30 Easy DIY Projects For Beginners That Increase Your Home Value 

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DIY PROJECTS are a great way to pass the time and also do something useful or nice for your home. We have a bunch of cool DIY projects lined up just for you so take your pick and have fun creating something special. More info at www.homedit.com/cool-diy-projects/ and www.homedit.com/category/diy/
*few projects may not be for home/please pay attention on heating.
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1. juni. 2018





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Michele Burton
Michele Burton 3 timer siden
I would NEVER put a lit candle in a tin that was surrounded by wooden clothes pegs! Just dangerous!
red panda
red panda 8 timer siden
My 5 year old could do better than some of this crap !
Echo Seven
Echo Seven 7 dager siden
Gotta mute this video...
Rebecca Waters
Rebecca Waters 10 dager siden
so trashy
NoName 11 dager siden
Some interesting ideas but unfortunately, I had to turn this video off. That music is just too annoying.
Sylva Schmidke
Sylva Schmidke 13 dager siden
some idea are stupid - 1/ lamp from plastic bottel = the plastic will be melted from the hot bulb. 2/ the lamp from clothpins - using the glue gun is not good idea, the glue will melted from the hot and will destroyed the shape of lamp.
billionkek 13 dager siden
Homedit be like it's SUPER , QUICK AND EASY Things You'll need: A slay, saw, blow torch, backhoe, 16 cubic bit drill, horse, 2 clowns and a staff of 40
Hit Shwoosh
Hit Shwoosh 13 dager siden
billionkek lololol
Михаил Старков
Видео антипажарной и антиэлектробезопасности!
mettugran 13 dager siden
Bella D.
Bella D. 15 dager siden
I quit at plastic bottle light shades. How crazy dangerous! They could be sued if someone's house burns down.
Ali X
Ali X 17 dager siden
Do NOT put your router into a box, that's a fire hazard and very bad for your router
Fərid Zəkiyev
Fərid Zəkiyev 20 dager siden
Kız ne yapıyon? :)
Silvia Brunialti
Silvia Brunialti 23 dager siden
Your insurance company must never know your lamp, or candleholder, was made as per these instructions. Also, that tower of stars is crooked; how can you relax when your mood light thing is not straight?
prasath indika
prasath indika Måned siden
this video girls are very hot and sexy
which plant is used in geometric planter?
Carli Muzquiz
Carli Muzquiz Måned siden
slick Måned siden
I can finally sell my condo for twice the price
HandySeth Måned siden
The fact that these ideas increase your home value is nonsense. The title should be “Fun Craft projects for around your home”.
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas Måned siden
Tienen la idea lo único que no saben como construir las cosas usar solo pegamento para hacer muebles no creo sea muy seguro.
Michael Coen
Michael Coen Måned siden
Didn't make it past the first few seconds. Headboards do not increase the value of a home.
Hashtag Vaidehi
Hashtag Vaidehi Måned siden
Background Music🤮🤮🤮🤮
Zengin Hayaller Dükkanı
Davo gifman
Davo gifman Måned siden
These do nothing to add to the value of your home. Some of these were ugly as hell,and most were just stupid. Not to mention the fire hazards.
Betti Reagan
Betti Reagan Måned siden
All a waste of time. Tacky and cheap. Just awful
Mariela Castro
Mariela Castro Måned siden
That makes my eyes hurt.
Ellen Yang
Ellen Yang Måned siden
Hi are you interested in USB wall outlet for home decora? amzn.to/3380yIS
Sherri Berri
Sherri Berri Måned siden
By making these projects and then decorating my home with them. I increased the value of my home by $100,000!!!! 😀😀😀 Oops... I mean to say I decreased the value of my home by $100,000! 😢😢😢
Melanie Kiker
Melanie Kiker Måned siden
how high were these people to come up with these dumb diys?
Brian Torkelson
Brian Torkelson Måned siden
Imagine sitting on that stool n gettin pooked by one of them screws!! Owe
Chained Unfree
Chained Unfree Måned siden
@17:08 when you DIY so much you accidentally tapped into your hidden chakra and mastered kagebunshin no jutsu.
Chained Unfree
Chained Unfree Måned siden
That table with 🌵 is kind of a hazard don't you think? What if there's power shortage and you suddenly bumped to it with your hand or worse is if you tripped and poked your head with it which contains your eyes. Just put echeveria succulents. Not a spiky 🌵
Steve H
Steve H Måned siden
I built my home bar using www.barplan.com
Julia Jetson
Julia Jetson Måned siden
NOvids Elevator Music with, not so simple, semi-dangerous ideas.
Dawn Chérie Woodworth
I spend the whole video thinking of how they could have done it better. For instance, stain your wood before assembling all the parts. That way you have everything stained evenly. Also, some of the stuff is just dumb. I surely wouldn't sit on that shoe organizer. With the seat only being marginally glued, it is going to pop off. No doubt about that one. And, she didn't have the fabric centered on the seat. There was wood showing on one side. Terrible! Work smarter, not harder!
