Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on 

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My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
See how it was made here novids.info/video/aoh9h5fMd57WfaQ.html
See the Shed Build here novids.info/video/foNocIOjo6DOkpw.html
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1st Track is called "Just a Trim" by "VFA" the band has long disbanded and they have no internet presence but good tune.
2nd Track is called "Don't Let Me Go" by" Room D"
3rd Track is called "Reprisal"by "7Daze"
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26. mars. 2020





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Kommentarer 80   
colinfurze 2 måneder siden
They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.
Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!
Woo you proved them wrong!
m Nani
m Nani 23 dager siden
You are 41 yrs old. Just wanted to remind you of world poverty and hunger. Cheerio.👋
Gunther's Squad
Gunther's Squad 27 dager siden
Super Awesome
L aH
L aH Måned siden
Steve Måned siden
Door mat is the wrong way around.
Dushyant Deshwal
Dushyant Deshwal 44 minutter siden
Colin is living my life.
Gordon Honeycombe
Gordon Honeycombe 44 minutter siden
I was trawling through the tube a couple of days ago and one of your vids caught my eye. I've probably watched most of them now. Firstly I'd like to say...your nuts..totally bonkers mate..love it. I think you'd be a very interesting guy to speak to over a couple of beers. Well done on your ingenuity and inventiveness. Fun to watch!!!
darkman4468train 3 timer siden
Bonkers :-)
Richard S
Richard S 4 timer siden
Does it actually have life support if the need to live down there arises.?
S H 4 timer siden
Colin have you found Hitler down there yet?
Hack team21
Hack team21 5 timer siden
stapuft 5 timer siden
Why on earth would you have to sell it as a bunker with an attached house and not the other way around?
TE1 spark
TE1 spark 5 timer siden
I love how this is bigger then my house
NAB 88
NAB 88 6 timer siden
Where's the bog roll hoard? 🤪
BabbaTheHat 6 timer siden
It has no pinball machine !
Richard S
Richard S 7 timer siden
Survival of the apocalypse means living in a box underground. EXTREME LOCK DOWN , social distancing at its best. A fantastic man cave though, love it !!!!
Karlauer London
Karlauer London 7 timer siden
👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿. What a monsense.
Miki mii
Miki mii 7 timer siden
lol~ I assume you'll leave your family behind when you need it😋
Mr. Mr
Mr. Mr 7 timer siden
game idea, right here
Mr. Mr
Mr. Mr 7 timer siden
Grass simulator
piyush joshi
piyush joshi 8 timer siden
That's dope 😲😍😍❤
Chris 092799
Chris 092799 9 timer siden
Imagine when the world ends and you realise you gotta go to the bathroom.
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter 11 timer siden
doesn't feel like it's been that long since i watched the thing getting built honestly. now colin you plan to add an extra security door to it? maybe at the bottom of the ladder for extra protection?
Clemmo 12 timer siden
Wow that’s awesome. Love it!
Itz snowzy
Itz snowzy 13 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> can we get a shed count 🤣🤣
Le toxicguy
Le toxicguy 13 timer siden
Imagine getting chased by the police whilst your hiding in the secret bunker watching Netflix
Aditya Kailash
Aditya Kailash 15 timer siden
He is prepping for a nuclear attack
A K 15 timer siden
I want one I’ve always wanted a house with a basement so I can put a bunker down thete
Michael Schraa
Michael Schraa 16 timer siden
So I understand that sponsors paid for the bunker, but what kind of volume of concrete was used? Trying to get a rough idea of total cost.
Andrew Heard
Andrew Heard 17 timer siden
You’re my hero dude. 🤙🏽
Trevor Cardon
Trevor Cardon 17 timer siden
it’s fun, until u have no service
Nathan Berthiaume
Nathan Berthiaume 17 timer siden
Why would you have to sell it as a bunker with a house attached to it rather than the other way around
Bandit 20 timer siden
He literally looks like that guy from MARY POPPINS
vulpixx 20 timer siden
You'll need it soon
Nathen Mixon
Nathen Mixon 21 time siden
I want a garage under ground
Kavinda Piumal
Kavinda Piumal 21 time siden
#When ghosts hunted his backyard bunker# ' Colinfurze nope ! Time to go back :) ...
lalpalj jsmith123
lalpalj jsmith123 23 timer siden
Lol when you sell this house Huck me up
Harrison 23 timer siden
Imagine if there was a flood. Whilst sleeping down there when youre showing your mates 😂😂😲
Krzysztof Spawarka
Krzysztof Spawarka 23 timer siden
Do you pay a Council Tax for it? xD
BVC vertex
BVC vertex 23 timer siden
This man took social distancing way to far
Mighty Green
Mighty Green 23 timer siden
Now I know when zombie apocalypse exist and I going infected I know where you Hide 😎
E M 23 timer siden
How on earth did you get the planning application approved with the ladder outside of the main room? I can't even knock down a wall because of the location of the staircase and associated fire regulations! Do you have sprinklers or something?
