9 DIY Good Mermaid vs Bad Mermaid School Supplies 

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Today our acquaintances Mermaids go to school. And they’re not just studying, but competing with whose school supplies are cooler! Who will win is up to you. See our new stationery ideas for the good and dark mermaids, and choose what you like best!
Supplies and tools:
• Seashells
• Acrylic paint
• Pencil sharpener
• Hot glue gun
• Cord
• Notebook
• Reverse sequined fabric
• Glittery cardboard
• Elastic band
• Pencil
• Polymer clay
• Pen refill
• Pen tip
• Candle holder
• Glass ball
• White glue
• Glitter
• Glittery nail polish
• Artificial corals
• Pearls
• Glue stick
• Glitter
• Keychain ring
• Round fish tank
• Plastic flask
• Aquarium silicone sealant
• Starfish
• Stones
• Fish
• Eraser
• Modeling knife
• Wooden paint base
• White glue
• Round pots
• Glass stones
• Brush
• Velvet fabric
• Organza
• Needle and thread
• Toy stuffing
• Googly eyes
• Staple remover
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Question of the Day: did you like our school supplies for mermaids? Comment Below!
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christian orgonio
christian orgonio 2 dager siden
good unicorn won
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MrBeast ‘fl. V v. V =.
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Hana Alvarez 12 timer siden
Wow I'love mermaids 😍😍😍
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Zilan Yusf 2 dager siden
They are so good 😊
Bryan Zaw
Bryan Zaw 3 dager siden
Eels are not scary
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Alixandre Del rosario 4 dager siden
Tentacle pen
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1 jangan kaya begituh loh
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Doug Oster 6 dager siden
Islah Laurenson-Puleanga
Her tail came off
Amanda Watkins
Amanda Watkins 6 dager siden
I like the bad mermaid
Abi Ajayi
Abi Ajayi 7 dager siden
No hate but that hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr
asghar niazi
asghar niazi 7 dager siden
Who ever watch hacks never try
CARLA Ulalan
CARLA Ulalan 7 dager siden
marq leo vargas
marq leo vargas 7 dager siden
Dont only do hacks do a vlog or gaming
marq leo vargas
marq leo vargas 7 dager siden
So stupid
Wei Yao
Wei Yao 9 dager siden
what school is this??? Cause I wanna go
Whitney Bradbury
Whitney Bradbury 10 dager siden
You are not saving the turtles you are using plastic so sk sk sk sk sk I opp and I opp
Justin Melo
Justin Melo 10 dager siden
Why would you put scissors with a gold fish ITS GANNA BE DEAD BY THE TIME IT HITS THE FISH lol not hate tho
jeffy jeff
jeffy jeff 11 dager siden
Tausua Tausisi
Tausua Tausisi 11 dager siden
Nice video and cool idea girls 👌 have a great day
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Karla Flores 11 dager siden
Allysa Vitales
Allysa Vitales 11 dager siden
All i like it
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no cornrows
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Wadzie Chikombero 12 dager siden
troom trrom you rock
Alexandra Gay
Alexandra Gay 12 dager siden
I love the way you can make everything that can make a animal happy
Elyse Zhou
Elyse Zhou 12 dager siden
Hi groom groom!I’m a big fan!
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
I feel really bad for all the kids who think these hacks work
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
Who makes a stuffed animal just to remove a staple? 4:23
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
And uh the elk is not a person
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
Who sleeps on a globe 3:25
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
Ok now this should be 18+ or off of NOvids cause the goldfish is going to die
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
#ripjellyfish 3:22 I make a lot of memes about groom troom in the comment so heck them out
Anabelle Bridges
Anabelle Bridges 12 dager siden
Ok ok let me get this straight these hacks are never going to work but take at least between 1-10 minutes some of them work and a lot don’t so if they wanna make them 1-5 minutes they should maybe use fricking superglue instead of silicone just watch 1:43 like NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT
Valentina Vaz
Valentina Vaz 12 dager siden
R4vt,85 🩰🩰🩰🍬🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🩰🥡🥡🥡🥡🥡🍼🍼
noah 's channel
noah 's channel 13 dager siden
layla gaming and vlogging
The fish could get cut by the scissors also it doesn't have any room
claire portelli
claire portelli 13 dager siden
Can I be the bad one
Allura Lunsford
Allura Lunsford 13 dager siden
Why are you so happy are I'm good that your happy
J & Z Channel
J & Z Channel 13 dager siden
bluesnow2000 14 dager siden
Mohon Khan
Mohon Khan 14 dager siden
Nice 😊
Armoni Scott
Armoni Scott 14 dager siden
chelsea syifa
chelsea syifa 14 dager siden
Richard Aguilar
Richard Aguilar 14 dager siden
I like the bad one she has pretty hair :P
split bannanas
split bannanas 14 dager siden
why do i bother even looking at the childish VIDEOS!!!!!!
pilante charlan
pilante charlan 14 dager siden
Wow 😍
kramniff 15 dager siden
Put a ha ha ha ha ha Haha
Meow28 -
Meow28 - 15 dager siden
Oh no the teacher fell asleep now we can do whatever we want did u see how Ariel looked at merial I thought they were going to make ou t
QUI REYNOLDS 15 dager siden
troom toom makes the dumbs vids i ever seen in my life
Michels Lithgow
Michels Lithgow 15 dager siden
Melissa Nalley
Melissa Nalley 12 dager siden
unspeekableboy 15 dager siden
I am darkness
Novi Sri Sulastri
Novi Sri Sulastri 15 dager siden
Mikayla Smith
Mikayla Smith 15 dager siden
so many just fit for a mermaid
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Midzmar Sarih 15 dager siden
Suci Wuryastuti
Suci Wuryastuti 15 dager siden
sheng dingcong
sheng dingcong 15 dager siden
Thair are two eiriala
Angry Bidoof
Angry Bidoof 15 dager siden
That is animal abuse Please take down this video
The Last Mermaid