7 People Who Had Plastic Surgery vs 1 Who Has Not 

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Kitty Joyce
Kitty Joyce 7 timer siden
the mole woman
Luca Dodson
Luca Dodson 10 timer siden
I think sage
Just Jonce
Just Jonce 11 timer siden
Imagine the Jimin guy coming here
Coletrain Hetrick
Coletrain Hetrick 11 timer siden
Your bringing in people who want you to refer to them as they/them?
Coletrain Hetrick
Coletrain Hetrick 11 timer siden
Anyone who does it for bigger tits is horrible in my books.
Bearded Dragon Sir
Bearded Dragon Sir 12 timer siden
You should do 6 drunk people vs 1 sober person
¿ paradiise ?
¿ paradiise ? 12 timer siden
I’m pretty sure the width of your nose is supposed to be the length of your mouth so that’s what I was checking for.
Jb 98
Jb 98 13 timer siden
‼️So im just looking for opinions i have a mole in my face, you cant miss it. its a huge part of my identity. its the classic upper side lip mole. some call it the “sexy mole” which i dont think it is. Ever since i was young, i wanna say 8-10 years old, i hated it. its the first thing people look at. my older brothers, would pick on me and say “hey you have a fly” or whenever my mom would try to swat flies arround the house, they (my brothers) would pretend to swat me or mention to swat me. sometimes they still do today. im 22 now. i have a husband and kids now. Whenever my husbands compliments my mole, i cant help but feel insecure, i just simply hate being talked about it. one time he joked about the “fly” joke, and he knows how much that hurts, he apologized but still it hurts. Now i want to remove it, i mentioned it to my husband he says not to, but i just hate it soo much. its not big, its just “normal” size i guess. i didnt know you can remove moles at a young age, if i had known then i would of begged my mom to remove it but now that im older, people know me by my mole, like i said its part of my identity. im afraid of removing it and not be recognized. or im afraid of not recognizing myself and having some sort of identity crisis. but i just hate it so much. what are y’all’s opinions?
Madiouf Ndiaye
Madiouf Ndiaye 13 timer siden
Why did they put they/them next the Sage’s name
Kalku 13 timer siden
They all got booty implants after this video.
la lisa
la lisa 14 timer siden
Anna's voice kinda sounds like doja cat's voice
MTNation 14 timer siden
Girl all the way on the right is fine asf
m v
m v 14 timer siden
STFU it’s wasn’t for breathing, y’all are just ill 😷
m v
m v 14 timer siden
Lol Jade xDD you don’t have the look
Griffin Treat
Griffin Treat 14 timer siden
Anna looks like the girl version of Rudy Mancuso
Isabella Watson
Isabella Watson 14 timer siden
Kendal had it down he’s the real winner
Colby Skinner
Colby Skinner 15 timer siden
Addelaide looks like Kendall from dance moms
Neat Narwhalz
Neat Narwhalz 15 timer siden
7 people who aren’t me and 1 person who is me played by me and they have to guess who is me but get this were all clones so no matter who wins the money all goes to me.
GamerGator 44
GamerGator 44 15 timer siden
Do a vid where full time redditors tries to find 1 secret tik tok user
Trvll_Destiny 15 timer siden
I can’t wait until I get the money to get my rhinoplasty
Ava Rincon
Ava Rincon 16 timer siden
The gurl with the moles was annoying like lit just stop
Iris Olivia
Iris Olivia 16 timer siden
Miranda doe😍
Milo Hickerson
Milo Hickerson 16 timer siden
You should do a who has the coronavirus
Azar Safi
Azar Safi 16 timer siden
Wait...... I thought adelaide said that she was a dancer and something hurt her nose and her breathing was off but then she changed her story! How did they not notice that!!!
sowny ;;-;;
sowny ;;-;; 16 timer siden
It would really be cool if they do a “who is not a tik tok fan” or “who is a TikTok er” it would really be fun
_Artgarxia03_ 17 timer siden
Who’s really winning 🙂
Sam Ash
Sam Ash 18 timer siden
“Whisper Sixx” I hope that’s your made up or you didn’t get bullied at school 💀
oahulover 18 timer siden
I thought it was definitely whisper because if you wanted to fix your cheeks, you probably would have fixed your teeth first...