Kim 2 timer siden
Probably classified it as one big weired shape room
Betty Blue Easton
Betty Blue Easton 23 timer siden
How much value roughly did it add to your house? Must have cost a few Bob to build.
Betty Blue Easton
Betty Blue Easton 23 timer siden
It's ok... Answers in your video ... Sorry
Life Pilot
Life Pilot Dag siden
He should grow weed down there lol
Pascal B
Pascal B Dag siden
It’s a teenager room !
Skit Dag siden
imagine setting up a internet hub of some sort down there, radiation will by bouncing off the aluminum walls and he will die of cancer in 3 days
dhdjdkxj dhzjsdj
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a> The start of the Duraraa opening anyone? Lol
World One
World One Dag siden
Archaic Pipedream
Native Texan 83
Native Texan 83 Dag siden
How the hell did you get the couch down there?
johnny cole
johnny cole Dag siden
this is the coolest video I've ever seen
Ja S
Ja S Dag siden
Nice nice,,,nice dude I've had a Really really bad 20 years and I'd love to help out on something, I'm descent hardworking got a good few skills just well, need some help chief
justin holt
justin holt Dag siden
Did any one see That general Lee in the back ground
Ewan Barnes
Ewan Barnes Dag siden
how did you get all the stuff down there
Brad Scribner
Brad Scribner Dag siden
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran Dag siden
this must be the best idea to hide from the wife! Underground, door closed, loud music.... -Im sorry honey, i didnt hear you call me
Maty Brosgame
Maty Brosgame Dag siden
TTP Dag siden
Can we appreciate how this guy made his own bat cave where he keeps his inventions?
OnceILived 3 timer siden
Mikhail Kantaria
This is a very good example of the stupidness of some rich people :)
Oshan Dag siden
Why am I seeing an underground bunker being made at 2 am?
BOSS MARK Dag siden
Anyone else watch F1??
Jon Fox
Jon Fox Dag siden
Can you elaborate on the estate agents comment about selling a bunker with a house attached ?
Deenie Beenie
Deenie Beenie Dag siden
I'm jealous as shit
A.J. Inreekez
A.J. Inreekez Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="578">9:38</a> if I had a bunker like that I would come out the same way; it just won't be from a fog machine😂
oioi savaloy
oioi savaloy Dag siden
All I could say throughout this video was “ that is sick”
Ty F.
Ty F. Dag siden
To bad men dont cheat, would rent it out haha
Fennwulf 2 dager siden
Sabriyah Loves Cats
Sabriyah Loves Cats 2 dager siden
congrats on 10 million subs!
haluk türker
haluk türker 2 dager siden
Korkudan nereye gireceğinizi şaşırdınız.
George Marriott
George Marriott 2 dager siden
Still can’t believe how you got planning permission for that! Lol
anamnesisekklesia 2 dager siden
Would an EMP from a nuclear bomb turn your electrical gadgets in there unviable? I ask because it wouldn't make a great faraday cage. You'd have to stick mattresses to all the metal surfaces which will give it an insane asylum ambience, though from what I've seen you do in there wouldn't be far off. 😆
Rebel State Sovereign
Rebel State Sovereign 2 dager siden
Love it
Jay 1989
Jay 1989 2 dager siden
Anybody else thinking grow op?
cell hospital
cell hospital 2 dager siden
What about air and oxygen???
Salah Ad din
Salah Ad din 2 dager siden
They should of had this in Shaun of the dead 😂
Mitch Lall
Mitch Lall 2 dager siden
Just imagine long after humans have died out and aliens happen to stumble upon Colin’s bunker with all the gadgets... Trying to figure out what the F we as humans were into.. LOL
Logan Marshall
Logan Marshall 2 dager siden
War, War never changes
Shane Copher
Shane Copher 2 dager siden
How long would it take to vent the smoke completely if you only open the vents
Zaks Virtual Tours
Zaks Virtual Tours 2 dager siden
love this
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen 2 dager siden
You should build a pool next to it.....
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen 2 dager siden
Nananana Colin Colin Colin
7en6ix BACK UP
7en6ix BACK UP 2 dager siden
Just subscribed
Fonki A
Fonki A 2 dager siden
Не повезло его соседям....
Ethxnn420 2 dager siden
This some minecraft shit here ngl😂
Ulf Sponholz
Ulf Sponholz 2 dager siden
Not rly a bunker if it cant withstand the blitz or nuclear holocaust. so hard pass
MrSwimmy1 2 dager siden
This video is just a preview of his whole channel
Underground Beach Hut Build