her at all or anything that is popular now... I like her more than Arian’s grande though... she’s very humble, relatable and honest... ari is nothing like that...
Andrew Dag siden
3:56 is the Van Halen question.
Kevin :D
Kevin :D Dag siden
Jimmy Fallon, jimmy kimmel, and jimmy neutron
Amber Fells99
Amber Fells99 Dag siden
Love her❤
JG Dag siden
She’s young we get it gtf over it. Y’all never seen at 17/18 year old???
thehmc Dag siden
This just in. Girl pop stars are airheads with the IQ of sand. She grew up with access to all the world's information literally in her pocket and doesn't know anything about music. Her chosen profession. And always remember that Millennials are just Boomer 2.0.
itsjustmeokay Dag siden
bruh i'm 13 and i knew Mr.T pitied the fool lmao
Ash Sp
Ash Sp Dag siden
My god. Kimmel sucks. For real dont be a douch it's not hard.
Loremart Style
Loremart Style Dag siden
The only thing I knew that she didn’t was the name of 2 Ghostbusters. And I was born in the late 80s.
dallas ellegood
dallas ellegood Dag siden
shes already 18 now like 2 days after this aired and when she came out 3 years ago she was 15. shes not lying about her age lol, anyone who followed her from the beginning knows that
Chanel V
Chanel V Dag siden
she still lives with her parents and in the house she even grew up in, that's crazy. She has so much money and it's great she doesn't just spend it all on things she doesn't need.
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