Hannah Kupsov
Hannah Kupsov 18 timer siden
hey! I noticed you listed "they/them" pronouns for sage! That's super cool. In the future, I wonder if you can list EVERYONE's pronouns as to not make NB people become an exception.
Julia T
Julia T 19 timer siden
The trans guy had SUCH an advantage.
Julia T
Julia T 19 timer siden
My heart kinda broke when they voted out the mole girl. She out here telling the story of her father dying and they vote her out 💔 And she was funny :(
Carson Lay
Carson Lay 19 timer siden
The real question is how did that girl on da left jump in does heels. Wtf? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="688">11:28</a>
Larissa Freitas
Larissa Freitas 20 timer siden
The girl with grey hair looks like jenna marbles and phoebe from friends had a baby
Ronation_girl101 21 time siden
That's not his real name Whisper Sixx.
Matt G
Matt G 22 timer siden
why does it say (they/them) by sage’s name
J P 22 timer siden
Does mole removal count as plastic surgery? 🤔
Abigail Blount
Abigail Blount 22 timer siden
You should do one where there's one Donald Trump supporter and the others not
Wesley Dunlop
Wesley Dunlop 22 timer siden
Them- I've got plastic surgery. Erin- ThATs NOt VEgan
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 22 timer siden
I would have never guessed that one guy was trans if he hadn’t said.
Ali Hilal
Ali Hilal 23 timer siden
You should do 7 people who don't have corona and 1 person who does
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli 23 timer siden
Elly Dag siden
wooow next episode is going to be so interesting !
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 22 timer siden
Yall makin me notice everyone’s nose now 💀
Alli B.
Alli B. Dag siden
Sage coming out here with all the mole puns 😂
FayFay Dag siden
Yeah this is one video where I don't agree with the intro. "Think about your preconceived notions etc." I'm sorry but plastic surgery is not a good thing and the way it has taken over the most visible portions of our young women (celebrities, influencers) is a tragedy. You do not need plastic surgery to be beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has met a girl we at first thought wasn't that pretty, but spending time with her we grew to love her. We have all met that girl we think is super hot but then she turns out to be a b*tch and we no longer see her as beautiful. With plastic surgery you have all these individual young women scrambling to buy the perfect the face and they all end up looking botched. It feeds their insecurities about themselves and fragile self esteem. They are seeking external solutions for problems that can only be solved with inner work. It's insidious. You have girls who don't even want surgery getting it because their parents want them to. Look at Asia where so many girls get the eyelid surgery or all the nose jobs so girls can have that "perfect" nose. It's called "European beauty standards" but not all European girls look like that and we are ALL beautiful whether or not we have that waif like figure or elfin face, I'm sorry but to me this is modern Frankenstein what girls are doing and everyone just accepts it. Girls LOVE YOURSELF it starts inside, it will radiate outwards. I know it sounds cooky but pls. And check out AlyArt she gives real positive body image advice.
YyzWasteYute Dag siden
Can you summarize that it way too long to read
Amy ZamBam
Amy ZamBam Dag siden
now i want a nose job
Alli B.