Rosalie Yan
Rosalie Yan Måned siden
To add a night light for cabinet or closet, stairs, would also be an excellent upgrade, especially a motion seneor LED STRIP LIGHTS with dual powered modes, $13.99 after coupon on USA Amazon: amzn.to/347Yu4Y
patricia Lear
patricia Lear Måned siden
Increase home value...lie
Monira Mohammed
Monira Mohammed 2 måneder siden
Very ugly
Charlene Lord
Charlene Lord 2 måneder siden
I would not recommend putting a candle in anything made with wood!!!!
Patricia Gename
Patricia Gename 2 måneder siden
Hmmm, some cute ideas for a college kid, maybe. But how does art work, footstools and pencil holders improve the value of your house?
Wendy Reilly
Wendy Reilly 2 måneder siden
Great ideas!
Rhodena Cockriell
Rhodena Cockriell 2 måneder siden
this is poor quality workmanship, it starts with not staining the entire headboard. Tacky!
Erika Schaser
Erika Schaser 2 måneder siden
Pencil holder increase a value of my home? How does this work? Some are great ideas but change the title please
Tammy 2 måneder siden
Ugh! The background music is maddening. Otherwise, decent stuff.
Thembinkosi Soga
Thembinkosi Soga 2 måneder siden
You can do any thing by hands. Don't foll you arms
Thembinkosi Soga
Thembinkosi Soga 2 måneder siden
And welding is very important to make bugle to make your house safe
Thembinkosi Soga
Thembinkosi Soga 2 måneder siden
You can change your life with a hand work
Thembinkosi Soga
Thembinkosi Soga 2 måneder siden
Wood pine is very important to make any thing you want
Tina Sparks
Tina Sparks 2 måneder siden
As long as they're not talking, don't waste your time. Speed the video up to 2x as fast. You'll still get it.
Jillian Carpenter
Jillian Carpenter 2 måneder siden
That stool could have been cool but they glued the fabric instead of sewing it so it just looked frumpy and poorly finished
sasnycon 2 måneder siden
A lot of those DYI projects are not only useless but also dangerous. 3:41 - Why the hell do you need to ruin the bucket?! If you have the way to find those legs you can easily just put a circle piece of wood on top and you will have a normal chair! 7:40 - DO NOT EVER MAKE THOSE CANDLE HOLDERS!! You can end up with burned down house! Wood can ignite just from the heat emitting from the candle. 14:24 - DO NOT cover your router like that. Not only that you are reducing its heat exchange and ventilation but also reducing his coverage. 15:28 - FFS Are those real plants?! What is going on with the cardboard inside the table when you need to water them?! (yes! Cacti needs to be watered from time to time) 16:11 - How exactly will this ugly cut out shampoo bottle will increase the value of my home?!? 27:38 - In just a month (MAX) those rubber bans will stretch out. And last but not least there are few good things in this video but a lot of them are just ugly or pointless.
sasnycon 2 måneder siden
I like it when they put women in those DYI videos. Like most of the women have any idea how to do anything on those clips :D
sasnycon 2 måneder siden
@karamellbonbon yes. Like the best DIY channels in NOvids are not run by men. Facts are facts and all of those things are designed and made by the same girl that's on the clip.
karamellbonbon 2 måneder siden
most of the stuff seems to be designed by men indeed, because most looks really shitty .........................
Koi Bee
Koi Bee 2 måneder siden
Is this a joke?
Lion Entertainment
Lion Entertainment 2 måneder siden
Great ideas! Horrible music!
Dolce casa Di Roby
Dolce casa Di Roby 2 måneder siden
nuova iscritta , ma sei italiana?
revo91pl 2 måneder siden
Had the video going on in the background, every time when I looked at it, the way they've been doing stuff made me shake my head... Everything is done quick and looks cheap with poor finish... Kind of click bait aswell with this title...
revo91pl Måned siden
@jeimy roque Si nunca tuviste que aprender inglés, eres un tipo con suerte. El inglés es un idioma de mierda.
jeimy roque
jeimy roque 2 måneder siden
jeimy roque
jeimy roque 2 måneder siden
jeimy roque
jeimy roque 2 måneder siden
jeimy roque
jeimy roque 2 måneder siden
Mandy Johnson
Mandy Johnson 2 måneder siden
some of these are super cute ideas. But increase the home value?? Come on!
Mouse Majority
Mouse Majority 2 måneder siden
These are fucking horrible!
vonzut 2 måneder siden
I wanna see someone sit on that garbage bucket seat lol
Genaeve 2 måneder siden
vonzut Maybe a child? I don’t know how it adds value to a house either 🤣
Dora Lee Malm
Dora Lee Malm 3 måneder siden
Annie Lane
Annie Lane 3 måneder siden
There is some super cute stuff here. I just don't know if a true BEGINNER would know how todo that stuff..... I know would not.