Am I Introverted or Extroverted?! 

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we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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Kommentarer 80   
Chili Bødskov
Chili Bødskov Time siden
Knew it from the beginning. "person" tried to hide it too much
CitrusFruit 2 timer siden
ugler i mosen
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 2 timer siden
Emma high key cute doe
red scrunchy
red scrunchy 3 timer siden
in america ppl just speak to ppl they dont know?? for no reason?? creepy
Ahrooh 3 timer siden
They treat being an introvert like it’s a disability. It’s annoying.
Superstar Roundhouse
Superstar Roundhouse 3 timer siden
I totally had this pegged ^^,
Bob Unicorn
Bob Unicorn 3 timer siden
What’s with the pornhub music in the background?
blackcrampons 4 timer siden
Any joemalians here? 👀
rubie ulloa
rubie ulloa 4 timer siden
Introverts never tuck their shirts in
Itian Bacatan
Itian Bacatan 4 timer siden
moni ca
moni ca 5 timer siden
These idiots say “Like” more than anyone ever
Lil Sanime
Lil Sanime 5 timer siden
GFuel gay cup I mean shake
TonyMontana Rosh
TonyMontana Rosh 5 timer siden
I'm an introvert who is a extrovert among introverts...lol
Anuska Mishra
Anuska Mishra 5 timer siden
felix is an ambivert LMAO
Nora Nora
Nora Nora 5 timer siden
Can you do a reacting to Covid-19 memes??
Delucavr 5 timer siden
Jubilee review ftw
mehz mehz
mehz mehz 6 timer siden
i like public speaking i am an introvert
Annie Mccraft
Annie Mccraft 6 timer siden
When you said maya was a potato liar, I was eating raw potatoes, and I yelled at the potatoes.
Amir Zdralic
Amir Zdralic 7 timer siden
imagine pewdiepie still asks for more subs
Mel Eliot
Mel Eliot 7 timer siden
I'm made to feel so uncomfortable by how they're all trying to whisper. u_u like c'mon, even the real introverts are trying too hard.
Danielius Binkevičius
"Go back to speaking shool". Well isn't that ironic? Not judging, i'm from Lithuania, so i'm not really good at English to. I really like these videos. Good job.
Abhishek Javali
Abhishek Javali 8 timer siden
Remove the word "like" from the dictionary and then let Americans talk to each other.
Atikah Mazwan
Atikah Mazwan 8 timer siden
They should put Noah the kid from ellen hahahhaah as an introvert in disguise..
Brintxx 10 timer siden
I am neither...I am just disordered,lols.
Ro Xan
Ro Xan 10 timer siden
Pweds you are funny
Michael Brett
Michael Brett 11 timer siden
I picked up on it straight away because she was so over the top
Dr. Pickle
Dr. Pickle 11 timer siden
why do i wanna beat up alex
Celestial 2.0
Celestial 2.0 12 timer siden
Everyone's an introvert because everyone's under quarantine
Legendary StarNPC
Legendary StarNPC 12 timer siden
An omnivert is what a combo introvert/extrovert is called.
Filip Ručka
Filip Ručka 12 timer siden
Introverts are so weak
Brooke Elyse
Brooke Elyse 12 timer siden
I wish I lived somewhere where comfortable silence was a thing. I can’t go to anything social because I’m scared of how to keep a conversation going without silence because I don’t want them to think I’m awkard
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 13 timer siden
American: tries to engage a friendly conversation Europeans: We don't do that here
shyla mohan
shyla mohan 13 timer siden
I can find many psychologists in the comment section
cosme garcia
cosme garcia 14 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1170">19:30</a> I thought he said gay cups 😂
Your.Killer.Queen 14 timer siden
Every time maya started talking towards the end it just made me feel secondhand embarrassment so bad like idk why she was just so awkward and confusing
neejoy sola
neejoy sola 13 timer siden
“G-Fuel G a y C u p” what have you done
Suyash Z
Suyash Z 14 timer siden
Introverts become extroverts when with introverts
Cautious_Caroline 14 timer siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> “I DONT TRUST THE GIRL WITH THE DIRTY JEANS!”
GoblinSlayer Kun
GoblinSlayer Kun 15 timer siden
Those people are dead inside. Me too.
Aneli Pena
Aneli Pena 15 timer siden
Is Felix wearing an abu fleece
Movies FUN HD
Movies FUN HD 15 timer siden
Emily 15 timer siden
“Meeting new people. Who has time for that anyways, let’s get real here” 😂
Char Gamer
Char Gamer 16 timer siden
The reason people talk to you in America is because you are PewDiePie and who doesn't want to talk to PewDiePie?
Pompom Yourkey
Pompom Yourkey 17 timer siden
Im an extrovert because I spend -25 or 25 hours a day on my pc at home!