Alli B. Dag siden
Jade was 14 when she got a nose job?! I mean no hate, but that’s a bit young
Jaden Gray
Jaden Gray Dag siden
Do who is not a Billie eilish fan Please like so they can see
Veronica L. Rodriguez
I normally would never do this but desperate times call for desperate measures, I am currently a senior who’s pregnant, I’m 34 weeks, I was supposed to have my baby shower next week but with this virus it had to be cancelled, this baby shower was supposed to help me pay for the necessary things I need for my baby. My boyfriend’s job has cut his hours he’s only been working one day for an entire week and my mom has been fired from her job. I really need help, I am so embarrassed to ask because I normally wouldn’t, but at a time like this I’m desperate Anything would help, $vvrodriguez55 or my instagram Vrodriguez.l if you can help if anyway possible it’d be greatly appreciated
pumpkinman3211 Dag siden
The one with purple hairs name is Miranda that's my name too lol
Emma Kennedy
Emma Kennedy Dag siden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> ayyyyyyy Michigander!
Hope Bellows
Hope Bellows Dag siden
miranda is so beautiful bruh
utarian7 Dag siden
No matter how many times I watch an episode making it rain with 1s always makes me cringe.
BARCA double TREBLE sixtuple
Most of them did nose job and they sounds like The Nanny...
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha Dag siden
Miranda is a killer bae. 😍💜 (Yes, that's a reference too. Ha)
Samantha Dag siden
they should do one where everyone is american but one is faking the accent and is actually british or australian
Erkinus Dag siden
8 straight men, you tell them one is gay and they need to vote him out, but the twist is, no one is actually gay
Zinkk Dag siden
Yall makin me notice everyone’s nose now 💀
Na'eemah Halimah
Whisper: I’ve had lip fillers Me: Where? What lips? 🤔
X0Cerise 0X
X0Cerise 0X Dag siden
"the pain it took LIKE it took a lot LIKE to build all your confidence LIKE... " damn they really like liking like.
Syed Qasim Gardezi
Next Video: 7 Healthy People vs 1 Secrete Corona Infected It would be mad fun🤑
Sally Harris
Sally Harris Dag siden
Its corona time
Who is Kiara_lunar
Adelaide has an Arabic written necklace in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a>
Jessica Ainsworth
Sage your beautiful
Andre Weeks
Andre Weeks Dag siden
I think y’all should put everyone’s preferred pronouns next to their name if you’re going to do it at all. That way it can help with normalizing
Scaitle Dag siden
do an "7 people anime fans vs 1 anime hater" pls
usman riaz
usman riaz Dag siden
The whisper guy saying he felt insecure cuz of his cheeks but he should fix his hair first😂😂
usman riaz
usman riaz Dag siden
Their names are just as weird as they look lol
Taylor 22 timer siden
usman riaz Yeah because Miranda, Anna and Shannon are uncommon names that no one has, lol. I mean even Jade and Sage are not weird anymore.
Super Fantastic Poplang
Not insecure? You literally said to boost confidence! You is tripping
Super Fantastic Poplang
Only male gets kicked out
ItzJustChay Dag siden
The fact he said he got lip fillers but still had pretzel lips was odd, I knew it was him 😂.
big head
big head Dag siden
idky not even finished but already dislike sage very strongly annoging ass
Brian Osler
Brian Osler Dag siden
I think you guys should do “Who is not a germaphobe” or “Who is not a hypochondriac”
Girl. Dag siden
Its weird how the girls with rhinoplasty think theres only one type of cute nose and how ethnic “noses” are ugly like i cant imagine these ppl reproducing
Delany Abe-Gunter
i vote lea
Carrot Dag siden
So nobody catched Adelaide changing her story
JJay Chu
JJay Chu Dag siden
You should do one about a group of cis people and one secret transgender person
Tarannun Begum
Tarannun Begum Dag siden
Shannon said you gotta be rich WHY IS SHE GERE TO WIN MONEY IF SHES RICH
KnowethJC Dag siden
This video should be called plastic surgery patient's justifying why they got playstic surgery.
Harmony W
Harmony W Dag siden
okay but who’s miranda’s surgeon👀
lilmrscutsie Dag siden
Sage: presents entirely femininely, acts femininely, etc. Sage: T H E Y / T H E M
6 Asians vs 1 Secret Non-Asian