A Really Small Pupil 

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29. nov.. 2019





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Ayutsu Rijal
Ayutsu Rijal 7 dager siden
The turkeys were talking about how they got away from thanksgiving dinner
HEZZA 5 timer siden
Ayutsu Rijal nha stock exchange
Le Vodka
Le Vodka 10 timer siden
NOOB Blob 18 timer siden
NOOB Blob 18 timer siden
blarg bob
blarg bob 21 minutt siden
i swear that french dude saw some cats running around and invented parkour from that
Arctic Fire
Arctic Fire 21 minutt siden
I just got the same colour smarties at the same time I poured it into my hand :o
4 games
4 games Time siden
Costumer:oops Cashier:OOOOPPPSS
L L Time siden
now I want a baby sea lion
L L Time siden
This person was born with a condition called *oklahoma*
MARINA JACOB 2 timer siden
Lex 2 timer siden
I wanna be that dog.
Dr. Rosenrosen
Dr. Rosenrosen 2 timer siden
Someone tried to steal that cat's Gran Torino.
ClouDy FreakZ
ClouDy FreakZ 2 timer siden
0:24 revenge is sweet..
Sluky Wuk
Sluky Wuk 2 timer siden
Why was the cashier recording it?
AlekThink 4 timer siden
politicians see world’s problems with that right pupil
AlekThink 4 timer siden
politicians see world’s problems with that right pupil
Srazik Sraz
Srazik Sraz 4 timer siden
Ur mom's gay No yours is Yours Yours Etc.
Echo_Ch3ck0 5 timer siden
00:32 thats actually a joke one of something that actually happened
XitLuke 6 timer siden
I think the turkeys are talking about who has a bigger butt
AWPutin 6 timer siden
How tha faq can water boil and freeze at the same time? Like whaat?
Beast Mobile Gamer
Beast Mobile Gamer 6 timer siden
The turkeys sound like there saying xxx anaiop
Retro917 6 timer siden
Damn that cat face .. 😂😂😂
Blue W Jam
Blue W Jam 7 timer siden
Thank you so much for not click bating
EmDieLess 7 timer siden
Yo thats the guy from reddit
Timothy Rubino
Timothy Rubino 8 timer siden
Arsehole: “Oops” *Pushing some glass bottles onto the floor* Clerk:” Oops”
TheGamingBluejay 8 timer siden
The cashier just broke their own merchandise and created a mess that he himself will have to clean up...gottem
Afonso Felix Campos
Afonso Felix Campos 8 timer siden
2:00 my cat at 3 am EVERY . SINGLE . NIGHT
cooking noodles
cooking noodles 9 timer siden
0:36 Oop
matusala beyene
matusala beyene 9 timer siden
Customer: **throws the money** Cashier: I’m sorry, but your not gonna be drunk. *O O P S*
Turkey 9 timer siden
1:40 my parents discussing what to do after they find my porn stash
Panther Man
Panther Man 10 timer siden
The turkeys are talking about their plans to rule the world
Melissa Belmar
Melissa Belmar 10 timer siden
2:01 me when I tell my sister to give me my remote
Team 6
Team 6 10 timer siden
Low key I am that cashier
commander outlaw jj
commander outlaw jj 11 timer siden
Talking about how ksi won
Fahmi Zanders
Fahmi Zanders 12 timer siden
@1:50 membawang
Mr. tropical gamer
Mr. tropical gamer 12 timer siden
Cashier:omayowa mushindeu custemer :nani!!!!!
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor 12 timer siden
Turkey 1: You’re getting eaten! Turkey 2: No I’m not! Turkey 1: Yeah you are! Turkey 2: No I’m not! Turkey 1: Yes you are! Turkey 2: No I am not! Turkey 1: No you’re not! Turkey 2: YES I AM!!!!! Turkey 2: Sh*t
Tones Cabatit
Tones Cabatit 13 timer siden
Me watching turkeys: Turkeys: sksksksks and I oOp
Apple sauce
Apple sauce 13 timer siden
3:04 dough
Tom Morgan
Tom Morgan 13 timer siden
Turkeys were talking about how much they hate Christmas and thanksgiving
Kermit masten
Kermit masten 14 timer siden
0:24 don't mess with Cashiers
K.0.S. 14 timer siden
The turkeys sound like ghasts
Elsie Bee713
Elsie Bee713 15 timer siden
Lady:ooops! Cashier:super super saying ROSE !!!
I Got My Stepmom Pregnant