Caroline Rivera
Caroline Rivera 17 timer siden
all i could think about was ambiverts and i kept getting flashbacks to psat
Claudia A
Claudia A 18 timer siden
The mole was acting exactly how people stereotype introverts to be. She was so timid-looking and was practically whispering and the way she was standing it all just seemed so forced.
Anime Aikouka
Anime Aikouka 19 timer siden
I am an ISTJ.
Chicken Gamer
Chicken Gamer 20 timer siden
I was playing Minecraft and stay inside for a few days at a time and I love it because I’m alone and it’s quiet
ThεMini 21 time siden
Introvert =/= Shy FFS its 2020 and people still dont understand these are different things
High Queen
High Queen 22 timer siden
I knew it was her! She’s being so quiet. And she looks like she would be loud.
StarComTachyon 22 timer siden
“G-Fuel G a y C u p” what have you done
Chloe Xx
Chloe Xx 22 timer siden
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie Dag siden
IMPORTANT: Don’t rely to heavily on results on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is extremely unreliable because the results are based on 4 dichotomies, with the assumption that people fit one one side or the other. It uses forced choice questions, meaning you have to pick one or the other, even if you identify with both. In reality, each of these traits exist along a spectrum, and most people fall close to the middle. It’s very common for one person to score a different “type” (e.g., ENTP) each time they retake the test. So it’s value is very limited unless you have traits at the far end of each spectrum. This test has been heavily criticized over the years and most mental health professionals are hesitant to utilize this test with their clients. With that said, taking the test can still can be an interesting experience and help you learn more about your personality, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend basing your major life decisions on the results of the test.
Kalel2910 Dag siden
I knew it was her from the beggining, listen to that fake voice
아이셰Ayse Nur
You should do the personality test, please 🤩
Alex The memelord
I’m extraverted but not overly put me in a room of ransoms I’m going to introduce myself and start a conversation and get things done
Louis Hernandez
Louis Hernandez Dag siden
She used “like” wayyyy too much
G saas
G saas Dag siden
PewDiePie "I'm an introvert," Also PewDiePie *Pauses the video every 5 seconds to say something*
Cool Vidz 4 Kidz
Pewds is not wrong 😂
TheRedOne Dag siden
i am either introvert as extrovert because i am always feeling awkward when i work in group but if i am on stage or i am presenting something i am not feeling awkward
Moselle K
Moselle K Dag siden
I had a close friend in highschool who tested 70% introverted which made sense because she was so shy and quiet, but she had a lot of opinions when you did talk to her. Later on, she stopped making effort in our friendship and in University we got into the same program and one of the ice breaker activities was that same test again. This time she was 100% introverted.
epiccrafter64 Dag siden
finland has no extrovert
Davie Goffin
Davie Goffin Dag siden
Felix, I am an introvert. I find it fine talking to people who I know well but I can remember my year 7 parent evening where a supply teacher was filling in for my normal teacher. he was talking to me and I was just staring at the floor. When He asked me a question about my lessons, I kept on stuttering on my words and it was really awkward.
mumuoz Dag siden
Now I'm not an introvert, but I'm pretty sure being an introvert doesn't just mean not talking a lot.
Ryan Dag siden
Im uzi VERT
Claes Weicher
Claes Weicher Dag siden
To me an introvert (like myself) like to be social, but it has a "time limit" before I just straight signal that I'm tired of the company and need to recharge by taking my leave. It comes in many facets but usually draws a lot of parallels in behavior.
mimmieklov Dag siden
Felix, you're just swedish!
André Meyer
André Meyer Dag siden
Is it just me or is it really impossible to listen to people who say “like” 10 times per sentence
Glow Stick
Glow Stick Dag siden
I just found out I'm a extrovert 😄😂😆
Johan Palmlöf
Johan Palmlöf Dag siden
STOP saying like
Viswasurya Palkumar
You are a extra introvert
Niklas Ejnar
Niklas Ejnar Dag siden
You can be both introvert and extrovert tho. I am. Its called ambivert.
username checks out
What exactly makes someone an introvert?
Miksei oo Meemui
I am an extrovert so if I speak with other people I speak like Emma did
Lillyy Dag siden
Pewds could you do the 16 personality test ?
Daniel Michielin
They should make everyone the mole: 6 straight guys acting as gay
bilias hour
bilias hour Dag siden
Americans: Says hi to a European Europeans: We don't do that here.
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Dag siden
felicks is rasist
sympo sosa
sympo sosa Dag siden
sasuke is an introvert naruto is a extrovert
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Dag siden
That whole energy thing that the fake one was talking about is what made me think it was her
bilias hour
bilias hour Dag siden
Acting 1000
DominatorPro11 Dag siden
im pretty sure they voted out emma instead of alexis bc they didnt wanna seem racist bc they just voted out the other black guy XD
Stop this...  - LWIAY #00109
Ganger 89 k
15 Men vs 5 Women is Cringe
Livestream FAILS
Ganger 8 mill
Every Quarantine Ever
Ganger 1,9 mill