49ers vs. Ravens Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019 

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The San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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1k subscriber challenge with posting four vids
Let’s face it this might be the super bowl
1k subscriber challenge with posting four vids
Let’s face it this might be the super bowl
These teams are equals
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey 5 timer siden
I rhink the reason they kept biting on the option is to let only one rushing player and that was jackson. Could not afford to let two players running on them. I believe it was part of the defensive gameplan.
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington 7 timer siden
Reminds me of Michael Vick
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 7 timer siden
49ers lose to Seahawks and ravens both teams are 10-2 and they lost to both teams by only 3 points or game winning field goal
ricky smith
ricky smith 9 timer siden
Billz Mafia in the house taking no prisoners.. NOT IMPRESSED ..JACKSON is talented we have a way better defense then the 49ers.. Bills Got a GREAT CHANCE this game was SLOPPY .BILLS GOT A 10 day REST) Omg that crazy this late in the season..... .BOTH teams GAMBLED like they were at Vegas.. THE RAVENS had HOME FIELD,,had the Niner's out of there element in the cold ,,, managed to almost loose ... Grapalo good ..credit due..49ers running back is really good .. 49rs almost won thank you for losing .. ..Baltimore feeling great and tired,, Get ready for Plane ride ... Josh Allen has Singletary Gore Beasley Brown and a crew of great TEs .. And the best Defense I have seen on the bills sense 1990.. You may have forgot ??? You don't come to Buffalo in DECEMBER and feel anything but pain .. , Niner's make the first down its 49rs Win ..Glad BALTIMORE won ..WE ARE HUNGRY.. The elite are picking Baltimore 7 point spread.. THE FOOTBALL OPPORTUNITY can not be any better for us to WIN . We win we turn this league on its HEAD..
Caleb Natanael
Caleb Natanael 10 timer siden
One of the best games I've seen if this year
Marcos Cedeno
Marcos Cedeno 10 timer siden
niners are the only team to contain lamar jackson, he really didn't have a good game , 100 yards passing and 2 tds , niners have the best defense in the league
Deadly Dozens
Deadly Dozens 11 timer siden
My Good God, this is better than watching the acutal game!
Michael Moses
Michael Moses 11 timer siden
Samuel thought he was cute mocking the skip celebration. How'd it end up in the end boss?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 15 timer siden
Im proud of my 49ers. They have played with heart this year.
mossboy407 16 timer siden
I'm glad he is tearing they ass up #LamarJackson💪🏾
T O 17 timer siden
Ravens had a busy week playing against those Rams on Monday Night than heading back to Baltimore to play this game so yeah they were definitely tired and they still won
Rperezperez03 18 timer siden
Hi everyone Come to my channel and watch the fascinating football videos.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 15 timer siden
The Ravens are going to have mad problems playing against Buffalo!
David Williams
David Williams 18 timer siden
In the profile pic telvin Coleman looked like frank gore
KyIzBoss Dag siden
when my dad is a ravens fan and my mom is a 49ers fan
Isaac L
Isaac L Dag siden
Okay but the black jerseys do kind of hide the ball
Bernard Thomas
Bernard Thomas Dag siden
They dont call that man Action Jackson for nothing
Joe V
Joe V Dag siden
The only highlight for this game is the final score.
Scarletbull Dag siden
SB preview?! 🤔💬🤗 BMore slain NE & Frisco the top 2 seeds in their respective conference. They already beaten Hawks & Rams convincingly. Need to redeem themselves vs KC in the playoffs. Wouldn’t mind BMore repping the AFC one bit long as is not NE. Anyone but NE!
Antonio Hernández
Best game in 2019-2020 season
Deeboy M
Deeboy M Dag siden
We felt the “Unkindness of Ravens” Now we have to be Sinner’s against them Saints next! smh! Go 9erz!!!
werthy is my name
I think it’s time I should buy myself a Justin Tucker jersey. It’s long overdue
Brotato Chip Sauce
I’m a big Ravens fan, but the 49rs played amazing! Great game from both teams🔥🏈
JBC_81 Dag siden
Jackson is trash
Deep hug
Deep hug Dag siden
For real san Francisco needs another qb
Isaac D
Isaac D Dag siden
If we don't get a Super Bowl rematch we riot
Das Donut
Das Donut Dag siden
If this 6:00 is pass interference then this 6:20 is as well
Deep hug
Deep hug Dag siden
gio lol
gio lol Dag siden
AMzing game bruh, but 7:42 WTF THAT IS PASS INTERFERENCE, mans litteraly pummels Mostert. Can't blame whole game on one play but disagrre with that call, GG Ravens :)
Steven J. Trump 2020
The Ravens are going to have mad problems playing against Buffalo!
Problems?you mean the bills have never played a team this good....you act like the Ravens haven't beaten the number 1 and 2 defenses in the league...niners and Pats and they both have better offenses...and the Ravens have a top 10 defense as well and the #1 offense....it's going to be a long day in Buffalo wild wings, new York
Chaosgamer Dag siden
Did Nick Bosa even play? I never heard his name this game.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Dag siden
You see kittle block that man into the shadow realm? 5:25
Ashley Jarvis
Ashley Jarvis Dag siden
2 great teams..my team was just greater🤷🏽‍♀️😈😈😈 #ravensnation
Omri Hudson
Omri Hudson Dag siden
I did not know the Lamar Jackson’s and the 49s played
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
Lamar Jackson this Lamar Jackson that man he’s a ball hog yeah they win games but it’s kinda annoying to hear his name almost every offensive play
Raymond Alvarez
Raymond Alvarez Dag siden
6:20 now that was a flag right there big time not hating but you know it's true also and I'm a Ravens fan but if they did that to the 9ners I would say the same I have respect for the 9ners
Raymond Alvarez
Raymond Alvarez Dag siden
@Rock girl no fr tho but also nice fake profile pic of a girl even tho your a guy
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
Everyone remember now they have lost two time because of their kicker missing
Raymond Alvarez
Raymond Alvarez Dag siden
5:44 that was not a flag he didn't even have his arms or hands around him or him that's an incomplete pass
patrick kelly
patrick kelly Dag siden
Nice a snow game, this was a good game!
Howard Woods
Howard Woods Dag siden
Jackson keep running like that he gonna get hurt
Zachary Austin
Zachary Austin Dag siden
Ravens are the new Patriots of the AFC
VidowMakaer Dag siden
If the 49ers ran or punted away on that 4th and 1 it might of been a different ending