Ariana Grande REACTS to TikTok Look-Alike! 

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The singer has a look-alike that's so good, even she had to weigh in!
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27. nov.. 2019





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Alfaramz3 53 minutter siden
this whole video was a mess.... who made this ? not stans.
Olivia Time siden
Drama between someone and Paige was boiling
Kookoo Time siden
Jessi and Nik be QUACKING
i hate life
i hate life 2 timer siden
She only looks like Ariana because of makeup and the actual Ariana Grande is saying this is weird in a kind way so just stop.
The fantastic Four
The fantastic Four 4 timer siden
If people try be be like the idols and become like them instead of looking like them through make up and surgery then they could talk to there idols plus have a talk with them and have they’re own fans xddd
PinguandMariofan 974
PinguandMariofan 974 5 timer siden
Her dimples are the only thing people notices that it's not her
Tegan Holdaway
Tegan Holdaway 6 timer siden
When they said victorious but showed Sam and cat 😭😂😩
TRXSHY CHRIS 6 timer siden
Someone once said *”Don’t live your life trying to be someone else.”*
K SLAY ALL DAY 6 timer siden
I have seen her on tik tok
K T 6 timer siden
She’s creepy
Gloria López
Gloria López 6 timer siden
I don’t like her Ariana better just be yourself bro
WoahItsGezel !
WoahItsGezel ! 7 timer siden
“Mouthing different lines from Ariana’s Nickelodeon show Victorious” *shows clip from Sam and Cat*
Vendetta 7 timer siden
The way she holds up her head makes me wanna break her neck
Hailey Weist
Hailey Weist 7 timer siden
She looks more like ari than ari looks like ari
Hotep Anthony
Hotep Anthony 8 timer siden
She looks more like Ari than Ari does.
Unknown 0
Unknown 0 8 timer siden
Ugh Ari is so cute with the bangs
Richard Merciadis
Richard Merciadis 8 timer siden
Im Paiges Uncle and I'm here to set the record straight. Ever since this video aired on NOvids Paige's sister Gabrielle has been trying to ruin her life and everyone around her. She has been making up allegations that her mother is making her do this for fame and fortune and it is not true. In reality Gabrielle is a drug addict instead of buying diapers for her babies she spends her money on drugs she is married to a raging alcoholic who can't hold down a job and has to borrow money from everybody she knows to support her habit she is an unfit mother. Gabrielle is so jealous of her sister and it has been making up lies about her and her mother. The truth is the rest of the family including myself are very supportive of Paige.
Drey 10 timer siden
The girl’s just having some fun
Serena Joon
Serena Joon 10 timer siden
i don't know, these stuff is so boring like, you have such a little personality that you have to look like a celebrity to be seen?
Shanelle Biddle
Shanelle Biddle 12 timer siden
Damn she look like her
Genevieve george
Genevieve george 13 timer siden
She's actually prettier than ariana
Lizi Botchorishvili
Lizi Botchorishvili 13 timer siden
What the heck 🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨
Keisha Lisbeth
Keisha Lisbeth 15 timer siden
oh well another Gabi DeMartino
Marina Gamer Enriquez
Marina Gamer Enriquez 17 timer siden
What about if this ariana look alike try to walk in public 🤔
Milliexoxo 18 timer siden
It is her it’s the same person
PurplePixels 19 timer siden
She must be stopped
Icey Ng
Icey Ng 20 timer siden
0:48 that is not victorious
Flavs Luvs
Flavs Luvs 21 time siden
she has studied and copied her mannerisms that’s why people think she looks like ariana. like the facial expressions. otherwise she doesn’t acc look like ari thaaattt much.
She looks nothing like Ariana without the makeup.
Emi Wafflez
Emi Wafflez 22 timer siden
qhostinly on Instagram
qhostinly on Instagram 22 timer siden
she didn’t actually look like this about a month ago, it just got worse
MKJ 23 timer siden
Who cares
elizabeth photography
elizabeth photography 23 timer siden
st0p Dag siden
News lady: Mouthing lines from Ariana’s Nickelodeon show, Victorious. *shows Sam & Cat clip*
Sophia and Friends
She uses sounds from Arianas show victorious “shows scene from Sam and cat”
Queen Latina Jazzy
Bro I follow her on tiktok
Kirstin Catchings
This is sooo funny lol
Jordyn Ley
Jordyn Ley Dag siden
That clips is from Sam and cat
Mani Nedoow
Mani Nedoow Dag siden
Ava Elyse
Ava Elyse Dag siden
You said victorious but showed Sam and cat
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